Get Face Masks From These Stylish Designers

The CDC is currently advising all Americans to wear a simple cloth face covering to help stop the spread spread of coronavirus. Civilians are urged not to buy surgical or N-95 respirator masks, as those critical supplies are desperately needed by our healthcare workers and first responders.  

The CDC also released the video above, in which U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams shows how to make your own mask from a t-shirt, towel, scarf or other piece of fabric and two rubber bands in less than a minute.

But for those looking to upgrade their face mask game, here's a list of style brands selling stylish, washable cloth face masks right now: 
Ball and Buck
These camouflage face masks from Ball and Buck provide protection with an outdoorsy aesthetic. The Atlanta-based company notes that these masks—and most others on this list—can also guard against particles kicked up from sanding and sawing. $20
Classic Sofa
NYC-based bespoke furniture brand Custom Sofa is now making masks with a high-density cotton inner layer and tougher textured weave outer layer in a variety of unique colorways, including New Black, French Blue and Hermes Orange. $20
Buck Mason
Menswear label Buck Mason's reusable cotton face masks feature an inner layer treated with an anti-microbial coating that will last up to 30 wash cycles. Meanwhile, the brand says it hopes to make 1 million face masks as part of its Masks for America initiative giving free masks to medical and essential personnel on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. $20
Those who want a mask that can go with a number of different looks would do well to get the cleanly-designed Mark I mask by LA's Goodfight. Each is constructed from a polyester-cotton blend and features an inner sleeve for a replaceable filter. $30 
The Oula Company
The sustainably-minded Oula Company is making artsy, 100-percent cotton masks with orange, black, peach and gold hues connected to blue nylon-polyester bands. Choose from either a male or female print. $20
NYC-based apparel brand Akings, founded by designer Alan King, is selling disposable, non-woven material masks in black, gray and blue. Reusable and washable options are also available. $1 
Tailor's Keep 
San Francisco men's boutique Tailor's Keep set out to design a contoured mask that hugs the face without leaving extra surfaces that could be contaminated. The front of the mask has three layers of cloth, one of which is designed to help filter air. Only three of the six styles—jade green wool/silk, sky blue linen and cotton/silk indigo denim—were available at the time of publication.  $25
Peri the Label
Crocodile print. Need we say more about "eco-chic" Cali brand Per the Label's 100-percent cotton face mask? Also available in Mauve, White, and Fern Green. $5
Toronto's TakeCare was founded with the sole purpose of manufacturing face masks during the coronavirus crisis. The so-called Precision mask is designed to hug the face, covering the nose and chin snugly without cutting into the skin. It's especially great for people who wear glasses or protective eyewear, as it won't cause any lens fogging. $9.50
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