Get easy ideas for fashion crafts, including jewelry, refashions, shoes, hair accessories, purses, denim, and more! Perfect for beginners.

I will fully admit I’m not the most fashionable person out there. I don’t think I’m un-fashionable – I just operate by the beat of my own drum. When it comes to everything, not just fashion!

My Pinterest bio says “I believe in stripes and polka dots. . . daily.” This is true. I should add plaid to that for sure. I love plaid and have a pretty big flannel collection. Like I said, I make my own rules! I encourage everyone to do that.

Sometimes part of making your own rules is decorating your own clothing. And making your own jewelry. And panting your shoes. And altering your denim. That’s what this collection of fashion crafts is all about.

I’ve pulled together 50 ideas for jewelry, clothing, hair accessories, shoes, purses, and more. These are my favorite ideas for making wearables your own. Once you start your journey making and customizing your own wardrobe, I’m not sure you’re ever going to stop. Trust me on this.

You might be wondering which Mod Podge to use for the projects that require a decoupage medium. The rule to go by is, are you going to wash the item? If you’re attaching something to fabric and want to wash it, you’ll select Fabric Mod Podge.

Can you use Outdoor or Dishwasher Safe? No, stick with Fabric Mod Podge.

In terms of shoes, you can use regular Mod Podge (like Gloss) with waterproof sealer on top. Mod Podge isn’t waterproof, so in order to protect your creation, you’ll want to make sure to water seal especially if you intend to jump into puddles. Like adults do.

My last piece of advice – don’t use regular acrylic paint on clothing. Fabric paint is preferable but multisurface paint is also acceptable.

Are you ready to dive into the fashion projects? Keep reading!
Fashion Crafts
These fashion crafts are my favorite ways to customize clothing, jewelry, shoes, and more! Lots of ideas that are perfect for beginners. Learn how to personalize your wardrobe with these unique projects.
1 Glitter a Shirt with Mod Podge
Learn how to glitter a shirt with Mod Podge and make an old piece new again! You can even wash if you use Fabric Mod Podge.
Get the Tutorial 2 DIY Screen Printing with Mod Podge
DIY screen printing doesn't have to be expensive! Do it with Mod Podge - you won't believe how easy it is and how good it looks.
Get the Tutorial 3 DIY Bleached Shirts Photo Credit: Britni Vigil
Want to know how to bleach a white shirt? How about what to do with all of that leftover bleach? Try making these custom DIY bleached shirts to wear all summer and fall long.
Get the Tutorial 4 Ice Cream Cone Elbow Patches Photo Credit: Jeff Mindell
Learn how to make iron on elbow patches with the help of a cutting machine! These are perfect for adding to any part of a top, now just the elbows. They work on pants and skirts, too.
Get the Tutorial 5 DIY Cross Stitch Sweater Photo Credit: Pretty Life Girls
Learn how to make this adorable and easy DIY cross stitch sweater for under $10! Perfect for personalizing your own fashion. Free pattern included.
Get the Tutorial 6 Scallop Neck T-Shirt Refashion Photo Credit: Melissa Mortenson
Spruce up a simple tee with a bit of fabric to create a cute summer t-shirt! This DIY t-shirt refashion uses scraps of fabric which makes it a great scrap busting project. It can easily be completed in an afternoon.
Get the Tutorial 7 Embroidered Elbow Patches Photo Credit: Feeling Stitchy
These embroidered patches really float my boat! I love them for sweaters, but I also think they would be cute on denim or jackets as well. I can see a variety of applications for these.
Get the Tutorial 8 (No Sew) DIY Pocket Tee
This DIY pocket tee was a quick and easy project! Use Mod Podge and your favorite fabric pattern - there is no sewing required.
Get the Tutorial 9 Denim Painting 101 Photo Credit: Kessler Ramirez
Learn how to paint on denim with Kessler's awesome series! She walks you through preparation, fabric mediums, setting the paint, and more. She also sells her amazing denim creations. I want to paint all my jeans now!
Get the Tutorial 10 Denim Cut Offs, Four Ways Photo Credit: Geneva Vanderzeil
Once you see this, you'll never buy shorts again - you'll make them from now on! Grab some men's jeans from the thrift store and make one of these four trendy styles.
Get the Tutorial 11 Alter Jeans from Bootcut to Skinny Photo Credit:
Once you learn how to taper jeans, it’s easy to create your new favorite pair of denim! Maybe it's a pair of your own jeans or ones you get from the thrift store. It's a great tutorial for any pair of pants.
Get the Tutorial 12 Old T-Shirt Hair Scrunchie Photo Credit: Lana Red
This project is a great way to put scraps to good use! There are a lot of things you can make out of an old t-shirt, and these hair scrunchies are one of them. You don't need a lot of fabric to do it.
Get the Tutorial 13 DIY Headwrap Bands Tutorial Photo Credit:
Head wraps are a great way to stay fashionable when you feel like your hair is a mess! They add a stylish touch without having to "fix" your 'do. Just slide one onto your head.
Get the Tutorial 14 DIY Typography Hair Pins
Learn how to make hair pins with the message of your choice! This is a fun fashion craft for kids or adults. They're easy to make with a hot glue gun.
Get the Tutorial 15 DIY Studded Turban Photo Credit: Cathy Attix
This is a great no-sew scarf project! The addition of the studs is perfect, and you can make this in minutes using fabric craft glue.
Get the Tutorial 16 Colorful Arm Warmers Photo Credit: Jill Pauli
These simple arm warmers were made using an old pair of girl's tights! Little tights always come in cute designs, so head to the Goodwill and grab yourself a few pairs.
Get the Tutorial 17 Polka Dot Your Own Tights Photo Credit: Amy Christie
In winter, tights are a staple for me! I absolutely love them, and this is such a fun way to jazz up a plain pair. You won't believe how easy it is.
Get the Tutorial 18 DIY Bow Shoe Clips Photo Credit:
These cute little bow shoe clips are the perfect way to make a pair of old soles feel shiny and new again. You only need three supplies!
Get the Tutorial 19 Simple Fabric Stamping Photo Credit: Pretty Life Girls
Follow this simple DIY stamped skirt tutorial to give new life to some of your old clothes! Fabric stamping is so easy, and you’ll have a new look in minutes.
Get the Tutorial 20 DIY T-shirt Infinity Scarf Photo Credit: Shannon Grimley
Learn how to make an infinity scarf (more than one, actually) without sewing! You're going to be shocked at how easy this is and think, "why didn't I think of that?"
Get the Tutorial 21 Felted Wool Boot Cuffs Photo Credit:
Learn how to make DIY felted wool boot cuffs from a thrift store sweater. Make these cute NO SEW boot cuffs in just a few minutes!
Get the Tutorial 22 Clay Image Transfer Pendants
Are you looking for a unique polymer clay jewelry idea using Mod Podge Dimensional Magic? These pendants are perfect for gifts!
Get the Tutorial 23 Decorate a Wood Pendant
Learn how to decorate a wood pendant with a picture from a magazine - or any other scan you like! This necklace is easy and great for gifts.
Get the Tutorial 24 Resin Pressed Flower Jewelry Photo Credit:
Preserve the beauty of nature with these uniquely crafted, pressed flower pieces of jewelry. Use Mod Podge Resin to add a touch of flair to your wardrobe or give as a gift to the jewelry lover in your life.
Get the Tutorial 25 DIY Cosmic Necklaces Photo Credit: Aki Altuna
If you love making your own jewelry, you're going to love these necklaces made with mylar flakes. You can make sparkly earrings and a bracelet too, using the same technique.
Get the Tutorial 26 Wood Bead Tassel Hoop Necklace Photo Credit: Kim Purvis
Looking for the perfect necklace for summer? Check out this wood bead tassel hoop necklace tutorial. It is sure to be your go-to necklace this season.
Get the Tutorial 27 Drop Earrings in Copper & Gold
Use a mold and embossing tools to create simple, gem drop earrings with a two tone copper & gold effect! Perfect for yourself or as a gift.
Get the Tutorial 28 Peekaboo Earrings Photo Credit:
These peekaboo earrings are super lightweight and give you that bright pop of colour that we all crave. They were made with a Cricut, but you can cut your own shapes, and then do the simple stitching.
Get the Tutorial 29 Make Lace Earrings
These DIY earrings are SO easy to make, even if you've never tried jewelry crafts before! Get cute lace earrings in just a few easy steps.
Get the Tutorial 30 Faux Agate Earrings Made with Clay Photo Credit: Bethany Lee
I can't believe how easy it is to make marbled, agate earrings out of clay! I love Bethany's tutorial and now I want to agate all the things.
Get the Tutorial 31 Paper Earrings
Learn how to make paper earrings using a die cutter - seal them with Mod Podge! These are thick and sturdy, yet lightweight.
Get the Tutorial 32 How to Make Bangle Bracelets
Learn how to make bangle bracelets - just pick your favorite papers, paint, embellishments and Mod Podge to create amazing jewelry!
Get the Tutorial 33 Easy Glitter Bangle
If you love glitter and you love bracelets, this is the project for you. This colorblocked glitter bangle is so easy to make with Mod Podge.
Get the Tutorial 34 Stylish Popsicle Stick Bracelets Photo Credit: Pretty Life Girls
You’ve never seen popsicle stick bracelets like these! Learn how to make them super stylish with beads, paint, chains, and more. This tutorial is for all ages, from kid to adult.
Get the Tutorial 35 Leather Studded Bracelet Photo Credit: The Perfect Pear
I'm a huge fan of leather wrap bracelets! You won't believe how easy these are to make, in a few simple steps. You'll want to make them for yourself and all of your friends.
Get the Tutorial 36 Cord Bracelet Wrapped in Thread
If you love ombre and shades of blue, check out this tutorial for a DIY bracelet from Rachel. It's so easy even a kid can do it!
Get the Tutorial 37 Paper Beads You Can Make in Minutes
Don't throw away scrapbook paper scraps - turn them into beads! You can use this same technique to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more.
Get the Tutorial 38 Colorful Gem Rings
Use a hot glue gun to create these fabulous and glittery gem rings. Make them for holidays, parties, dressing up . . . so easy to make!
Get the Tutorial 39 Shrinky Dink Wildflower Rings Photo Credit: Kara Whitten
Learn how to make these stylish rings using Shrinky Dinks! Once you try this . . . you'll be hooked . . . and all your jewelry will be made from dinks. Trust me!
Get the Tutorial 40 Colorful Clay Statement Rings Photo Credit: Alisa Burke
Polymer clay is such a versatile material, and one of my favorites for making colorful jewelry. Learn how to make these big, bold rings using clay with Alisa's tutorial.
Get the Tutorial 41 No-Sew Leather Envelope Clutch Photo Credit:
This DIY clutch is such a simple project, you can make it in 15 minutes! All you need is the template provided, leather, a glue gun, a hole punch and some ribbon.
Get the Tutorial 42 Purse Refashion Using Vintage Florals
Use a vintage sheet and Mod Podge in this fabulous DIY purse refashion - it's such an easy craft project, and very budget friendly!
Get the Tutorial 43 Make a Photo Purse
You can make a cute photo purse with a bag you already have in your closet! Use this tutorial to get the look - it's a great gift idea!
Get the Tutorial 44 DIY Clutch from a Placemat Photo Credit:
I always see the cutest placemats at World Market . . . and I never thought about turning one of them into a clutch! This is the cutest idea.
Get the Tutorial 45 DIY Canvas Shoes Are the Cutest Ever Photo Credit: Pretty Life Girls
Use this fun and simple tutorial to revive your old canvas kicks! These DIY floral canvas shoes are created using iron-on transfers – very easy to do.
Get the Tutorial 46 Easy Glitter Shoes
Learn how to make glitter shoes using Mod Podge! This sparkly footwear DIY is simple enough for both children and adults.
Get the Tutorial 47 How to Dye Canvas Shoes Photo Credit: Amy Allen Clark
Once you learn how to dye a pair of canvas shoes, you're going to go on a tear where you dye everything. Trust me on this! You can use this for bags, shirts, denim, or really any fashion item.
Get the Tutorial 48 DIY Rose Shoes Photo Credit:
If you love florals as much as I do, this fashion craft is for you! To make these DIY rose shoes, all you need is a handful of supplies and maybe just a touch of flower power, too.
Get the Tutorial 49 Decorating Belt Buckles
With paper and a little Dimensional Magic, you can have fun and fashionable DIY belt buckles to wear with your favorite pair of jeans.
Get the Tutorial 50 Personalized Sunglasses: Two Ways!
These personalized sunglasses are so cool! You'll use two methods - one with glitter and the other with paper and Dimensional Magic.
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