Bookishly Inspired Etsy Finds #EtsyAffiliate

I add a fun little ending to each post on this. It's Etsy finds, each inspired by that day's featured book, and I love browsing the Etsy website for connected ideas! Previously I posted a monthly roundup of my favourite finds over on Stephanie Jane, but I'm consolidating my blogs so regular bookish posts like this will now be posted right here on Literary Flits.

If you want to browse the items without their books, I've set up a Rainbow of Pinterest Boards. Before you click away though, here's a selection of my favourite finds from the past few weeks ...

I found a
Hand-dyed organic cotton scarf by The Chic Artisan
for Distorted Days by Louise Worthington

I found a
Herbalist Palmistry Hand by The Zodiac Witch
by Chantal Gadoury and A M Wright

I found a
Crime Scene Chocolate Bar by Lindy Pop Chocs
for Lone Shark by Tin Larrick

I found a
Cake Shop Dolls' House Kit by Cards Gifts UK
for Where We Belong by Shann McPherson

I found a
Dragon Claw Door Handle by Bionic Cat Blacksmith
for Fang And Claw by Evangeline Anderson

I found a
by Emily Cromwell Designs
for Destroyed by Eva Dresden

I found a
Penguin Crime Novels greetings card 
by Roo Waterhouse Art
for Vintage Murder by Ngaio Marsh

I'd love to hear from book bloggers (or anyone else!) with an Etsy shop who would like to see something of theirs featured. Please feel welcome to add your links in the Comments.

(Book links go to their Literary Flits blog pages. Etsy links are affiliate links and go directly to each Etsy item page.)