Check Your Doorstep for These Billie Eilish Amazon Boxes – Shipping Now

If you’re like me, you haven’t been able to stop streaming Billie Eilish’s highly-anticipated sophomore album Happier Than Ever for the past week and a half. And, if you’re also like me, you buy pretty much all of your everyday essentials from Amazon.

You might be thinking: but, Tyler, what is the correlation between the world’s most unexpected pop princess and the multi-billion dollar online shopping site? Well, aside from Eilish becoming the first artist to launch a music commentary channel on Amazon back in June, or the 2021 Prime Day concert that Eilish headlined recently.

Now, the retailer has taken the collaboration one step further with limited-edition Amazon boxes featuring the teenage singer’s face. And if you’ve ordered anything through Amazon Prime in the past couple of days, there’s a solid chance Billie Eilish is sitting on your doorstep right now.

Happier Than Ever Billie Eilish Amazon Box

As a Billie fan that preordered the Happier Than Ever vinyl last month and expected it to be delivered today, imagine my confusion when I went down to my lobby and saw this, a box that’s too small for a vinyl record.

If you receive one of these Eilish Amazon boxes, you’ll find a QR code you can scan with your smartphone. The QR code takes you to Billie’s merch page on Amazon where you can snag some dope tees, bandanas, hoodies and even an Amazon Exclusive Happier Than Ever Box which includes a CD, a scarf, a poster and a showbook.

Amazon Exclusive Happier Than Ever Box

Buy: Amazon Exclusive Happier Than Ever Box $54.90

So what was in my box?

Drumroll. You ready?

A battery. A battery that I ordered. For me. For a vintage camera I purchased on Facebook Marketplace. That’s it.

Happier Than Ever Billie Eilish Amazon Box

But, hey, at least I still have the really cool Billie Eilish Amazon box. And, people are already beginning to sell them on eBay. Maybe I unintentionally lucked out after all.

The collaboration makes sense. According to YouGov data, Elish is one of the most popular artists in the country, especially among young people. Likewise, Amazon is consistently rated as one of the most trusted institutions in the country, with overall favorability rankings surpassed only by the military.

In conclusion, I don’t know how long Amazon will be distributing these boxes for random products purchased through Amazon Prime, but I do know that it’s not going to last forever. We contacted Amazon to find out more about these boxes, and we’ll update this post if we learn anything new.

If you consider yourself a Billie Eilish superfan, it’s time you head over to Amazon and snag yourself a little something.

Pro-tip: upon researching, I haven’t seen any boxes online larger than around 12 x 6 inches, so you might want to pick up something on the smaller side in hopes you get the box. You’re welcome.

Oh, and for those of you who wonder, the vinyl arrived around 15 minutes later. I have it on right now and I really am feeling Happier Than Ever.

Buy: Happier Than Ever Vinyl $27.99


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