Continue When The Going Gets Rough--Not All Is Lost


The Schumann frequencies are ramping up. At least they were yesterday when I last checked.

I'm finding I am making many 'Karuna Reiki' mistakes lately. As one experiences the distinct changes from duality to multidimensionality, there are classic symptoms which go along with it.

Yesterday I was ready to hop into the shower when a nurse at work called and asked me where I was? I was going to take a shower, I said. Well, I was scheduled to work, but didn't see it. I only saw one of the two assignments listed, the second one. 

What did I do?

Put on scrubs, hopped in the car, drove to work, and also, coordinated with others to minimize the impact of my mistake. At the hospital, a colleague did my nine o'clock case. And at the surgery center, they flipped the patient order so the one without my services went first. My patient was super anxious. I sat with them and talked, and even was able to offer anxiety medicine like they were used to having. Later, the patient said that their ride needed to pick up a daughter from school anyhow and the delay actually was more convenient for their ride person too. 

Did I go home?

I wish.

There was another case exactly like the one I missed at eleven.

I wasn't permitted to leave until the charge nurse said, and there was a case at one thirty and another at two to cover. That was fine with me, I had a blood draw scheduled to check if my thyroid replacement level is adequate. 

I was relieved after lunch, but had to wait two hours for the blood draw. I had the appointment and wanted to see if I could go early. Well, I had the appointment, but there was no order, and their computer system doesn't talk to the hospital. You need a paper order for the lab.

The doctor's office was closed.

But I went to the surgery center and tried to print up the order. No order was in the computer. But I asked the recovery room nurse if we have lab order slips anywhere? She knew of one place. And no sooner had she brought it than my very good best surgeon friend came out of the O.R.  I explained the situation. She understood. For the same reason she had waited two hours and had to go home because of the lack of the piece of paper. So she has taken care of me in the past, and she was able to order it. 

Yes, the symptoms of multi-dimensional, high-frequency energy adaptation are:

time-related distortions (my teacher Anne said she was like, 'what is time?' when she took Karuna) distance-spatial distortions (trying to pour into a glass and missing the glass) visual distortions (seeing the spaces between atoms, or walls bending and moving) inability to focus on any task (not being able to do the dishes) wanting to nap frequently being able to complete tasks faster than usual when you are in the 'zone' (washing sink full of dishes in half the time) eerie sense of calm and that everything is okay (that's kind of why you make the mistakes, at least with time, you think you're on top of things so you need to check and double-check. My friend thought the Karuna Reiki class was on the next day, not the actual day, and missed it!) any or all of the signs of a 'Reiki Cleanse'--physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual release of old things that were 'clogging up' the energy pathways.  Remember these are temporary. They will resolve in a few weeks. You will assimilate the energies and be able to work with them fine. This happens from 3D to multi-D, and apparently now even with my baby-multi-D to these incoming energies...which are closer to those of Home. 

Carla is doing well for you as an example. When you make the mistake, any of them, be sure to be cheerful, direct, helpful, and to do your part to take full responsibility for your actions.
Let go of how you wish the day could have gone.
After all, it is only a day.
To follow there are many others.
A whole eternity of them!
I want you to keep your guard up with Covid. Just in case another surge is coming to arrive. Yes, even if you are vaccinated there are forms that the vaccine may not fully protect against (although your intact immune system, if you have recovered from the infection, will). We must protect not only our mouth and nose, but the eyes because the delicate mucous membranes of the eyes are similar enough to those of the mouth and nose for the virus to get in. And also, in China, recommendation from Carla's close and dear friend in Beijing/Peking, is to 'cover the feet'. She says the virus can 'get in through the feet'--perhaps with taking on and off clothing and shoes and socks it can transfer to the mouth and nose and eyes by accident. So in BJ they put three layers on each route, eyes, mouth/nose, and feet, when the epidemic was at its worst. Drink plenty of hot water, warm like tea, every twenty minutes too to kill the virus in your upper airways. Just because cases are low doesn't mean it is time to let down our guard yet. 
Protect yourself, and your family.
As an example, Carla's friend wore huge sunglasses, a visor-type hat, and a scarf wrapped many times over her mask because it was winter. There was also paper shoe coverings over the feet. 
Always be vigilant. For this thing and whatever is next.
Pray for peace.
Always be gentle in voice and in spirit.
And be strong.
Always be ready to work together too, but only with people you KNOW, and know well, and have been friends/coworkers with for a long time, many years, when bad things hit. You want to know the temperment of the people 'in your court'.

clap! clap!
Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste, Peace,
Ross and Carla The Couple