Go Big With Confidence: Staying in Style with Plus Size Clothing

In ancient times, a curvy body was thought to be a sign of health and vitality, but now we know being overweight is associated with the health risk of overweight & obesity. Skinny and slim individuals are now becoming the standard of beauty; however, there is a difference between being voluptuous and being obese. If you are on the curvy side, you can still be confident and beautiful. So feel free to show you are not fat by what you wear.

How to Show Your Curves

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Having a full figure does not mean there are limitations on what you wear. You have to wear dresses that fit your body type, reveal your curves, and accentuate them more. Being proud of what you have is important. If you have more on the top, or the bottom, flaunt it with the right dresses. 

Styles that hug your waist but are loose on the arms and legs help you look slim by focusing the attention on your chest and waist. Loose sleeves and ruffles obscure your arms and legs, but make them look slimmer at the same time. 

A deep and plunging neckline accentuates the fullness of your bosom and flowing dress for casual wear. You can buy them in retail stores and wholesale plus size maxi dresses from manufacturers in various styles and colors. 

The possibilities are endless. It is also essential not to compromise comfort. If you don’t feel good about what you wear, you won’t be confident. So make sure it fits you, and you can move freely. 

Body Hugging or Loose

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Though showing your curvy figure is an advantage, you also need to give an illusion of having a  smaller physique. Flowing dresses are a great option for that. 

  • Tunic shirts paired with leggings or a flowing one-piece for casual wear, worn with sneakers and flats for comforts. 
  • Ruffles give fullness to the dress but not the wearer. 
  • Laces reveal some skin, focusing on your waist to keep the eyes away from your arms and showing your curves. 
  • Wraparounds focus more on the waist and are great for parties, with breathable fabric to keep you fresh and cool without showing much skin. 
  • Off-shoulders also draw attention to your chest. 

While wearing body-hugging dresses, make sure it highlights your natural curves more. Having the right patterns and design also shapes the images of a smaller figure. 

To finish the look, choose a simple design. Even just vertical stripes are effective to emphasize height, not width. Solid colors or prints also are good options. Be sure not to overdo it, as simplicity is the best.

Dark or Light Colors and Accessories

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Dark dresses will make you look thin, and light-colored ones accentuate your figure. How you mix and match is up to you. Play with the light-colored top, and a dark-colored bottom will highlight your bust. On the other hand, a dark-colored top with light-colored pants will highlight your thighs. 

Skirts with ruffles and pleats can make your legs look longer. Combine it with heels to show your curvy behind. Meanwhile, add tassel or hoop earrings that define your jawline and belts to highlight your waist, and a jacket or a scarf to highlight stature. 

Wear hats like fedoras and wide brim protection from the sun paired with sunglasses to highlight your jawline rather than your cheeks.  Necklace layered or single-chain can take the focus to your chest area. 

Bracelets and rings also help. Just keep it fit and not too tight. Playing with colors, and accessorizing, suitable to the occasion, and highlighting your curves is the secret to being a fashionable plus-sized girl. If you look and feel beautiful with your fitted outfit, confidence will follow.

Ready to Wear or Tailor-made

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In choosing your outfit from ready-to-wear (RTW) or tailor-made, you need to consider many factors. RTW clothes are widely available to all, but they may fit badly or run out of your favorite colors. 

The availability of these clothes depends on the trend and popularity. But that does not mean when being slim is the trend, plus size individuals will run out of outfit options. Shops would always have apparel available for all sizes. 

For plus size figures, the only limit is the designs available. Alteration is a must if you want outfits to fit like a glove. Available and affordable, RTW is great for casual attire. But if you want to have something special or unique, you can chase the other option. 

On the other hand, if you have a look or design in mind but you can’t find that outfit available in boutiques and shops, tailor-made dresses are another option. Keep in mind to find a tailor with a good reputation. However, this route has its pros and cons. You have the freedom to be creative, but you are limited by the capability of the tailor at the same time. 

Tailors that are skilled in their craft would be costly to hire. Besides, you may not be the only customer, so reservation is a must, especially if the outfit is for a formal occasion. RTW and tailor-made clothes are indispensable in determining what is in style and how you can be stylish.

Big and Proud 

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Being plus-size is not a challenge at the time when being slim is the trend. There are many options to be more confident rather than insecure. It is vital to accept who you are rather than try hard to become who you are not.

Popular diets and exercise fads come and go; many swear to be life-changing, but few actually deliver the promises. Always keep in mind that beauty is your sole decision to make. What you can show to the world is your full figure and a bigger heart! 

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