Capsule Wardrobe List: What Im Wearing (and why its important)

Before I share my capsule wardrobe list, I want to tell you why its important. Its not about the perfect pair of jeans or little black dress or how I accessorize. In fact, Im the last person you should ask for fashion advice. Im much more interested in how we are living our lives and taking care of ourselves than what we are wearing.

Deciding what to wear might not change your life, but deciding how to decide what to wear thats life changing.

At first, one of the places I resisted simplifying was my closet and today one of the simplest places in my life is my closet. Interestingly, my chaotic, clutter-filled closet added stress to the rest of my life and my simple, calm, decision-free closet has removed stress from my life.

Capsule Wardrobe List

2020 is the 10th anniversary of Project 333 so this clearly not a passing fad. Because this challenge is changing closets AND lives, its not going anywhere (except into more closets maybe yours).

I hear from people on a daily basis about their Project 333 experiences.

Heres a few of them

  • I have a new sense of freedom from my past. Certain clothes reminded me of jobs and seasons of my life 15+ years ago. Now I have an incredible sense of presence coupled with an excitement for the future!
  • By decluttering my wardrobe I learned slowly, that I dont need stuff in order to feel good about myself.
  • I finally started realizing what I like and that clothes do not change who I am. I still like to look nice and put together, but I do not let clothes determine who I am.
  • I love my simple but beyond enough wardrobe, taking better care of what I have and all the free time, peace and ease that fewer choices bring.

My Project 333 Capsule Wardrobe List

Its been awhile since Ive shared a seasonal capsule wardrobe list but with growing excitement about minimalist fashion challenge Project 333 and the new book coming out, I thought it might be a good time.

This is not a list of items I think you should own, or a special formula. Its simply the wardrobe that works best for my body and my lifestyle. If you are joining me on the Project 333 Book Tour, Ill likely be wearing some of these items.

If I dont mention a color on clothing items, you can assume its black.

Accessories: (8)

1. Sunglasses (brown)

2. Purse

3. Tote

4. Travel bag

5. Hat (white/gray)

6. Gloves

7. Scarf

8. Scarf (mauve)

Jewelry: (3)

9. Crystal Bracelet Stack

10. Necklace

11. Earrings

Shoes: (4)

12. Winter Boots

13. Sneakers

14. Booties

15. Heels

Clothing: (18)

16. Winter Coat

17. Trench Coat (cream)

18. Puffy Vest (ice blue)

19. Leggings

20. Skinny Jeans

21. Black Pants

22. Dress (olive)

23. Skirt

24. Sweater (tan)

25. Wrap Sweater (gray)

26. Zip-up Sweatshirt

27. Sweater with collar (navy)

28. Long Sweater (gray)

29. Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt

30. Short Sleeve Crew Neck

31. V-Neck Sleeveless

32. Chambray Long Sleeve Button Down

33. Blazer

Whats on your capsule wardrobe list?

As I mentioned, this is my list. When you create your list, consider items that best fit your body and lifestyle. I chose items that would work from January through March (winter into early spring weather). Try Project 333 and youll be amazed at the stress you remove from your closet and your life.

Ill be sharing pictures of my capsule wardrobe and other people doing Project 333 on the new Project 333 Instagram Account. If you are sharing your before and after pics or daily outfits, please use hashtag #project333 so I can cheer you on!

The new Project 333 Video Course will be available in March and the book will be available on March 3, 2020. When you pre-order Project 333, The Minimalist Fashion Challenge that Proves Less Really is So Much More, youll get free access to the course and a digital mini minimalist fashion guide to help you get started with creating your own capsule wardrobe.

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