DRACULA Themed Gifts for Your Favorite Stoker Fan

One of the best things about Bram Stokers Dracula is how ingrained it has become in our pop culture. Meaning that, among other things, when I went searching for Dracula themed gifts and goodies I rather hit the motherlode. The downside of Dracula being such a megalith of modern culture is that most of the amazing goodies I found were influenced by the novels many adaptations, not the novel itself. I did my best to keep this list novel specific, but as you scroll through this list of fabulous fangy finds youll probably notice that a few of them are adaptation specific.

But why a list of Dracula themed gifts in the middle of winterwouldnt you say thats more of an October idea? Well you see something very neat is happening in a few months. This April, for the first time, the Horror Writers Association is taking their annual convention, StokerCon, and moving it across the pond to Scarborough, England, only about a 30 minute drive from Whitby Abbey itselfone of the inspirations for Stokers novel. This will also be my first StokerCon and needless to say I am pretty excited. You might even say Im stoked(Im so sorry)

So why not celebrate by compiling a massive list of Dracula themed gifts for the Stoker fan in your life? (Even if that fan is you. A gift is still a gift if you give it to yourself!)

Dracula Themed Gifts: Apparel

Unisex Dracula T-Shirt From Out of Print

book cover t-shirt dracula themed giftsAccording to the product description, this cover is from the 1927 Grosset & Dunlap StagePlay edition, and I would just like to say: Not Okay. Not okay, Grosset and Dunlap. That face is going to haunt me for days.

Dracula Tights

These are available in seven colors, including candy red, and much less likely to give me nightmares.

Dracula Skirt

literary skirt dracula themed gifts

Hi, yes, hello, how ridiculous cute is this?

Dracula Helvetica Role Call T-Shirt

This made me laugh because everyones names are way too long to really fit in this popular T-shirt meme.

Dracula Themed Gifts: Scarves

Dracula Quote Infinity Scarf

quote infinity scarf dracula themed gifts

Fact Check: Im pretty sure the quote on this scarf is actually from the 1992 Dracula adaptation, not the book (feel free to tweet me if im wrong), but honestly whos going to read your scarf, for one, and two, this is delightfully dark and dramatic.

Dracula by Bram Stoker Shawl Scarf Wrap

Now this is the actual novel, and a delicious shade of red, AND extra wide so that you can wrap yourself in it while exploring some damp, cold castle ruins. I love it. I want to rub my face on it.

Count Dracula Scarf

text scarf dracula themed gifts

Little bit of red, little bit of black, whole lot of pretty.

Dracula Themed Gifts: Bags

Dracula Book Tote

I want to marry this tote. Can I do that? The sketch of the castle on one side is killing me. So pretty. So spooky.

Dracula Book Replica Handbag

book purse dracula themed gifts

You know you want it. The purse is the life

Dracula Coin Purse

coin purse clutch dracula themed gifts

A tiny Dracula bag to go in your big Dracula bag.

Dracula Kindle Case

Not, technically, 100% a bag, but definitely 110% awesome.

Dracula Themed Gifts:Jewelry

Dracula Cuff Bracelet

Oh so shiny.

Bram Stoker Draculas Customizable Charm Bracelet

customizable charm bracelet dracula themed gifts

Those teeth are extra chompy, and hey you get to customize your bracelet by choosing three of the available six charms!

Lucy Westenra Enamel Pin

Okay, Jessica, I know that one is from the 1992 film. Yes, but its just so awesome. That scene with vampire Lucy in the crypt? Still the scariest part of the movie.

Dracula Charm Bracelet

You dont get to customize this one, but it does have more charms on it, including a little tiny Dracula book.

Dracula Quote Earrings

quote earrings dracula themed gifts

Frankly, I think all bats are great.

Dracula Cover Necklace

Oh no. The evil cover is back.

The Dead Travel Fast Pin

the dead travel fast quote enamel pin dracula themed gifts

For the speedy undead in your life.

Dracula Book Earrings

How cute are these?!

Dracula Themed Gifts: Prints

Vintage Dracula Print

vintage art print dracula themed gifts

I love the colors on this one. I dont know if its actual a vintage print as it purports to be, but it really is fantastic.

Dracula and Castle Print

I thought maybe that was supposed to be Jonathan, because thats his quote at the bottom, but then I spotted the red eyes, so say Hey there to pretty Dracula.

Dracula Manuscript Print

manuscript page print dracula themed gifts

This makes my literary nerd heart happy.

Sleep is a Blessing Bookmark

You know there had to be at least one bookmark on here.

Dracula Quote Print Children of the Night

children of the night quote print dracula themed gifts

I always hear this quote in Gary Oldmans really strong (really fake) transylvanian accent: Leeeeeesen! The cheeeldren of the naaaaght. What sweet music they make.

Dracula Silhouette Print

This print is a bit more subtle than some of the others, but I like that the text inside the shadow is a collage of Draculas lines from the novel.

Dracula Quote Print Welcome to My Home

welcome to my home quote print dracula themed gifts

Now, see, this quote seems so friendly and cheerful out of context.

Dracula Quote Print Good Men

Always embrace optimism in the face of bloodsucking aristocrats.

Dracula Themed Gifts: Candles

Children of the Night Candle

literary candle dracula themed gifts

The cheeeeeeeldren of the naaaaght (candle). What sweet smells it makes.

Borgo Pass Candle

It smells like cranberries, woods, wolfsbane, and the ominous whispers of the locals that you refused to heed.

Dracula Quote Candle

literary candle quote dracula themed gifts

You have your choice of scents for this candle, whats really special is that oh-so-pretty tin.

Draculas Castle Candle

Described as A blood-chilling blend of black oak currant, stony musk, and rich merlot. But I never drink wine. (Yes I know thats not from the book.)

Masters of the Macabre: Stoker Candle

This one actually sounds really nice. Merlot and clove! (And death.)

Miscellaneous Dracula Themed Gifts

Bram Stoker Writing Block

Ba dum tish. But come on, you know you want one.

Dracula Book Pillow

book pillow dracula themed gifts

Im thinking about getting this for the plane ride to the conference. Yes? No?

Dracula Tea Infuser

Okay but how adorable is this? Add a little spooky to your tea.

Dracula Inspired Tea

literary teas dracula themed gifts

Speaking of tea, this sounds delightful. Its a caffeine free fruit tea that includes Morello cherries, so that when you steep it it turns a bright red color. You know you want it.

Children of the Night Mug

children of the night quote literary mug dracula themed gifts

If youre going to drink a Dracula tea, you need a Dracula mug to drink it with.

The Blood is Life Mug

Or two.

Draculas Castle Mug

Three, even.

Journey to the Castle Mug

Im stopping now, really. But just look how lovely this is!

Whitby Abbey Silhouette Ornament

paper silhouette ornament whitby abbey dracula themed gifts

Im going to put it on my Christmas tree if I dont get eaten by vampires in April.

If you want more horror swag that isnt Dracula related, make sure to hop over to this fabulous Book Fetish horror post, or this list of enamel horror pins (I seriously covet that little Baba Yaga house). And if you check out this list of spooky literary swag, you might recognize one creepy-as-hell T-shirt.