Gifts for the Frozen Lover

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Hello friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thursday nights Favorite Things party was fantastic and Ill be doing a full recap on my blog tomorrow. If you want a sneak peek now, I saved the party to my Instagram Highlights. I warn you : there is lots of hyena-like laughter and you might want to turn the volume down.

I had a weekend alone, so I used the time to get organized, workout, and finish my Christmas shopping for the kids! Yes, its DONE! And its such a good feeling to know that they are getting a couple of things they will be absolutely crazy for! Thanks to shopDisney, I was able to pick out several things for Jordan that arrived already and I have cleverly hidden until the big day!

Jordan a Frozen lover for sure! She is obsessed with it and its the first movie she sat all the way through and since then, has seen 100 times! We recently went to see Frozen II and the love affair was further confirmed. It was so good! We saw it in 3D and that made it even better with all the imagery and special effects.

Frozen tee and hat

Long Sleeve Tee

She has this little Anna and Elsa baseball style tee and its one of her favorites (also from shopDisney). She often asks if she can wear it to school, but unfortunately, the uniform wins.

Frozen beanie for girls

Frozen tee and hat, mittens scarf

Then, with the weather getting downright cold recently, she couldnt wait to wear her Frozen hat, mittens and scarf. The mittens and scarf come as a set and have the cutest fluffy faux fur trim.

If you happen to have a little one thats also smitten with Anna, Elsa and Olaf, youll definitely want to check out the Frozen goodies at shopDisney. They have a great selection of gifts and I was able to get most of Jordans Christmas presents there. I know shes gonna be full of amazement on Christmas morning when she sees whats under the tree!

This is really the first year that shes really aware of Christmas and the starting to get the meaning behind it. Were having lots of fun in December anticipating Christmas morning.

Frozen 2 Bike

We emphasize the reason for the season, and also have fun gifting presents from family and Santa. I get the kids one big gift and a few smaller gifts, plus some stocking stuffers.

Jordans big gift this year is anew Frozen 2 Bike. She loves to ride her bicycle with training wheels, but had outgrown the 12 inch tires, so I knew she would appreciate a bigger bike that would be easier to ride. This one is has all the bells and whistles, plus its so darling with the white snowflake tread tires and princess design.

Heck, I even had fun getting on it!

She hasnt learned to ride a two-wheeler yet, so Im glad it comes with removable training wheels. The seat is adjustable, and will grow with her. I wasnt sure how difficult assembly would be, so I asked my little brother to come over and help. He had it fully assembled in less than 30 minutes! Thank you Austin!

I know she will love putting little things in the basket and have fun with those handlebars!

Reindeer Tee

And what girl doesnt love dressing up like her favorite princess?! Jordan is going to go crazy for this gorgeous Anna Costume. Its funny because Jordan really doesnt like to wear dresses, unless its a princess costume! This costume is so vibrant and pretty and the girls will enjoy wearing a cape!

But, whats even better is that they have Anna Boots to go with it! How fun are those?!
Last but not least, I found this adorable Anna & Elsa doll set. It looks like the exact one I bought sold out, so I found a similar set. Each doll is almost 12 inches tall, with finely detailed features and gorgeous gowns.
Even when we were taking these pictures, Tisha and I were imagining all the fun little girls would have playing with these Frozen toys.
As a way to give, our school is hosting a toy drive for the children at Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston. Our family is participating and will be giving these gifts and more to help brighten the faces of these special, brave children. We are happy to help and I enjoy teaching my kids the value and joy in giving.


Do you have a Frozen lover in your family too? Have you finished your shopping yet? What was on your kiddos gift wish list?

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