Bookish Mother’s Day Gifts to Give Your Mom (Or Yourself!)

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 9! Do you have a gift picked out already? If the mom you’re buying for is a reader, it’s tempting to go with a book. There are some pitfalls there, as you probably know. Book taste is so subjective and idiosyncratic that buying for someone else can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not sure which books they’ve already read or own. One strategy is to go with a book subscription box or recommendation service — might I suggest Book Riot’s own personalized Tailored Book Recommendations?

There are lots more options aside from books or book boxes, though! If you have a bookish mom, these gifts will be the perfect match. There are some personalized options in the mix (though you might need to plan ahead more for those), some decor, clothes and accessories, and of course a sprinkling of miscellaneous bookish fun.

Mother’s Day gift recommendations can get a little same-y: not every mom has the same interests, after all. You will see bookish floral and feminine gifts on here, but I also tried to include some options that are less cutesy. These are just a jumping off point, though: I picked out some of the options that looked interesting to me, but there are a gazillion versions of book scarves, for instance.

This wooden folding book lamp will brighten up any nightstand. $30

To match a more rustic decor, pick up these wooden bookends with an edison bulb lamp built in. $53

Another wooden bookend option, this one has a vase built in and two different customization options: the “spine” of the bookend as well as a hidden message on the inside side of the bookend. $50–69

Who doesn’t want a secret book safe in their library? $42–50

If your mom is also a plant mom, she’ll love these book planters! $25

Another great plant mom option is this monstera leaf recycled leather bookmark! $14

The perfect addition to a book nook or home library is a bookish art print! This one reads “The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” $25

These book candles set the mood for a relaxing reading session. $14

If your mom is a comics fan, these comic book roses will add color and some fandom to any room. $59 for a dozen

If you have a crafty mom, this reading chair cross-stitch kit will result in some adorable bookish decor. $25

Or she can pick up a new hobby with this bookbinding kit! $45

These recycled leather book earrings allow you to add bookish flair to any outfit. $17

Sure, you could add photos of kids or other loved ones to this book locket…or you can keep the paper as a reminder: “I like books better than people.” $28

If the mother you’re buying for is a library fan, she’ll appreciate this library due date slip scarf. $48

Another bookish shawl option is this Pride and Prejudice printed scarf! $44–49

Of course, if bowties are more her style, pick up this stylish book-patterned bowtie instead! $26

For the tea-drinking bookish mom: this Drink Tea, Read Books, Be Happy T-shirt. $16–20

I promised floral designs! This simple wildflowers and a book tee proudly displays a love of reading. $16–18

Speaking of flowers, these floral resin bookmarks make for an appropriately springtime gift! $11

Another personalized option, this engraved wooden bookmark will remind your mom of your gratitude every time she marks a page. $12

This embosser lets the mom in your life mark all of her books with a custom ex libris embossing! $35–54

Or you can go with the less pricey, but just as pretty option: a custom ex libris stamp. $16–22

If your mother maintains a Little Free Library, she’ll love this custom Little Free Library stamp! $20–30

And if she doesn’t have a Little Free Library and you want to stun her, this handpainted street library will show up all your other siblings. $305

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- Danika Ellis
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