Essential Pieces with Mott & Bow

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I remember hearing about a new NYC-based direct-to-consumer denim brand a few years ago that everyone was talking about. Always on the hunt for great jeans at a decent price, I was super excited to check out Mott & Bow. Somehow, they fell off my radar for a while, but now a pair of jeans and a gorgeous cashmere sweater are in my closet, just in time for cooler weather.
Mott & Bow: The Story
Alejandro Chahin grew up in Honduras where his family owned a denim manufacturing facility. Even before coming to New York, Chahin knew the ins and outs of quality denim manufacturing. After spending some time in NYC, Chahin saw that there was a real need for premium denim that didn’t cost $200 and up! He decided to fill the void, and Mott & Bow was born. Mott & Bow jeans are handcrafted in Chahin’s family manufacturing facility in Honduras so the company complete oversight of the denim-making process.
The Pieces = LOVE   Curvy High-Rise Skinny in Medium/Dark Blue
I had been needing a pair of jeans with a darker wash, so I was instantly attracted to the Curvy High-Rise Skinny (the Jane) in Medium/Dark Blue.

Now, I have to honest here: high rise jeans usually do not work for my proportions. I can’t tell you how many pairs I’ve tried on that came right up to my chest or that were way too long in the crotch area. At this time, Mott & Bow does not make their Mid-Rise jeans in larger sizes (hopefully they will someday soon) so I was skeptical.

The website says that the front rise on these jeans is 11 1/8”, which I compared to the stated rise on a pair of Universal Standard jeans that are too long in the rise for me. The rise of the Mott & Bow Jane jeans is at least an inch shorter, so I thought they sounded promising. I was not disappointed!

Described as a “power stretch denim” made of 44% Cotton, 42% Tencel, 13% Polyester, and 1% Elastane, these jeans feel like they will really hold up well to wear. I’m sure you’ve experienced jeans that fit great and look awesome when you first put them on, only to have a saggy bottom or stretched-out knees by the end of the day. Not so with these jeans. They really keep their shape beautifully! And they look so, so good. These are exactly the jeans that can go from work to happy hour.

I will admit that I was a bit concerned at first that I had ordered a size too small because they seemed hard to get on at first, due to the well-structured material. I likely could have gone up a size and it might have fit my waist a little better, but ultimately I think I ordered the correct size. A really fantastic selling point for trying out these jeans is that you can try on a second size for free! No more paying for two sizes then having to get a refund on the size that didn’t work. (Link to details on this program below.)

The weather has been really hot at home (September and October are our hot months in San Francisco) and I’ve also been on vacation in a tropical climate, but I can’t wait for real fall weather to rock these jeans. They are a true wardrobe staple!
   Cashmere Oversized V-Neck in Willow
Speaking of wardrobe staples, a grey cashmere v-neck sweater has been on my list for a long time! I have sensitive skin (especially my neck) and many types of wool and cozy materials are unbearably itchy for me. Not so with cashmere.

This sweater, the Cashmere Oversized V-Neck in Willow (Heather Grey), is the perfect thin weight that can be layered over a shirt or under a jacket. It is soft and cozy, so cozy that I put it on while relaxing at home the night it arrived. Now, I am one of those people who change immediately into loungewear or leggings when I arrive at home, and I can’t stand wearing anything at all constricting when I’m cooking or watching tv at night. So, the fact that I wanted to put this on at home illustrates just how comfortable the sweater is.

The sweater is knit from 100% Mongolian cashmere that is knit with a looser tension that allows a light and airy weight without being see-through. I was concerned that the XL would not fit me (they don’t carry plus sizes yet) but the sweater was incredibly comfortable and it will continue to fit me as my fitness improves.
     3 Fantastic Facts about Mott & Bow:
They have an amazing Free at Home Try-on Program which lets you try two waist sizes and return the one that didn't work out for free. Can I say, amazing? No more having to pay double and then return when you’re not sure which size will fit! This is just one of the 6 reasons why people are switching to our jeans.

Their Referral Program: refer a friend and that friend will receive 20% off their first order, and you'll get $25 for each friend that makes a purchase. Win-win.

If you are a blogger, their affiliate program is an offer for everybody, even bloggers with a small following. Each time a big or small blogger shares as Mott & Bow product, they're able to get a 20% commission on the sales they generate.

   so many foundation pieces from just one store:  Fitted V-Neck Tee - Marcy - Black

  Fitted V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee - Marcy - Heather Grey

  Fitted Crew Tee - Marcy - White   
Silk Cami - Harper
Silk Boxy Fit Blouse - Harper
Silk Slim Fit Blouse - Harper
 Styling these Elevated Essentials with Favorite Fall Pieces    

Although I realize that jeans pretty much go with everything, these particular jeans in this style and wash are incredibly versatile, and they will keep you looking chic in your fall favorites. The wash of a pair of jeans is so important because it sets the tone for the whole outfit. A darker wash is a bit dressier than a light wash, and no holes means the jeans are work-appropriate (for some offices.)

The sweater with the jeans could be your go-to outfit most days of the week, personalized with your favorite jewelry, a scarf, or some funky shoes. Or, you could combine these foundation pieces with seasonal trends, patterns, and fabrics to stand out amongst the crowd in the most stylish way.

Aren’t these pieces stunningly simple? I encourage you to give these basics a no-risk try.
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