Christine Quinn, The Reality TV “Villain” We Are Inspired By

Christine Quinn is probably already your favorite reality TV star, and is she isn’t get ready to love her! Christine represents so much too her audience, she’s keen on women empowerment, hustle culture, and the visibility of women in business. Although she feels as if she has been portrayed as a villain in the Netflix series Selling Sunsets Christine shares, “Confidence is not something I was born with, it was instilled in me after years and years of being told “NO”, so when I went into the show I decided I was going to say and do whatever the fuck I want to stay authentic and genuine to the girl who has had to suppress who she really is for years.” Her experience is a clear marker of her grit to elevate herself and inspire others to do the same. Here at Galore we had the chance to sit down with Christine and talk about all things from her fans who watch Selling Sunsets, to her favorite designers and fashion trends, and editing her closet. We also talked about her book “How to Be A Boss Bitch”, which is set for May 17th of this year.


Interviewed by: Yael Torres @torrescirca

At a time when reality TV began diminishing from the light, Selling Sunsets became one of the only shows on air where females are empowered through hustle culture. What does the visibility mean to you and why is it important for younger women to see themselves represented in business? 

When I went into filming the show, I felt like I had an opportunity that was not supposed to be guaranteed to someone with my background. I never graduated high school, I don’t have a GED, and for me, I always felt like that held me back and made my life really difficult because I wasn’t able to go to college and be seen as qualified for jobs. I learned the power of hustle, street smarts, and building relationships with people. I have always been really creative and I wanted to do things that were out of the box thinking, so I really had to find a way to navigate my own path. It’s time for the tables to turn and for women to be not only represented in business, but celebrated as well. The show is such a great outlet, of course there is drama and gossip, but anytime we can portray women working their asses off and doing the same thing that men do, we should amplify women the same way we do to men. 

You’ve been quoted to be “the most-talked-about-woman” on reality TV. How do you feel about your portrayal on the Netflix show? What side of you have viewers not gotten to know well enough? 

I think viewers haven’t gotten to know me well enough outside of the show. I have been the “villain” from day one and I think that comes from me saying the things that everyone is thinking but won’t say aloud, but that’s just who I am. Confidence is not something I was born with, it was instilled in me after years and years of being told “NO”, so when I went into the show I decided I was going to say and do whatever the fuck I want to stay authentic and genuine to the girl who has had to suppress who she really is for years. 

I do think that my projects outside of the show are a chance for me to showcase the dimensionality of my character. Doing things like the cover of Galore, brand collaborations, and writing a book are outlets that encourage people to get to know me from outside of the screen because we are really only seeing an edited version of an illusive character on Selling Sunset. 

Your looks are easily a lovechild between a CEO and sexy Barbie. How do you express yourself through fashion as a realtor? Do you think your personal style translates in your career, or are there times you compromise taste for the sake of professionalism? 

When I originally started in real estate, I wanted to be taken seriously as a professional. That came from my lack of education and insecurities surrounding that, so I found myself blending in and fitting into a mold that was not made for me. I was dressing in a way that I originally thought I was supposed to be for real estate, so I wore a lot of pants, suits, and blazers, but I wasn’t dressing for myself. When I dressed the way I loved to dress, in my Dominatrix Barbie style, people saw my confidence and they trusted me. That’s when I realized, it does not matter what I wear, as long as I am good at my job, professional, and come across as genuine. 

Would you consider yourself to be a closet editor or builder? How do you eliminate or create your signature wardrobe? 

I am definitely a closet editor. I find myself continuously curating different looks, getting rid of old faithful’s while still making room for my favorites. I love being able to find the latest and hottest items and having my closet constantly evolve through holding onto stuff that I love while letting other pieces that have served me go. I actually have an Instagram called @xtinequinncloset where I sell my gently used items because I want to give them a second life where people can love them just as much as I did. I have so much fun with fashion and I obviously stick around with my staples like my purses, shoes, and accessories, but my clothes I love to rotate. 

Are there any designers or trends that you follow religiously?

I am totally into Moschino and Versace, I think they really carry the fashion scene for me. However, in Season 4 and 5, I started working with a lot of emerging designers. I found through Instagram or online a bunch of fashion students who aren’t well known but have great designs that I believe needed to be embraced in the public eye. I remember when I wasn’t given a chance to prove myself capable, so I wanted to use both seasons as a chance to not only experiment with my street style looks and dresses on the show but give all these fresh and young minds the chance to showcase the talents coming into the industry. 

You had a collaboration with Shoedazzle last year where you released a line of fierce footwear. In terms of design, are there any plans in the works? What do you see yourself creating next? 

I would absolutely love to continue to do collection after collection with Shoedazzle. I love being involved in the design process: Being able to pick out the fabrics, embellishments, colors, height of the heels, styles, you know are all ways that I express myself creatively. Next on the roster is definitely becoming a fashion director and creating my own line. I would love to step in and offer my ideas and innovation to help elevate a brand or fashion house and takeoff from there. 

Does any fashion brand in particular come to mind? 

Pretty Little Thing has been a client of mine for years. What I love about them is that their styles are impeccable but affordable. I have been a fan back when I couldn’t afford designers but still wanted to walk out in an elevated look. Their clothes are really not about how much money you have, but how you wear them and carry them with confidence. I have such a great relationship with PLT and it would be a dream come true to direct and design a line or collection for them. 

The release of your book “How to Be A Boss Bitch” is set for May 17th of this year. What can readers expect to learn about you and your approach to being unapologetically authentic?

The number one thing that I get asked all the time is not about the real estate, or the fashion or style, it is about confidence. People wonder how I am able to talk to that important client or talk back to the boss while still having the confidence to say what I need even if it is a difficult conversation to have, so this was really the lightbulb that went off in my head when figuring out what to write my book about. 

The book is a guide for people on how to be a boss bitch told through the stories and situations that organically happened to me in my life. Readers can expect so much great advice on manifestation tips, how to set boundaries, and most importantly how to say NO. I emphasize how to reclaim their energy and walk away when a situation doesn’t serve them anymore. This is all about confidence, but confidence comes from being authentic and true to yourself throughout the process. 

Fans cannot wait to see you in Season 5. But I must ask, will we be seeing you making cameos in other places? 

I definitely have some work in the process, but the absolute top appearance that I would want to do in terms of a cameo is RuPaul’s Drag Race. I have been watching the show religiously and I’m such a fan of RuPaul and Michelle Visage, so being a guest judge would just send me into another world. I’m a big fan of scripted shows, comedy, and hosting; I used to be an actress so being in front of an audience expressing myself and connecting with individuals from all walks of life just brings so much joy to me and it is something I plan on exploring further in my career 

In one sentence, describe what viewers can expect from you going into Season 5 of Selling Sunsets. 

I have a new friend. I have a new confidant and boss bitch on my side. She is the new girl, and we get along really well; We are just two peas in a pod and see eye to-eye with each other. You are gonna see a new friendship blossom that is just incredible. The fun, passionate Christine gets to come out more because I am surrounded by someone uplifting me after being in a position where I was constantly put down by other women. It’s going to be an exciting turn of events for sure.

How To Be A Boss Bitch” comes out on May 17th and is now available for pre-order and on Audible.


Interviewed and Transcribed by: Yael Torres @torrescirca

Written and Edited by SHIRLEY REYNOZO @moyamusic_

Shoot Creative Director: Christine Quinn @TheChristineQuinn

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