Essential Things You Need to Know About Headband Wigs

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These days you can never talk about wigs without mentioning the headband wig. It is a fashion accessory that has become increasingly popular among women. They are a great choice if you are looking for a good way to change your look. This type of wig band of clothing material keeps the wig secure around your head.

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Many women are new to using these headband wigs; this explains the reason for this article. This article will discuss important things you need to know about headband wigs. You will be able to learn the benefits of these wigs, how to wear them and tips to ensure they last longer.

Table of Content

  • What are headband wigs?
  • Benefits of wearing headband wigs
  • How to wear Luvme Hair headband wigs
  • Tips for Maintaining Headband Wigs
  • How to choose the right headband wig for you
  • Top Luvme Hair headband wig styles

What are Headband Wigs?

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As explained earlier, headband wigs come with a fabric band attached to the front part of the wig. The headband stays on the hairline and ensures you have a natural appearance. You can comfortably slide the wig around your head since you don’t need a clip or fastener to keep it secure. Also, another perk of using the headband wig is being a glueless lace wig.

These wigs come in various designs and styles and offer unlimited styling options. Overall, if you want a wig that will protect your hair and give you a natural look, headband wigs are a suitable option.

Benefits of Wearing Headband Wigs

Beginner Friendly

Is it your first time using a wig? It’s ok, as headband wigs are created to accommodate beginners and hair professionals. Worrying about messing up your hair or the headband wig is unnecessary. It features a design that allows you to wear and remove them without complications.

It is a put on & go wig, you only need a few minutes to wear the wig, and you are good to go. In addition, you don’t need the wig to fall off or become too tight; the Velcro strap ensures it’s securely positioned.


In comparison with traditional wigs, the headband wig is lighter in weight. It is easy to style and use; you might even forget you have a wig on your head. In addition, it is highly breathable, and the sweat-proof feature ensures you don’t experience any discomfort.


This is another reason you will love the headband wig; it offers many stylings options. You can rock different styles using the same wig without anyone noticing. Also, the style versatility makes it suitable for different lifestyles. You can wear them to work, date nights, workouts and even for staycations. This is about to become the most preferred wig in your hair collection.

How to Wear Luvme Hair Headband Wigs

  • Like other types of wigs, you must prepare your hair for the wig. It recommends you braid your natural hair and also style the front part. This will allow your hairline to blend well with the headband wig.
  • Next, put the headband wig on your head, and adjust the hair to the front. Also, adjust the hairband’s tightness and paste the Velcro. To prevent the wig from falling off or being too tight on your head, adjust the Velcro according to your head size. Ensure the hairline is some inches away from the wig hairline, allowing you to match both easily.
  • Lastly, comb the hair of the wig to prevent tangling. You can wear a scarf to cover the headband depending on your preference.

Tips for Maintaining Headband Wigs

The headband wig is easier to use; however, remember that maintenance is important to extend their service life. These are a few tips to maintain your headband wigs:


Sometimes you are not wearing your headband wig; this does not mean you should neglect those times. When the wig is not on your head, moisturize it by applying some essential oil to help retain the original shape. Next, put the wig on a mannequin or holder to prevent tangling.

Personal Hair Care

It is also important to care for your natural hair if you want to prolong the life of your wig. This is because residue and oil on the scalp can affect your wig. So, keep your hair clean and also maintain a healthy scalp.

Remove at Night

Avoid wearing your wig to bed as it exposes the headband wig to the risk of tangling. So, when it is time to sleep or bath, you should remove the wig and store it appropriately.

Avoid Sunlight and Swimming Pools

Exposure to these two things will increase the risk of damaging your headband wig. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the wig, which also applies to swimming pool chemicals.

How to Choose the Right Headband Wig for You

Wig Cap Size

The first thing you need to consider before picking a headband wig is the wig cap size. You don’t want something too tight or loose. Since you aim to select a wig that will blend with your hairline, you must get the suitable wig cap size.

Wig Length

Headband wigs are measured in inches and available in different lengths; short, medium and long. Knowing each will ensure you choose according to your preference since each length has advantages. For example, short ones are easy to wear and lower the tendency of tangling. While longer ones tangle easily, it is exciting flaunting them around.

Type of Hair

It is either the headband wig made with human hair or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is affordable and looks like human hair, but it cannot last long. On the other hand, human hair has high quality, soft, healthy and can accommodate hot styling tools. You should go for human hair since this hair type lasts longer.

Top Luvme Hair Headband Wig Styles

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While it is important you consider different factors before making your choice, another thing to consider is where you buy the wig. You can get high-quality wigs from Luvme Hair and below are some of the available headband wig styles:

  • Wet and Wavy Glueless Long Headband Wig
  • Throw On & Go Deep Wave No Lace Long Headband Wig
  • Loose Wave Glueless Mid Part Headband Long Wig
  • Black to Brown Ombre Jerry Curly No Lace Glueless Long Headband Wig

Note: All these wigs are made up of 100% human wig


This guide indicates that headband wigs are an important fashion accessory. Your hair collection is never complete without them. They are versatile, easy to wear, beginner friendly and also affordable. The goal of every woman is to look natural while wearing a wig; the headband is a perfect wig to achieve such a goal.

NOTE: Any type of wig is Haram in Islam, so it’s not for Muslims. This content is a guest post and doesn’t belong to Khadija.

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