Buy Coronavirus Masks: Here’s Where to Find a Comfortable and Protective Cloth Face Mask

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued new recommendations for wearing cloth face masks and coverings in public in areas where it’s difficult to social distance, such as the grocery store and pharmacy. This is especially important in regions with significant community-based transmission rates. Even while wearing a face mask, the CDC still recommends individuals keep a 6-foot distance between themselves and others to avoid transmitting the infection. Even cutting back on the transmission of the cold and flu will help keep people out of healthcare facilities, reducing the overall burden on these institutions.

So where can you buy cloth face masks for the coronavirus? Tons of clothing manufacturers have stepped up to create these fabric masks, and there are also lots of reusable cotton masks listed on Amazon (see below). Most of these masks are machine washable, which means they can be used repeatedly.

At this time health officials are not recommending people wear N-95 medical-grade masks, which are in desperately low supply in hospitals and health care facilities nationwide. Rather, everyone should wear cloth masks, which you can make at home or buy online. These masks won’t protect you from getting COVID-19, but they will protect asymptomatic people from spreading the disease to more vulnerable populations. And since countless people have COVID-19 without realizing it, that’s an important step we should all take immediately.

If your sewing skills leave much to be desired and you want to buy coronavirus face masks, not to worry — we’ve got you covered (literally). There are plenty of fun, stylish, colorful face masks available for purchase. Before placing an order, check to see when a particular product is due to be delivered. Many coronavirus face maks are only available for pre-order at this time.

This situation is tough, so we might as well find a little joy by choosing a face mask we like wearing. (Personally, we’re partial to the 6 FEET face mask pictured below). Here are our favorite cloth masks available to purchase online right now.
   1. Look HUMAN Face Mask — Tiger King
Anyone else watching Tiger King? This tiger print face mask is a responsible and fun thing to wear with a fun and regal pattern. This face mask is 100% polyester, reusable and machine washable so you can keep yourself and others healthy by using it over and over again. It’s got two comfortable ear loops and can be used with a medical face mask underneath or by itself. This same mask comes in a variety of colors and patterns from Look HUMAN.

Buy: Look HUMAN Face Mask — Tiger King $18.99 Buy It    2. Daniel Patrick Face Mask — Cloud Denim
This face mask is comfortable, protective and stylish made with Daniel Patrick’s signature fabric and two comfortable elastic bands. The mask is made with 100% cotton and comes in a variety of colors including camouflage, purple haze, smog grey and sea foam.

Buy: Daniel Patrick Face Mask $25.00 Buy It

   3. Look HUMAN Face Mask — Skull Face
Wearing a lot of black lately? This mask will go with your outfit and help you sport that darker, more punk rock vibe. It’s designed to hold a medical face mask if you’ve got one to wear underneath or you can wear it by itself to protect others from infection. Express yourself and make your vibe clear while doing the responsible thing. It’s made with 100% polyester and is completely machine washable and reusable. This same mask comes in a variety of colors and patterns from Look HUMAN.

Buy: Look HUMAN Face Mask — Skull Face $18.99 Buy It

   4. Voerou Unisex Adult Face Mask
This adult face mask is made with high-quality cotton so it’s soft and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It can protect you from dust and other allergens in the air and can be worn while doing a wide range of activities including exercising, grocery shopping, driving and walking. It’s machine washable and reusable so you’ll get a lot of value out of the purchase, each pack comes with two masks so you’ll have a backup one or can share one with a friend or partner.

Buy: Voerou Unisex Adult Face Mask $15.99
   5. ZWZCYZ 4-Pack Cartoon Mouth Mask
These cartoon-inspired face masks are perfect for kids, although the elastic loops should allow them to cover most adult’s mouths as well. Each order comes with four face masks, which means your kids can use a different mask each day. These masks are made from cotton and can be thrown in with the laundry at the end of the day.

Buy: 4-Pack Cartoon Mouth Mask $12.99
   6. BeatBasic Cotton Face Mask
These cotton face masks are protective and very comfortable to wear. They’re made of 100% polyester that’s breathable and machine washable so you can keep it clean between uses. The strap length can be changed to fit the contour of your face and adequately protect others around you from potential germs. These masks are also equipped with two activated carbon filters and five replaceable layers of protection. Each one also has an M-shaped nose clip for an even more improved fit.

Buy: BeatBasic Cotton Face Mask $4.50
   7. Geyoga Protection Face Clothing
These stylish, scarf-like protective face covers are more fabric-heavy and designed for sun protection but will perform the same essential functions as cotton face masks. This pack comes with six different protective and breathable bandanas that won’t pill, fade or shrink after use and repeated cleaning. They’ll protect your face and neck all the way around and are UV-proof, sand-proof and windproof. You can adjust the fit based on your desired preference and the lock edges will fit snug while leaving room to breathe.

Buy: Geyoga Protection Face Clothing $14.69
   8. Cloth Face Mask (Family Pack of 12)
Custom Ink is best known for producing custom t-shirts, but this company has stepped up to provide American families with affordable face masks. This product includes 12 face masks for everyone in your household. The simple black masks are made from an ultra-soft jersey fabric and are machine washable. Custom Ink is also selling packs of 120 for $240.

Buy: Cloth Face Mask (Family Pack of 12) $30.00 Buy It

   9. Anti-Microbial Prevention 5-Pack Face Mask
Buck Mason has started a 1-1 face mask donation program where with each purchase of this 5-pack of antimicrobial face mask pack they’ll donate 5 masks to their community in California and beyond. Their first run of 10,000 masks will be finished in a few weeks and ready for distribution shortly after. These reusable cotton masks have an internal layer treated that’s been treated with an antimicrobial coating that lasts up to 30 washes. The masks are white, black and striped and the colors will vary depending on supply and demand.

Buy: Buck Mason Anti-Microbial Prevention Face Mask $20.00 Buy It

   10. Sanctuary Clothing 5-Pack Fashion PPE Masks
This 5-pack of PPE masks from Sanctuary Clothing is designed with a few of their signature patterns to provide protection for you and the environment around you. With every purchase of these masks online, Sanctuary is giving back to organizations in need. The masks are made of 100% cotton muslin and have a double inner layer that includes a 100% polypropylene melt-blown fabric filter. They suggest disinfecting the mask after each use with alcohol, and they’re one size fits all.

Buy: Sanctuary Clothing 5 Pack Fashion PPE Masks $28.00 Buy It

   11. Lekko Anti-Pollution Mask 2.0 — Yellow
This antipollution scarf from Lekko is a stylish product that combines high-level air filtration with design to create a functional accessory. Use it to cover your face and protect others while rocking a stylish piece in a warm yellow color. It also comes in black and grey, but those colors are sold out at the moment.

The nano-woven fabric provides protection for dust and particles down to 0.1µm and uses one of the best filtration systems available on the market at N99 efficiency to retain not just PM10 and PM2.5 particles but PM0.1 as well. It’s got an activated carbon filter for absorbing harmful organic compounds and the 100% cotton micro-mesh fabric provides a layer of separation between your face and the fabric for free airflow. This scarf is equally protective as it is stylish and is one of the best options out there for those who want to stay safe and stylish.

Buy: Lekko Anti-Pollution Mask 2.0 $65.07 Buy It

   12. GS FACE MASK – 6 FEET
We love everything about this coronavirus face mask from GOLDSHEEP Clothing, which normally produces leggings and sweats. Obviously, we love the pointed “6 FEET” message on the front of the face mask, but we also love the brand’s Give Back program. For every order that includes one of GOLDSHEEP’s socially distance-inspired sweatshirts, five masks will be donated to non-clinical healthcare workers. You can also order masks for personal use. These masks are made from a poly blend with a cotton lining and are available in other fun designs.
Buy: GS Face Mask - 6 FEET $20.00 Buy It   
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