Confession: A few years ago, I was in a yoga pant and tank top rut

It was so bad that Brooke threatened to turn me in to the team at What Not To Wear. It wasn’t that I looked crazy, but it was a complete rut. The look was quick, comfortable and easy, perfect for running errands, volunteering at Brooke’s school and caring for our home.

Part two of this confession is that I absolutely love PJ style comfort clothes, soft snuggly fabrics, sweaters and fleece. The first thing I do when I get home from being out and about is to throw off my work clothes and put on something cozy.

In short, Athleisure wear is a staple in my wardrobe, and these days, I am always looking for styles and accessories to elevate my Athleisure and lounge at home clothes. With the specter of this style blogger being turned over to Clinton and Stacy looming, I am upping my game, here and now.

So, after Brooke almost turned me in to What Not to Wear a few years back, I got to thinking, what takes leisure and athletic wear to the next level?

Here  are a few of the tips:

1. Make sure your Athleisure wear isn’t ripped, soiled or stained.
2.While you are at it, make sure the garments fit properly. (My old yoga pants used to stretch out at the knees and after a year’s worth of washing, some of them were too short). It’s time for fresh, stylish pieces.
3. Keep your silhouette in mind: a baggy top and baggy pants make even the most sleek of figures look frumpy and dumpy. If the pants are looser, wear a slimmer top and vice versa. (Remember, cozy clothes don’t have to be baggy, dirty or frumpy to be comfortable.)
4.Look for soft, easy care fabrics that feel good to the touch. I love soft flannels, yoga pants that hold their shape nicely and fleecy fabrics in the winter.
5. When layering, look for toppers and sweaters in neutral colors that go well with the other items in your leisure wardrobe—that way, when you throw a look together, you don’t have to worry about looking like a bag lady. (Think capsule wardrobe here)
6.Don’t forget cozy socks, and slippers at home and the track shoe craze when out and about!
7. When wearing Leisure wear out, adding a few statement accessories immediately elevate your look. I grab a scarf, necklace, sunglasses and a pair of boots or booties to take the look from lounging at home to running errands.
8.Adding an interesting shirt, jean jacket, bomber, vest or jacket with interesting detail elevates your look, adds warmth and street cred to your style.

Athleisure wear is here to stay, and it’s super comfortable, as we all know.  It takes just a second or two to add that extra detail that elevates your look from the gym to the street, and keeps you from looking frumpy, dumpy and sweaty.  No-one wants that!  

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