December Bucket List for Families


It is here!  The season of kids excitement, school productions, present buying, the nativity of course and mothers everywhere frantically trying to get everything organised before the kids break up from school (just me??) , but once they do break for Christmas we have some fab ideas for a December Bucket List for Families so enjoy!

What is a Bucket List for Families?

A bucket list for families or for anyone is a list of things that you want to do.  The original idea was things you wanted to do in your lifetime, but with our December bucket list we are bringing that down to activities to do as a family during December.  The December bucket list has ideas for trips out, for craft activities to with the kids and for easy activities you can do when you just want to chill. 

How the December bucket list can help families

The level of excitement for kids during this period means that it can all get out of control and become no fun for anyone so our December bucket list is also great for helping you to keep the kids occupied and focused on things so that whilst they have all this excitement it stays positive and the lid stays on a bit…

December Bucket List for Families

Watch a Christmas movie (or five ) 

 – If you haven’t seen them already we recommend Elf, Nativity and the Christmas Chronicles. Our kids watch them on a loop at this time of year.

Build a fire and cuddle with blankets outside

 – We have a fire pit which we use all the time in December so that we can still get outside with the family.  We get our blankets, cuddle by the fire and roast some marshmallows.  There could even be a bit of Gluhwein for the grown ups.

Hold an at home dance party

 – Putting on the Christmas music and having a good old dance around the kitchen with the kids is a great way of using up energy and getting in the Christmas mood

Make decorations

 – Grab some Christmas themed card and cut out angel or Christmas tree shapes, punch holes and let them add glitter and ribbon and bingo their own Christmas Decorations

 – You could also make Salt Dough and then decorate these once baked with paint and glitter.  They actually look really effective

Do a holiday puzzle

 – Puzzles are great for cold days and for an activity to have on the back burner.  If you get one of these puzzle mats you can just put it away when you don’t need it and carry on whenever you are ready.

Do some Christmas themed coloring or activities

 – We love a bit of coloring and things like wordsearches so much so that I have created our own activity packs which you can too if you would like.  You can buy the full packs here or enter your details below and join our printables for parents group to get some free sheets today!


Christmas Colouring Printables

Teach the kids to knit and make a scarf each

Make homemade Christmas cards

 – The easiest ones we have come up with are take a sheet of a4 Christmas card and fold each side into the centre.  Cut out a Christmas tree shape from another piece of Christmas themed card, cut this in half and then stick one half on each side of the first card so that they meet in the middle…. Done!

Take a pyjama day

Make an indoor den, get cosy and read books with the kids

Build a gingerbread house

Make your own Tomte Nisse (Christmas Gonks)

Bake Christmas Cookies and Hot chocolate

Days out for your December bucket list for families

Visit your local town to see the Christmas lights

Go to the nearest Christmas tree farm and pick your own tree

Book tickets for a Christmas theatre show

Visit a Christmas shop to see all the decorations

Take the kids out to pick one gift from them for a loved one

Go ice skating

Take the kids to pick out some food items and then to donate them to the local food bank Do a  winter themed scavenger hunt

Go out for a walk that finishes at a coffee shop for hot chocolates

Have a family sleep over with Christmas movies and all camp in the front room together

Visit Santa at the mall or garden centre

5 December Bucket List for Moms

There are so many things that us moms have to get done before Christmas so don’t forget to look after yourself.  These are the top things that us moms need to do in this busy time:

  1. Give yourself a break – it is ok if the kids watch the screen for a minute
  2. Plan a date night so you can remember who you are!
  3. Practice gratitude
  4. Get enough rest
  5. Enjoy it – it is your holiday too!


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