Dear $9 Amazon Satin Scarf, I Will Never Throw You Out

When I first got word that satin pillowcases were trending towards viral Amazon stardom, I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion. Silk’s less credible (but more affordable) polyester cousin from around the block, satin, has been a staple in Black haircare for decades. Although, instead of pillowcases, it’s more common for us to lay our edges with satin durags, swaddle our locks in vibrant flowy satin scarves, or protect our braids with oversized satin bonnets at night. To keep it concise: in my world, this pliable fabric is as mundane and essential as a good pair of socks. But, recently, the R29 Shopping team has been on the hunt for all of Amazon’s next top super products (an old-school dickey turned modern TikTok sensation, an oddly necessary adult baby blanket, etc.) and just scouted out a rave-reviewed satin scarf that immediately piqued my interest. After the very popular hair accessory with over 8,000 reviews on Amazon was unearthed, I suddenly realized that I’d actually been wrapping my hair up at night, running to the grocery store, and attending daily zoom calls over the past three years while wearing it. So, now, I’m here to tell you everything there is to know about it — including why I will never throw it away.

It’s amazing. I’m using it as a head scarf at night because I have naturally curly hair. It keeps my curls defined and beautiful and my wash and go lasts for 5-7 days when I wrap my hair with this scarf. ALL MY NATURAL BABES WILL LOVE THIS!
Amazon reviewer
This 35″ x 35″ polyester scarf’s best selling point is its price. If silk was up for grabs for $8 a pop then we’d opt for those unmistakably soft & natural fibers in a heartbeat — but, alas, we’ll settle for a wondrous Hermés knock-off instead. I perused through the thousands of five-star ratings to see how other people were putting this scarf to use and was not disappointed. One reviewer uses it to embellish her purse, saying “I actually get compliments on this all the time. I just bought it as a cheap little way to accent my black purse and people are shocked when I say it’s just a $7 scarf off Amazon.” Another happy shopper reworked it into a swanky blouse; “I purchased it to fashion into a top for various occasions. The scarf is of higher quality than I anticipated.” Although my specific pink & purple colorway (pictured above) is no longer available, the YOUR SMILE shop currently offers 43 other vibrant styles (geographic maps, colorful paisleys, regal chains, khaki flowers, etc.). You can wear it like a bandana, tie it around your neck for the French Ascott vibe, fold it into a headband, or just go to bed wearing it as a wrap.

I purchased this scarf as a gift and now I want some for myself. The feel/texture is amazing. The colors are so true and brilliant. I love the large size AND it comes with a card that show various ways to tie scarves!
Amazon reviewer
I tie my hair up into a pineapple every night. The only time you’ll catch me going to bed without it is if I know I’m going to wash and restyle it the next day OR my night was a tad too wild, but even then, the thought of my 4C hair tussling with a cotton pillowcase makes me put it on. The scarf is the answer. Rather than cause friction, silk and satin glide harmoniously with coily curls and don’t usurp as much moisture. Cotton literally rubs our hair the wrong way. On the other side of the silky smooth coin is the protective style. If you want your meticulously sectioned scalp and box braids to stay intact, you put on the scarf. If you like having baby hairs to lay and edges to work with, you put on the scarf. It’s a tried and true practice that incorporates utility, fashion, and a little bit of glam.

I have natural curly type 3c/4a fine hair, so I really wanted this scarf for night time to protect my hair. I also use satin bonnets but, I prefer a scarf. This scarf is everything. It’s big enough to wrap around and tie on my head at night and the quality is AMAZING!
amazon reviewer
My scarf and I have been together for three years, mostly because I keep waiting for it to perish. I walked in late to class with it styled atop my head back in 2018 and now it follows me to work (at home) in 2021. I throw it in the washer way too often because I don’t want airborne germs from outside to intermingle with my pillows or amplify my paranoia at night. Then I pop it in the dryer on high heat, and she comes out in perfect condition every time like a phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s incredible. (WARNING: This product is apparently NOT machine washable. Do not follow my example.) At this point, I should lay her to rest and cash in on one of these more runway-ready patterns because, again, it’s only a $9 investment. But, after taking this trip down memory lane with my beloved polyester piece of fabric, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m too emotionally invested. The sensible thing to do in this situation is to buy another one for wearing outside so I can keep my OG head wrap by my side all night long. Dear $9 Amazon satin scarf, I will continue to ruthlessly toss you into the laundry but I will never toss you out.

I originally bought this scarf for a Halloween costume, after receiving it in the mail the quality is great and the pattern is super cute. I will for sure be wearing this more often!
amazon reviewer
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