Best Midi Dresses for Women Over 50 2023

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Midi dresses are becoming increasingly popular for women over 50. Not only are they stylish and flattering, but they also offer the perfect balance between comfort and elegance. With a few styling tips, any woman over 50 can create a stylish look with a midi dress that is modern, fashionable, and chic.

Midi dresses are a great classic look and look good on every body shape.  They are perfect for special occasions and can be worn every day depending on your personal style.  Your dress wardrobe should consist of all dress lengths, mini dresses as well as maxi dresses.  

Because midi dresses come in so many different styles they are great for special events and are especially nice in warmer weather.  Midi dresses are so versatile and can be styled in so many different ways, they are perfect for many different occasions and are wardrobe essentials.  


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I think dresses are a great choice and a woman can’t go wrong owning many types of dresses.  If you are one who follows fashion trends, this season’s midi dresses are a wardrobe essential.

Women often ask questions regarding midi dresses, they can be a bit tricky to style, especially for shorter women.  However, there is a great midi dress for everyone.  Here are a few answers to common questions regarding how to style a midi dress:

Can Older Women Wear a Midi Dress?

Absolutely! Midi dresses are the perfect way for mature women to look modern and elegant. The midi length is flattering on a woman’s body no matter their size or age, and they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

A classic style dress with short sleeves or puff sleeves makes for a great casual look, while a sleeveless dress, or one with long sleeves can be perfect for those who don’t like to show off their upper arms, or for more formal social events–cocktail attire, for example.  

With some simple styling tips, any woman over 50 can create an age-appropriate look with a midi dress. Wrap dresses are perfect for all figure types, dresses with an empire waist are great for hiding a tummy, while sheath dresses are great for those with a slim figure.  The style of dress you choose is up to your fashion sense, and body type.

What Lenght of Dress should a woman over 50 wear?

When choosing a midi dress for an older woman, the ideal length should be just below the knees. This length is both flattering and age-appropriate, while still allowing you to show off your curves.

For added coverage, you can also opt for a midi dress with a slightly longer hemline that falls at the calves or ankles. This length is particularly flattering on taller women and can be dressed up or down. 

How Should an Older Woman Style a Midi Dress?

When styling a midi dress for an older woman, it’s important to focus on creating a look that is modern yet age-appropriate. One way to do this is by pairing the dress with classic accessories such as a structured blazer or tailored jacket. Don’t be afraid to mix a feminine dress with a denim jacket or a leather jacket.  

Add a tweed jacket in the fall to help transition your dress through the seasons. The juxtaposition between a feminine dress and a very masculine jacket can be very chic.  You can also add texture and interest to your outfit by layering a light cardigan over the dress and accessorizing with delicate jewelry pieces.

Finally, choose footwear that is both comfortable and stylish – think pointed-toe flats or heeled sandals for an elevated look.  If you love high heels, don’t be afraid to choose them as well, heels are a favorite of mine. 

Why do some women look frumpy in a midi dress?

It’s important to remember that the key to a successful midi dress look is all in the styling. When creating an outfit with a midi dress, it’s important to pay attention to proportions and choose accessories and footwear that are age-appropriate.

If your outfit feels too frumpy, you may want to try adding a structured blazer or tailored jacket to give the look some shape and sophistication. Additionally, keep in mind that the right fit is key – don’t be afraid to size up or down if necessary for a flattering fit. With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to create an outfit with a midi dress that flatters your figure and looks modern and chic.  

Pay careful attention to the fit and length of your midi dress, making sure the length falls at the most flattering point of your calf.  The choice of the shoe also makes a big difference in whether or not your outfit will look frumpy.  

Choosing modern accessories such as a trim handbag,  an attractive shoe, and modern accessories will elevate your look and send a more modern, fashion-forward statement. Finally, if you choose to wear a jacket or sweater over your midi dress, make sure it fits well.  If the sweater or jacket is too big, it will look frumpy.  

What Shoes to Wear with a Midi Dress?

The shoes you choose to wear with your midi dress can make or break your look. If you are attending a more formal event, opt for classic pumps in black or nude.

For casual occasions, stylish sneakers or sandals can be paired with a dress for a more relaxed look. Heeled sandals are also an excellent choice if you want to add some height, while pointed flats or loafers will work well for everyday wear. 

Boots are also a great option for those cooler days. Choose knee-high boots in a matching color to elongate the look of your leg, and if you want to add an edgier vibe, opt for a pair of statement boots with embellishments. 

Booties and midi dresses can be tricky depending on the length of your dress. They can look great with tights, so you can wear your midi dress all year round. 

How to Style a Midi Dress:

You can make your midi dress look stylish by choosing the right materials and colors. For an everyday look, lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen are perfect. Avoid tight silhouettes that may be too revealing for a woman over 50. Instead, opt for looser shapes that offer more coverage and movement.

Additionally, muted colors such as navy, black, or gray are great options for a classic and timeless look. Bright colors, bold patterns, and detailing like ruffles or pleats can be fun accents to add some extra interest. 

Accessories are the key to taking any midi dress to the next level. Opt for simple yet sophisticated pieces such as pearls, a statement necklace, or an eye- for classic looks that will never go out of style. For a pop of color, try adding accessories in brighter hues to pull together the look. 

Jackets and sweaters are a great way to add versatility to your midi dress. Adding a cardigan or structured blazer can give the outfit more shape and definition while also providing an extra layer of warmth.

A statement belt is another great way to bring attention to your waistline and create a flattering look, as are hats or scarves for added texture and visual interest. 

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to create a chic, age-appropriate midi dress look that is truly your own. With the right pieces and styling techniques, you’ll be able to rock any midi dress regardless of your age. 

When styling a midi dress for women over 50, it’s important to remember that not all trends are flattering or age-appropriate. Skinny jeans, thigh-high boots, and mini skirts may be fashionable, but they may not always flatter a more mature figure.


Instead of trying to keep up with the latest trends, look for classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Invest in wardrobe staples such as tailored blazers or trousers in neutral colors that you can mix and match with your midi dresses. 

When accessorizing, remember to keep it simple. Opt for minimalist necklaces or earrings that won’t overpower the outfit. If you’re looking for a bolder look, try adding an eye-catching scarf or hat to complete the ensemble. With these tips in mind, you’ll have no trouble styling an age-appropriate and fashionable midi dress look. 

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to create a timeless midi dress look that works for your body type and age. Whether it’s for a casual outing or a more formal one, you will look amazing.

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