Favorite 5 Cozy Holiday Rugs

For us in Houston, it never gets cool enough for us to gather around a fire indoors. We do, however, appreciate the underfoot support of a well-made rug. Present in all of my holiday memories, a great rug is where my kiddos play with their toys for the first time and try to stay awake through Its a Wonderful Life. Much like the sweaters and fuzzy socks, a great rug provides the comfort and warmth associated with quiet holiday time at home.

My friends at Isberian Rug Company are rug experts, and for generations they have carried a fine selection of rugs from antiques to contemporary pieces. They have everything. Today, I am sharing five favorites that would be perfect for the holiday season and all throughout the year.

Laura Umansky's favorite rugs from Isberian Co.


Little footsteps running down the hardwoods achieve stylish relief with this Eden Collection rug. Made in India with a modern flat weave, this is a dynamic runner. I love the graphic nature of this rug and being reversible is amazing!


I am a huge Lapchi fan and this rug is so inspiring. The multi-dimensional pattern mix is incredible and on-trend while the contrast of black and ivory makes it sophisticated and enduring.


For the collector, this antique pictorial rug from China is fantastic. And the scale lends itself to a floating frame lucite would be a lovely option that allows the the rug to capture all the attention.


The moody palette of this Indian rug is serene and elegant. This particular design is a modern recreation of popular designs of the past. With its highlights of camel and charcoal against deep water blue, this is one of those amazing heirloom pieces that will look good for generations.


With a loose diamond pattern and ivory backdrop, thiscontemporary rugfrom Turkey is the perfect complement to any interior. Its high pile ensures maximum coziness too!

During the holidays, I find myself revisiting cozy pastimes sharing morning babka over hot lattes and sitting cross-legged with snug sweaters as I play board games with my girls. The comfort of home is in its memories like these, and also in its textures: the velvet softness of a party dress, the prickly spines of a fir garland, and the heft of a wool scarf.

Finding the perfect rug to support these memories is a decision that will last for many years. It is the one item I always recommend my clients splurge on and one you will enjoy daily!

About Isberian Rug Co.

Isberian Rug Company is a family-owned Aspen landmark. Their showroom boasts an impressive collection of antique, semi-antique and contemporary oriental rugs. The shop also carries a large selection of antique Navajo weavings, modern rugs, and home accessories. Isberian Rug Company has been in business for over 100 years, and the family are Colorados foremost rug expterts. For more information, please visit the Isberian Rug Co. website.

The front facade of Isberian Rugs in Aspen, CO

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