Easter Activities, Crafts and Books for Babies and Toddlers

Easter is just around the corner. Here are some fun hands on Activities, Crafts, Books, and Sign Language for your Baby or Toddler to enjoy for Easter! These easy baby easter activities and crafts will keep your little one busy this spring. 

Don’t wait to bring out the eggs and bunnies now for hours of fun!

Easter Activities for Babies and Toddlers

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Easter Activities for Babies

Playful ways to have fun this Easter with your baby or toddler. These hands on ideas encourage your baby to explore shapes, textures, and colors in a playful way. 

Incorporate your favorite Rabbit Finger Puppet or  Easter Bunny Egg Basket or even those adorable Easter Nesting Eggs

Toddler playing with easter eggs
Toddler plying with Easter eggs putting in rainbow order
  • Eggs Exploration– Let them explore the eggs, make sure to tape them closed if you have very young ones. My daughter is 15 Months Old so she like to open the eggs and discover things inside.  We put a scarf in this egg and finger puppets in another. 

    The larger eggs are easier to put things into. Here’s my daughter at 4 months having a little egg fun. I can’t believe how quickly they grow. 
baby laying in easter eggs for sensory play
toddler placing easter eggs into soft egg shaped easter basket
  • Fill the Basket-Empty the Basket– They LOVE filling a basket or bucket with eggs and carrying it around and then dumping it out, hours of fun and teaches them how to clean up
  • Spring Puppets and Finger Puppets– Encourage them to begin to play imaginary play, make sure you are modeling how it’s done, they need to learn from someone.   
  • Bunny Fun-Start playing make believe with your little ones, grab an item to represent a carrot and feed the bunny together.

    Let the bunny hop around the room too. They love it. 
  • Sorting Spring Animals- We discovered that we have different kinds of chicks and bunnies and created piles with them with big sister. 
toddler playing with easter themed cookie cutters in metal bowl
  • Cookie Cutter Playtime– Using cookie cutters to explore the shapes of spring, we use a metal bowl to keep them in for extra sound fun too.

    Here’s a set of easter cookie cutters that would be perfect for this activity.  Wilton 10 Piece Easter Egg Cookie Cutter Canister Set
Easter themed cookie cutters
  • Egg Sounds– Put rice or beads inside of eggs and seal closed, makes great shakers for music time
Eggs made from felt for toddler to play with for Easter Basket fun
  • Make a Bird Nest -Using the leftover scraps from your felt eggs you can create a next and give your child a basket to create the nest in and a container to store the nest time. 
toddler making easter chick birds next from felt pieces

Learning Spring Sign Language with Your Baby

Here’s a great chance to learn some new signs with your baby.  I found a few that relate to Spring, hope you enjoy exploring spring with your baby!

baby sitting in grass exploring spring with green grass and yellow and purple flowers

Easter Crafts for Babies and Toddler

  • Painting Egg Shape with Finger Paint– Just cut out an egg shape and allow your child to use finger paint all over the egg. 
  • Stamp Painting with Spring Cookie Cutters–  Using cookie cutters, dip them into paint and encourage them to stamp onto paper.  Here’s an example
  • Bunny Handprint Card or T-Shirt– You can create a little bunny by painting their palm and two fingers for a T-shirt or a card.  Here’s an example 
  • Tot School Easter Crafts for older toddlers  

Looking for more ideas for Baby Easter Baskets

Ideas for Baskets for Babies and Toddlers

easter activities for babies and toddlers

Easter Photo Ideas

Using Flowers and Props for Photo Fun

Easter Board Books For Babies and Toddlers 

Here are some of our favorites Easter Books at our house that we’ve collected through the years with kids. We always give a book in our Easter baskets. It’s a way we remember year after year our Easter baskets. 

Easter Basket Ideas for Playtime for Babies and Toddlers

Which Easter activity for babies will you try first? Which one will you add to your baby’s Easter fun?

Easter Activities for Babies and Toddlers

Happy Easter from The Educators’ Spin On It

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