Can You Believe We’ve Got 51 Ted Lasso Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers

Well, you asked for it! Our original guide to the best Ted Lasso gift ideas and stocking stuffers was so popular that we decided to come back with even more options. e-commerce journalist PJ Gach and our team of editors went looking for only the best of the best Ted Lasso gift ideas, stocking stuffers, and merchandise for fans of the hit Apple+ TV series. Keep reading for 51 awesome Christmas gifts for fans who believe in A.F.C. Richmond.

Most people don’t know this, but the beloved Ted Lasso character was actually born back in the simpler times of 2013. That’s when Jason Sudeikis originated his bumbling but lovable American football coach. Sudeikis’s coach was let loose on the British soccer world for a few promo spots for NBC’s coverage of Premier League soccer (see the video below). Somehow, someway, that led to the Apple+ streaming series Ted Lasso that made everyone — viewers, writers, producers, networks and award shoes — rethink what a comedy series could and should be.

At a time when it seems like the world is on fire and everyone has gone completely insane, Ted Lasso proved to be exactly what we needed in our lives. Instead of cynical or mean-spirited comedy, Ted Lasso captured the hearts of viewers around the world with oodles of positivity, charm, and heartwarming dad energy. The first season of the show and its cast have already won a slew of awards, and we hope the recently released season two will win even more of them.

Right now, it feels like the world is so, so broken, and Ted Lasso is exactly the escape we all needed. It’s a show that makes you want to believe in people again, and we can’t get enough Ted in our lives. The best Ted Lasso gifts include t-shirts, A.F.C. merchandise, stickers, posters and collectibles featuring the characters and quotes that made us fall in love with this show.

We really think the coach himself would approve of these Ted Lasso gift ideas. Like Schitt’s Creek before it, the fish out of water comedy is a joyful series that values relationships of all types. In the world of Ted Lasso, people really listen to each other, and every episode is filled with nuggets of pure joy. While we’re all sad that season two is over, season three filming kicks off in January 2022.

It makes sense that as we head on into holiday gifting season that we want to spread a little Ted around to our friends and family. That’s why we think Ted Lasso-themed products are the perfect Christmas gifts for 2021. Ted and company are the family that so many of us identify with, and just as we all fell in love with the Rose family of Schitt’s Creek, we keep coming back for more Ted-isms and to find out how many times Roy can say “f***” in a single episode.

For everyone that believes like we do, we created the ultimate Ted Lasso-themed gift guide for all the Teds, Danis, Coach Beards, Roy Kents, Keelys and Rebeccas in our lives. While you’re grabbing some funny Ted Lasso gifts for them, you might find something for yourself too. Below, you can find a few of our favorite holiday gift guides. Be sure to keep scrolling for 55 of the best Ted Lasso gifts and stocking stuffers for 2021.

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Graman Ted Lasso “Believe” Mug

Believe. That one little word motivated the team on and off the pitch. This microwave and dishwasher-safe 11-ounce mug is decorated with Ted’s famous handmade sign. For just $14, this is one of our favorite Ted Lasso stocking stuffers for 2021.

Graman-Ted-Lasso-Believe-Mug Buy: Graman Ted Lasso “Believe” Mug $15.98

Ted Lasso Coloring Book

Your giftee will be able to create a Ted Lasso masterpiece of their very own with this coloring book inspired by the show.

Read More: The Best Coloring Books for Adults

ted lasso coloring book Buy: Ted Lasso Coloring Book $8.99

Ted Lasso Believe Long-Sleeve T-Shirts

This long-sleeve t-shirt is perfect for the cold weather on the horizon, and it comes in sizes for every Ted Lasso fan and three different colors. While it’s one of the more straightforward Ted Lasso gifts we’ve found, it’s a great option for anyone that loves the show as much as you do.

ted lasso believe tshirt Buy: Ted Lasso Believe T-shirts $15.00 (orig. $22.00) 32% OFF

Ted Lasso Sticker Pack

Decorate your water bottle, laptop or workspace with a variety of absolutely delightful Ted Lasso stickers. Mustaches, everywhere!

ted lasso stickers Buy: Ted Lasso Sticker Pack $6.99

TOBGBE Ted Lasso be a Goldfish Tote

One of the show’s most memorable quotes has been turned into a useful and cool-looking tote bag. The canvas tote has two top handles, and the material is water-resistant, has a mold and mildew inhibitor woven into the fabric, and can be machine washed. It measures 14.56 inches high, by 12.59 inches wide.

TOBGBE-Ted-Lasso-Be-a-Goldfish-tote Buy: TOBGBE Ted Lasso be a Goldfish Tote $17.89

Ted Lasso Roy Kent Socks

Keep toes cozy in these Roy Kent socks. Who knew socks would make such a good stocking stuffer?

ted lasso roy kent socks Buy: Ted Lasso Roy Kent Socks $18.89

2021 Apple TV 4K


Is there a Ted Lasso fan who’s been relying on your Apple TV password (and goodwill) to enjoy the adventures of A.F.C. Richmond? Then make sure they can enjoy Ted Lasso season 3 on their very own Apple TV account. The 4K version of Apple TV is currently on sale for Black Friday-Cyber Monday, and so this is the perfect time to pick up this Christmas gift idea.

2021 apple tv 4k Buy: Apple TV 4K $169.98 (orig. $179.00) 5% OFF

Minimalist Ted Lasso Poster

If you love Ted Lasso, then you know that the trio pictured below can do anything. With their powers combined, they may just be the best coaching force the football world has ever seen. Okay, so not the best, but possibly the best looking? No, not that either, but we still love them.

15% OFF!
ted lasso art poster Buy: Ted Lasso Art Print $35.00

Believe Refrigerator Magnet

This refrigerator magnet will be a constant reminder to be the absolute best version of yourself. All you have to do is believe!

believe magnet, ted lasso gifts Buy: Believe Magnet $21.95

Bake It Better: British Biscuit Cookbook

Ted Lasso isn’t the only British TV show inspiring us to stay positive and be kind. The Great British Bakeoff got there first. For any amateur bakers who want to try their hand at making biscuits of their own, this official cookbook from The Great British Bakeoff contains delicious recipes for a variety of British biscuits.

bake it better biscuit cookbook cover Buy: Bake It Better: Biscuits $21.23 (orig. $23.95) 11% OFF

Vintage Style ‘Be a Goldfish’ Long Sleeve Tee

Courtesy of Teepublic, these Ted lasso t-shirts come in all types of sizes. Better yet, they’re on sale, and you can order one for every member of your team for just $15 per shirt.

be a goldfish t-shirt Buy: Be a Goldfish Long Sleeve Tee $15.00 (orig. $22.00) 32% OFF

Ted Lasso Sticker

Slap this sticker on a water bottle or laptop to show off your A.F.C. Richmond team pride. At less than $5 a pop, we recommend ordering one for every Ted fan on your shopping list.

ted lasso sticker Buy: Ted Lasso Sticker $4.07

Ted Lasso “Believe” Christmas Ornament

Add a touch of A.F.C Richmond’s locker room décor to your Christmas tree. This handmade funny Christmas ornament measures three inches high by six and a half inches wide.

11-CRS-Creative-Studio-Ted-Lasso-Believe-Christmas-Ornament Buy: Ted Lasso Believe Christmas Ornament $17.50

Framed John Wooden UCLA Pyramid of Success Print

A version of the Pyramid of Success hangs in the coaches’ office. This framed version is a replica of the one signed by famed basketball coach John Wooden, aka “The Wizard of Westwood.” This is a classic dad gift, and also one of the best Ted Lasso gift ideas for true fans. (Keep in mind this print doesn’t feature an actual John Wooden autograph, but rather a replica.)

FramedSportsPrints-Framed-John-Wooden-UCLA-Autograph-Promo-Print-Pyramid-of-Success Buy: Pyramid of Success Print $44.99

The WB Shop Ted Lasso A.F.C. Richmond Track Jacket

Warner Brothers is the official licensee of Ted Lasso’s team goods. This track jacket is cut and styled just like the ones worn by the coaches. The two-tone blue zip-up jacket is highlighted with red horizontal stripes. It has front zippered pockets, solid color back and elasticated sleeves. Official Ted Lasso merchandise is a great gift for any fan of the show, and this jacket is sure to be a big hit come Christmas morning.

The-WB-Shop-Ted-Lasso-A.F.C.-Richmond-Track-Jacket Buy: The WB Shop A.F.C. Richmond Track Jacket $79.95

Red Bubble We’re Richmond Till We Die Acrylic Block

This artistic acrylic block done in the team’s colors lets the world know exactly which football team you’re rooting for. This four-inch by four-inch block would look great on a desk or bookshelf. The wooden block is not included.

Red-Bubble-Were-Richmond-Till-We-Die-Acrylic-Block Buy: Red Bubble We're Richmond Till We Die Acrylic Block $25.88

Adidas MLS Soccer Ball

American soccer fans have been waiting a long time for their beloved sport to catch on in the United States. Hopefully, Ted Lasso will help that process — if you believe. Soccer balls are some of the best Ted Lasso gift ideas for obvious reasons, so pair this with some Ted Lasso merch for the perfect Christmas gift.

ted lasso soccer ball Buy: Adidas MLS Soccer Ball $28.99

Ted Lasso “Believe” Hoodie

When buying unlicensed merchandise, you never quite know what you’re going to get, but this Ted Lasso hoodie is officially sold by Amazon, so you don’t need to worry about quality issues. The unisex hoodie sports Ted’s official slogan — Believe!

ted lasso hoodies Buy: Ted Lasso Hoodie $47.99

Malaniaa Richmond Crew Sweatshirt

Give this cozy unisex Richmond sweatshirt to a fan of the show. It sizes run from small to 5XL. The cotton blend sweatshirt fits slightly oversized.

Richmond-Crew-sweatshirt-ted-lasso Buy: Malaniaa Richmond Crew Sweatshirt $27.00

Ted Lasso Greeting Cards

This Amazon storefront has Ted Lasso-inspired cards for every occasion. Shop greeting cards inspired by Roy Kent and Ted Lasso’s best quotes.

ted lasso cards Buy: Ted Lasso Greeting Cards $6.99

Official Roy Kent Jersey

When buying Ted Lasso t-shirts and jerseys, your safest bet is to buy officially licensed merchandise, like this Roy Kent A.F.C. Richmond jersey, featuring his number.

Take 15% OFF!
kent jersey Buy: Official Roy Kent Jersey $69.95

The WB Shop Ted Lasso A.F.C. Richmond Crest Scarf

Over in the UK, football fans usually wear a team scarf to show their allegiance. Wear Richmond’s official scarf wherever you go and show off your love for the team. Done in the team’s colors, this acrylic scarf has a patch of their team mascot, the greyhound and is finished off with tassels. ’

ted-lasso-afc-richmond-scarf Buy: The WB Shop A.F.C. Richmond Crest Scarf $29.95

GiftGoddessCo Roy Kent Christmas Ornament

Roy Kent can definitely spark up a Christmas tree! The hand-painted aluminum ornament is three inches round and comes with a red ribbon to hang from a branch.

GiftGoddessCo-Roy-Kent-Christmas-Ornament Buy: GiftGoddessCo Roy Kent Christmas Ornament $11.99

The WB Shop Ted Lasso A.F.C. Richmond Crest Visor

This is the same visor that Ted wears on the show. Well, not exactly the same, as this one is fresh, new and waiting to be given as a gift.

The-WB-Shop-Ted-Lasso-A.F.C.-Richmond-Crest-Visor Buy: he WB Shop A.F.C. Richmond Crest Visor $24.95

Ackroyd’s Scottish Bakery Scottish Shortbread (12 pieces)

Craving homemade biscuits like Rebecca gets every morning from Ted? Try these authentic, buttery, flakey and oh-so-good Scottish Shortbread with a cup of tea to start or finish your day.

Ackroyds-Scottish-Bakery-Scottish-Shortbread-12-pieces Buy: Ackroyd’s Scottish Bakery Scottish Shortbread $10.00

The WB Shop Ted Lasso A.F.C. Richmond Lasso Replica Jersey

This is an authentic A.F.C Richmond jersey and says “Lasso OO” on the back. Sizes range from XS to 4XL.  It can also be personalized with your giftee’s last name on it.

The-WB-Shop-Ted-Lasso-A.F.C.-Richmond-Lasso-Replica-Jersey Buy: The WB Shop A.F.C. Richmond Replica Jersey $69.95

Brixton Brood Baggy Snap Cap

When Coach Beard isn’t wearing his ball caps, he opts for plaid snap and driving caps, which also make for excellent gifts for Ted Lasso fans. California-based Brixton has channeled his style and their Brood Baggy snap cap would look great on him, and on your Coach Beard fan too.

brixton-brood-baggy-snap-cap Buy: Brixton Brood Baggy Snap Cap $49.00

Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses

After careful study, we believe that these amber-lensed Ray-Bans are the same ones that Ted wears on the field. If you study the episode, “Midnight Train to Roylston,” you’ll see what we mean. The glass lenses have UV protective coating and are the same glasses worn in Top Gun too. The aviators come with a cleaning cloth and case. In addition to being fantastic Ted Lasso gift ideas for men and women, they’re also some of the best sunglasses in the world, full stop.

Ray-Ban-Rb3025-Classic-Aviator-Sunglasses Buy: Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses $161.00

EastPoint  Sports Bristle Dartboard Set

Our list of the bed Ted Lasso gifts includes plenty of merchandise featuring the show’s characters and A.F.C. Richmond apparel. However, some of the best Ted Lasso gift ideas don’t actually fall into the merchandise category. If there’s anyone on your holiday shopping list who loves Ted Lasso and has big dad energy, then this dartboard set is actually the perfect Christmas present.

After all, no fan of the show could forget the epic game of darts where Ted outhustled the slimy hustling Rupert. Grab this pub-style dartboard set to hone your own billiards skills.

EastPoint-Sports-Bristle-Dartboard-set Buy: EastPoint Sports Bristle Dartboard Set $79.99

“Futbol is Life” Unisex T-Shirts

When Dani Rojas exploded onto the pitch, he was practically vibrating with joy for the game. Take that same enthusiasm and stick it on a tee. The moment someone sees this tee, they won’t be able to stop smiling. The graphic on the front is the same on the back. Looking for the best Ted Lasso gifts of the season? Then you can’t go wrong with a classic graphic t-shirt inspired by the show.

redbubble-dani-futbol-is-life-tee-ted-lasso Buy: Futbol is Life Tee $24.98

Big Betty Betty’s Boot 2-Liter Extra Large Beer Boot

Speaking of alcohol, when either Rupert or Rebecca buys a round of beers at the Crown and Anchor, the guys ask for “the boot.” This is the boot. It’s a hefty boot-shaped mug that holds two liters of liquid (which is equal to five beers). If your giftee loves grabbing a pint at the local pub, then these European-style drinking boots are the ultimate Ted Lasso gifts ideas.

Big-Betty-Beer-Boot-Ted-Lasso Buy: Big Betty Betty’s 2-Liter Extra Large Beer Boot $22.99

Gigi Pip Monroe Rancher in Ivory

Rebecca must have a closet or at least a couple of shelves devoted entirely for hats. Every game she attends, she wears them in rotation. This felt hat is quite similar to the ivory fedora that Rebecca wore to a game. Wrap one up for the Rebecca on your gift list.

Gigi-Pip-Monroe-Rancher-in-Ivory Buy: Gigi Pip Monroe Rancher in Ivory $124.00

Redbubble “Have a Short Memory” Unisex T-Shirt

That cartoon is everything; here’s a fun way to say, “be a goldfish” without saying it. The front graphic is the same as the back.

red-bubble-have-a-short-memory-ted-lasso-unisex-tee Buy: Redbubble Have a Short Memory Unisex T-Shirt $20.25

Adidas White Visor

Does your dad love Ted Lasso? The show does have big dad joke energy. For Christmas, or just because, give your old man the ultimate dad hat, which will remind him of his favorite show every time he wears it.

ted lasso visor Buy: Adidas White Visor $17.02 (orig. $20.00) 15% OFF

Ted Lasso Inspired Tracksuit

To go along with the Adidas vizor, order one of these retro tracksuits, which comes in A.F.C. Richmond team colors.

ted lasso tracksuit Buy: Retro Blue Tracksuit $49.95 (orig. $57.95) 14% OFF

Bean Box Coffee of the Month Club

This coffee subscription service is the perfect Ted Lasso gift idea for all the Teds who are trapped in a place without good coffee. If your Ted fan also hates “brown water”, aka tea, then we’re guessing he or she would appreciate someone sending them delicious American coffee every month. Been Box Coffee of the Month Club lets you pick either whole bean or ground. You can also choose what type of roast; everything from light to espresso that’s packed in a twelve-ounce resealable bag.

Bean-Box-Coffee-of-the-Month-Club Buy: Bean Box Coffee of the Month Club $69.00 for Three Months

Olive and Cocoa Classic Pub Bites

With all the beverages listed in this Ted Lasso gift guide, you need a little something to go with them. Olive and Cocoa’s Classic Pub Bites gift box includes tasty treats like gouda cheese spread, seasoned pretzels, sweet chipotle beef jerky, rice wafer crackers, salami, two huge Bavarian pretzels, golden ale mustard, popcorn, seasoned peanuts and more.

olive-and-cocoa-pub-bites Buy: Olive and Cocoa Classic Pub Bites Medium $84.00 Buy: Olive and Cocoa Classic Pub Bites Large $128.00

Zarianas Heather Earrings

When Rebecca’s not in the office, she always wear a pair of dangly, sparkly earrings. These glittery links are definitely her style, could they be your Rebecca’s?

Zarianas-Heather-Earrings Buy: Zarianas Heather Earrings $55.00

TheHissinKitten Keeley Jones Independent Woman Button

Wearing this pin, they could be representing Keeley Jones Digital Publication, Keeley Jones Magazine, or Keeley Jones Sunday Insert.

TheHissinKitten-Keeley-Jones-Independent-Woman-Button Buy: TheHissinKitten Keeley Jones Button $3.00

BLEOUK Ted Lasso Gift Keychain Offsides Quote

This silver-tone keychain is etched with Coach Lasso’s Offsides explanation. It measures 1.18 inches in diameter and is made from stainless steel.

BLEOUK-Ted-Lasso-Gift-Keychain-Offsides-Quote Buy: BLEOUK Ted Lasso Gift Keychain Offsides $14.89

MAYCALL Ted Lasso Cloth Facemask

This A.F.C. Richmond face mask has two layers and showcases their greyhound on one side. It’s washable and the ear loops are stretchy.

MAYCALL-Ted-Lasso-Cloth-Facemask Buy: MAYCALL Ted Lasso Cloth Facemask $12.49

The WB Shop Ted Lasso Bantr Logo Adult Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

The next best thing to Ted Lasso t-shirts? Cozy hoodies. If Bantr worked for Sam and Rebecca…This cotton blend unisex fleece hoodie has a relaxed, roomy cut.  It has front kangaroo pockets, ribbed cuffs and waistband. It also comes in white and navy.

the-wb-shop-ted-lasso-bantr-sweatshirt-hoodie-ted-lasso Buy: The WB Shop Bantr Fleece Hoodie $41.95

SamanthaForsythShop Hot Brown Water Mug

This fun mug quotes Ted exactly what he thinks of tea. You can fill yours with coffee, ice cream, and, well, yes, tea too. This handmade ceramic mug is dishwasher safe. It comes in two sizes: 11 ounces and 15 ounces.

samanthaforsythshop-hot-brown-water-ted-lasso-mug Buy: Hot Brown Water Mug 11 ounces $18.00 Buy: Hot Brown Water Mug 15 ounces $23.00

The WB Shop Ted Lasso Bantr Baseball Cap

Dad hats make for some of the best Ted Lasso gifts. Bantr, the fictional dating site that all of A.F.C Richmond is on now has a baseball cap. The adjustable cotton cap comes in blue, black, and white.

Ted-Lasso-Bantr-baseball-cap Buy: The WB Shop Ted Lasso Bantr Baseball Cap $29.95

Vintage Football Inc A.F.C Richmond Soccer Ball

What’s a gift guide about a show about soccer football without a ball? Vintage Football Inc., makes the team ball with 18 leather panels and is crafted following 1960s specifications.

Vintage-Football-Inc-A.F.C-Richmond-Soccer-Ball Buy: Vintage Football Inc A.F.C Richmond Soccer Ball $49.99

Freshe Ted Lasso Magnet Three-Pack

If you’ve ever fantasized about hanging out with Richmond’s two head coaches, now you can, sort of. This kitchen magnet set has two large silhouettes of Coaches Lasso and Beard, and one sobriquet “wanker.” The Ted fridge magnet measures 5.5 inches wide by 7 inches tall, Coach Beard’s magnet is 4.5 inches wide by 6 inches tall, and the Wanker magnet measures 9 inches wide by 2 inches tall.

Freshe-Ted-Lasso-Magnet-Three-Pack Buy: Freshe Ted Lasso Magnet Three-Pack $26.95

GiftGoddessCo Ted Lasso Christmas Ornaments

This painted aluminum Dani Rojas Christmas tree ornament comes with a red ribbon and measures 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

GiftGoddessCo-Ted-Lasso-Danny-Christmas-Ornament Buy: GiftGoddessCo Dani Christmas Ornament $11.99

We Got Good Ted Lasso “Be Curious Not Judgmental” Unisex Tee

During Ted and Rupert’s dart game at the pub, Ted gently chastises Rupert for having a closed mind with a truism reminds you to be positive like Ted. This tee comes in three colors: red, navy, and royal blue and in a variety of sizes.

We-Got-Good-Ted-Lasso-Be-Curious-Not-Judgmental-Unisex-Tee Buy: We Got Good “Be Curious Not Judgmental” Tee $24.00

Generic A.F.C Richmond Hounds T-Shirt

We’ve got one more Ted Lasso gift idea for you! Slip on this team t-shirt any time of the year, as it’s easy to layer under a long-sleeve button-up, worn under a sweatshirt or sweater, and worn by itself with jeans. Made from ring-spun cotton, it’s pre-shrunk and comes in black too.

Bear in mind that unlicensed merch from Amazon is like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates — you never quite know what you’re going to get.

Generic-A.F.C-Richmond-Hounds-T-Shirt Buy: Generic A.F.C Richmond Hounds T-Shirt $19.99

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