Easy Recycled Crafts Adults Want to Make

Get easy ideas for recycled crafts that adults will want to make! The best part about this project is that they are simple enough for kids too.

Easy Recycled Crafts

I did a thing this past March that I really enjoyed, and you might think it’s silly. Because while I’m happy with the results, and glad that I did it – I’m kind of embarrassed that I had to impose this on myself in the first place.

I did a “no buy March.”

It’s nothing sanctioned by an official body. I just decided to try reducing my overall spending by purchasing nothing extra in the month of March. So I bought groceries, gas, and necessities (I’m not going without toilet paper) but no additional shopping.

Did it work out well? YES! I feel like I saved money. Which I really didn’t (I just didn’t spend it on crap), but it felt good anyway. I felt that by buying less things, I became more choosy when the month was up. There was a ripple effect.

And there was another cool side effect as well.

When I wanted to make something, I got creative. Because I couldn’t buy anything new, I often resorted to going through my craft stash to see what I had. I also decided to go through the recycle bins and find surfaces and materials.

It might not be a big deal to some, but for me it felt really good to not only save money but to also use up stuff from my stash AND keep things going into the trash! And I’m about to make you feel the same kind of positive vibes with these recycled crafts.

I get all the “good feels” from reducing consumption, and if you do too – I think you’re going to love these ideas! I’ve made a list of over 50 DIYs below.

Do you like crafts with recycled materials? I hope you’ll check out these projects and let me know what you think of them. If you have a favorite idea reusing materials, I’d also love to hear that in the comments!

Recycled Crafts

If you love making things on a budget, check out these 40+ recycle project ideas. You probably have a lot of these supplies in your home already.


Recycle Christmas Cookie Tins Into Storage

Use spray paint to revive and upcycle old Christmas cookie tins! Add cork tags and adhesive letters to use them for gift containers or storage. So easy!


Wine Cork Wreath

Learn how to make a wine cork wreath the easiest way possible! This simple DIY wreath takes about 100 wine corks to make and is so pretty.


Upcycled Milk Carton DIY

Photo Credit: daintydressdiaries.com

Don't throw out your milk cartons! I am showing you how to upcycle a milk carton into a basket in this post. Upcycled Milk Carton DIY!


How to Make Soda Pop Can Charms

Photo Credit: empressofdirt.net

Turn soda pop cans into decorative charms! This simple craft uses the metal from pop cans to create punched tin butterflies, flowers, birds, and more.


Denim Bins From Pants

I save everything, including old pants! Here's how to make recycled denim bins before you send your drawers to the Salvation Army.


DIY Bunting Made From Recycled Denim

If you have denim scraps left over, it's easy to turn them into a DIY bunting! Perfect for a party or for little girls' room decor.


Tuna Can Swing Out Storage Tower

Photo Credit: www.instructables.com

Tuna Can Swing Out Storage Tower: Whenever I look at the recycle pile, I see untapped potential. One day when I was making tuna for lunch, I had an epiphany about the can even before it hit the recycle bin. Why not use it to create a stacked swing out catchall that could be used fo…


How to Make Your Own Bird Feeder

How to make your own bird feeder


DIY Table Lamp from Recycled Ribbon Spools

Learn how to make a DIY table lamp - out of old ribbon spools! You can use this tutorial to make a lamp out of anything. It's really easy!


What to Do with a Used Altoids Tin

Interested in Altoids tin crafts? There are a lot of ideas out there for how to upcycle them, but this is the easiest.


Make Faux Cacti from Socks

Learn how to make the most fun faux cactus ever using socks! This craft idea is perfect for those laundry castaways without a match.


Magazine Bowl You Can Make for Free

Photo Credit: Steve Carrell

Learn how to make a magazine bowl from a stack of old magazines! This recycled craft is fun and easy – and the tutorial comes with a lid.


Wipes Container Reuse

This is the perfect little gift to give yourself or a friend for the summer…a grocery bag container.   These are wonderful to throw in a beach bag for wet suits.   They are perfect to have in your car for summer road trips.   Whatever you reuse plastic bags for having a container full of them looks a heck of a lot better than stuffed in a drawer.   Plus they are so much more portable this way.


Recycle Pill Bottles into Useful Organizers

Photo Credit: Megan Kapple

If you have a giant purse, I have a solution to losing things in the black hole – recycle pill bottles into organizers! So easy to make.


Egg Carton Art on Canvas

Photo Credit: Steve Carrell

If you need an easy kids’ craft idea with great results, this egg carton art is fun and sure to please. This recycled canvas art can be customized for any holiday or decor!


Toilet Paper Roll Phone Stand

Photo Credit: theseamanmom.com

Re-purposing is all about creativity! Check out this easy peasy DIY Phone Holder! A fun and easy way to reuse and recycle those toilet paper rolls, this DIY cell phone holder is both cute and practical!


Easy Yarn Art You Can Make in An Hour

If you are looking for a fun project to do while sitting on the sofa, this yarn art is it. Make yarn wall art out of any word using cardboard and simple wrapping!


Wine Cork Coasters

Learn how to make simple coasters using wine corks that are both heat and water resistant. Easy to make for decor or gifts.


Make Recycled Art with Junk Mail

Photo Credit: Walter Silva

Use junk mail to create unique typography recycled art. All you need is a few basic supplies and Mod Podge – and some creativity!


Upcycle It! Coffee Filter Catchall Bowl

Photo Credit: www.popsugar.com

Get crafty with coffee filters and DIY this cute catchall bowl. It's so easy and basically costs pennies to make. Place on a table in your entryway or next to your bed for holding all your random knick knacks. Simply rinse used coffee filters and dry for making something really special that would also make a neat homemade gift.


Tie Dye Headbands

Learn how to make a tie dye headband three different ways! This is such a cute fashion statement for summer. You can also recycle t-shirts with this infinity scarf.


How to Make a Cereal Box Mailbox

Photo Credit: everydaydishes.com

We’ve come up with a super inexpensive yet versatile cereal box mailbox to keep everything in one place till it’s ready to be sorted. Set it on an entryway table, a desk or hang on a wall to avoid that dreaded clutter.


Drinking Straw Coasters

Photo Credit: www.craftpassion.com

Learn to recycle drinking straws and make them into Drinking Straw Coasters, don't throw them away, recycle it. Easy to follow video and photo tutorial.


Spring Flower Paint Chip Bookmarks

It's so easy to make these paint chip bookmarks that look like spring tulips. Kids will love this craft, and . . . it's budget friendly!



How To Make Potholders From Recycled T-Shirts

Photo Credit: mommypotamus.com

My potholder collection has become pretty worn lately, so I decided to grab a $2 loom and teach myself how to make potholders from recycled tee shirts.


Recycled Christmas Candle Holders Look Like Trees

Recycle glass soda bottles into these fun and modern Christmas candle holders made to look like trees! SO easy to make and customize.


Make a Cell Phone Holder from a Lotion Bottle

Photo Credit: Ashley Johnston

Not sure where to put your phone while it’s charging? Make a cell phone holder from a lotion bottle using Mod Podge, and keep it near the plug.


Cereal Box Crafts: Notepads

Photo Credit: Beckie Farrant

DIY Cork Board (Mini) Made from Wine Corks!

Use your stash of wine corks to make your own DIY cork board! This cute craft can be put on the wall, doorknob, or fridge (with magnets).


Upcycled DIY Christmas Stocking from Pants

This easy DIY Christmas stocking was made from an old pair of fleece pants. You can sew it up in about 15 minutes! So colorful on the mantel.


Wine Cork Stamps

Learn how to make a DIY stamp out of a wine cork with this cool tutorial! It's a perfect indoor craft for kids.


Night Light Bulb Christmas Ornaments

Photo Credit: Justine Abbott

Don’t throw away burned out night light bulbs – turn them into light bulb Christmas ornaments with Mod Podge and glitter!


Comic Book Frame

Make a DIY comic book picture frame with either real comic pages or color copies! It’s a fun, budget friendly project that any comic book lover will enjoy.


DIY Desk Organizer

Photo Credit: Steve Carrell

Use old cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls to create a unique DIY desk organizer! This craft organizer is perfect if you’re on a budget.


How to Make Oscar Statues From Ken Dolls

Create DIY Oscars using Ken dolls – it’s easy to make them with spray paint and wood plaques. Perfect for Oscar parties or photo booths. Learn how to make Oscar statues below!


Spray Paint Silverware for Your Next Celebration

Change it up this holiday season with some cool, spray paint silverware in your favorite colors. It’s so cheap and takes minutes to do!


Pug Life Bag Made with Duck Tape

Learn how to make a “pug life” bag with Duck Tape. This DIY bag is so easy to make – gift it to yourself or a pug loving friend!


How to Make Pom Poms with Newspaper

This newspaper craft is so easy and budget friendly – make poms that would be perfect for parties or in your home decorating!


Easy DIY Pin Cushion Made from Wine Corks

This DIY pin cushion trendy and inexpensive to make – in this tutorial, Amy shows you how to create this simple craft using wine corks.


Black Duct Tape Cat Craft for a Happy Halloween!

Make these cute duct tape cats for a fun Halloween crafts! They’re black and spooky but you can use any tape colors you like for this idea. It’s very easy and fun to make for any age!

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