Friday Favorites: Winter Outfit Essentials

With winter just around the corner, it's time to brace yourself for freezing temperatures, cold winds, and even some snow. However, don't let the weather stop you from dressing up this season. As long as you have the right pieces of clothing for winter in your wardrobe, you can still look stylishly cool while staying toasty warm. That being said, here are the season's outfit essentials you should invest in:

Comfortable and Chic Sweaters

When it comes to dressing for winter, it's key to master the art of layering, as you'll be wearing more and more clothes to keep you warm during the cold weather. You can skilfully practice your layering skills by investing in comfortable and chic sweaters, as you can effortlessly dress them up while still looking put together. Better yet, you can go for pieces in classy neutral colors so you can pair them easily. In this regard,H&M'S soft-textured camel sweater is a great pieceto start with.

Credit: H&M

Cozy Coats and Jackets

Of course, what makes layering in the winter so fun and fabulous is that you finally get to wear wonderful pieces of outwear that live in your closet for the rest of the year.The range of coats and jackets on Woman Withinpresent a ton of possibilities for you to up your layering game this season. From practical and trendy puffers to classic and dainty pea coats, there are so many options for you to choose from depending on your style. And an essential part of layering is knowing how to balance your pieces. For example, a thick and tailored double-breasted coat is best worn under a light cashmere sweater.

Credit: Woman Within

Straight-Leg Jeans

While skinny jeans have become a modern style staple, wearing them during the winter isnt ideal, as their thin material isn't enough to shield you from the cold winter weather. Instead, you can go for a pair of straight-leg jeans, as their broader fit is better at safeguarding you against the harsh cold.This tailored pair of straight-leg jeans from Anine Bing shown on New York Magazinedisplays how these types of pants have a sophisticated fit for them. Also, the symmetry of straight leg jeans makes them a perfect piece for layering, as you can wear multiple pieces with them without appearing unkempt.

Credit: Anine Bing

Ankle Boots

To elevate your winter ensemble, you can rock a pair of ankle boots similar to the ones worn inthe outfits that are featured on our Friday Favorites: Cozy-Chic Winter Style post.Ankle boots will not only provide you with warmth, they add a refined touch to an outfit thanks to their sleek design. You can weara pair of white booties like these from Seychelles, as they show both the style's versatility and casual elegance.

Credit: Zappos

Statement Accessories

The cold winter winds mean it's essential to stay bundled up during this season. Thankfully, the array of winter accessories at your disposal makes layering up a fun fashion experience. Anda blanket-like yet tasteful printed scarf from ASOS is highly recommended, as it gives your outfit a lovely style upgrade while keeping you warm. What's more, there are so many statement accessories to choose from that do the same trick, such as gloves, knit caps, and even earmuffs.

Credit: New Look