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It is confirmed by science that a woman becomes a different person after childbirth. From priorities to clothing, there is a difference in every field. However, you do not need to be anxious thinking you can not have a normal life like before. In many cases, a few modifications can make you even better. Your appearance can be one of them. 

From the time of pregnancy to having the child, we constantly love spandex and anything that does not squeeze us. Even after birth, we prefer comfortable dresses whether it is for weaning, or for chasing around the kids. But there comes a time when you start to miss your old self. 

The good news is, there are a variety of stylish mom clothing options out there that are cheap, quick as well as comfortable but still look stylish. 

We are here to guide you on how to dress well at home and be a stylish mom without compromising your comfort and the ability to be a fun mom. Keep reading! 
1. Embrace Your Style
The first step towards being stylish is knowing and appreciating your style. You may not like wearing jewelry at home. Yoga pants may give you the best satisfaction. 

Being stylish doesn’t necessarily mean, you make fashion choices as per other people’s liking or disliking. You do not need to modify your wardrobe to impress others. It is about what gives you more satisfaction from within. Otherwise, you may soon feel out of sync and drop the idea of looking polished. 
2. Maintain A Clean, Fresh Appearance
For achieving a clean and fresh look, wash your hair regularly and comb it. Try simple hairstyles, for example, a ponytail or side braid. You can leave your hair open if it’s short. Add some fresh curls or go for a quick haircut when you have time.

Then follow your daily skincare routine, do your basic mom makeup and that’s about it. Doing a lot of makeup at home is not the right approach. Rather, it may give you a silly appearance as compared to the surroundings. Take a day out and play around with the makeup kits to determine which simple look gives you the best appearance. 

This part of your daily routine is more important than clothes to look polished and smart. It may only take about 10-15 minutes once you have determined your basic styles. It does not matter what you will wear if you don’t maintain this part. 
3. Wear Clothes That Fit You
You need to wear clothes that fit you well to flaunt your best parts. Focus on the favorite part of your body and emphasize those. Stop using falling pants and baggy clothes to hide the imperfections or recently gained body weight. These attempts will only draw more attention to you. 

If you are more like a pear shape, you can choose A-lines, V-necks, bell sleeves, and boot cut jeans. But, If you are more like an apple shape, you can go for flowing tops, leggings, boyfriend jeans, or skinny jeans. 

Regardless of what your body shape is, shoulder seams should lie against your shoulder, not beyond them. Maxi dresses should reach the toe, not the floor. Skirts should be above the knee or up to the knee, not past them. Skinny jeans should land at the ankles and boot cut jeans should sit at the toes. 

After throwing away most of your floppy, worn-out dresses, the wardrobe may look small. But always remember that a few great fitting dresses are more than enough to give you a put-together look. 
4. Curate A Collection Of Clothes That Are In Style
Building a wardrobe will become easier than ever if you have a nice collection of classic and fashionable pieces. They can be handy for creating outfits for stay-at-home holiday celebrations as well. 

These can be basic items like a few types of pants, few shirts, and some cute sneakers. If you are confused about where to begin, use the following list as an inspiration:
Some slim-fitting pants, neutral or colored(white, khaki, coral, gray, olive, burgundy) Blue jeans Black leggings Sensible shorts Two or three solid shirts A striped shirt A patterned shirt A boyfriend cardigan Fitted sweaters A pair of slippers  A pair of boots
You may need to add or remove items from your collection depending on conditions like weather, temperature, etc. Add warm or lightweight pieces when needed. 

Do not forget that, you look good only when you feel good. While shopping for your wardrobe improvement, make sure to remain authentic to your brand. 
5. Let The Circumstances Determine What You Wear
When at home doing your daily chores, chasing the kids or cooking, it is best to wear the simplest of an outfit to be comfortable. With some hair care and simple make-up, any basic outfit can make you look stunning.  

Now, when it is time to go on errands, you can add a few more pieces to spice up the look. As you have done your hair and makeup when you first got up, you don’t need to think about it at this point. All you need to do is add some jewelry, scarf, jean jacket or cardigan. Try wearing jeans rather than sweatpants. But it is also fine to wear leggings. Combine a cute pair of sneakers with your athletic wear.

When you need to attend a program beyond errands, like a date, any function, or meeting, add more pieces with the outfit, or you can switch to a different outfit that matches with the event. Do not forget to do a little touch-up with the hair and makeup, based on the level of formal you need to be. You will soon learn how to keep the look only after attending a few events and doing some experiments. 
6. Learn To Be Content With The Collection
You do not need to fill up the closet with tons of new clothes. If you keep trying of variety of outfits, you may eventually end up being confused. Stick with the dresses that fit, and make you feel the best without much effort. 

It doesn’t matter if you rotate between the same 7 shirts and 4 bottoms around the month. Try some tricks here! Don’t pair the same shirt with the same bottom every day. Pair a shirt with different pants and different accessories to bring variety to your look. 
7. Don’t Spend Too Much Money
You don’t need to hear it from us that mom outfits tend to get ruined a lot. It is an obvious matter since you need to live with an abundance of dirty fingers and runny noses nearby. They can also be ruined by stains from daily cooking or dishwashing. So, it won’t be wise to spend too much money on them. 

There are loads of cute and cheap clothes on, Target, and even Amazon. You can buy from these affordable sources or on consignment. The quality may not always be top-notch, but it is not necessary as well!

Low-priced items do not mean frumpy. Besides, you may always stress about the clothes getting ruined if you spend too much on them. 

However, we do recommend paying a little more for some items like bras, leather boots or bags, and basic dark-denim. These items usually last for years. So it is worth investing in them. 
8. Take Advantage Of Trends
Trends and fashion changes every year, sometimes even more often. Trendy pieces that come first in mind are cross body bags, striped shirts, hoodies, high-waist pants and shorts, denim, rompers, sneakers, messy buns. 

Be updated about the recent trends and pick the one you are most comfortable with. Study a little on how to style them, do some experiments, and you are good to go! It is the best way to look stylish and be super comfortable at the same time. 
9. Turn Basics Into Cute Styles
Basics don’t mean they will always be boring. You can wear a tee with some beautiful features like ruffle sleeves, lace cap sleeves, floral pattern, or crisscross back. Pick pants with side slits and beautiful patterns on them. These features add more details to your look. 

Now you are ready to be a chic mom as well as a super mother without losing comfort, there are thousands of different ways to enhance your style statement. It doesn’t mean you get overdressed and live inside a makeup box. Follow some basic strategies or tricks, and do some trials, and you are good to go!

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