Guys, These Are the Romantic Gift Ideas That Would Melt My Unapologetically Bougie Heart

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You can’t put a price on love, but sometimes you can put a price on romance — and indulging your girlfriend with the perfect gift is one great way to impress and set the mood this holiday season. Plus, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to come up with romantic gift ideas.

Trying to impress with special romantic gifts can be tricky; do it right and you’ll be the boyfriend of the year but a swing and a miss can be awkward. Of course, it’s the thought that counts, but there’s nothing worse than trying to hide your disdain for a gift that you know someone really poured their heart into. (Actually there is something worse, and that’s receiving a terrible gift that was given no thought at all, or something generic and banal.)

Luckily, there actually is a special luxury gift for everyone – and at lots of different price points. Because remember – indulgence and luxury don’t always have to mean spending lots of money. As a certified shopaholic both for myself and others, I know all the best places to find all the best romantic gifts that say: I love you more than money could express, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try!

So if you want to impress the special lady in your life, keep reading for romantic gift ideas that are sure to melt her heart.

tiffany hardware bracelet

Tiffany Hardware Bracelet

Starting off strong and classic: this is a beautiful investment piece for pretty much any woman. It’s a simple, timeless, gold bracelet. It will always fit, it will go with everything, and it comes in that beautiful Tiffany Blue Box that really never disappoints. I love this piece from Tiffany in particular because the link has a slight edginess to it that makes it unique but it’s also designed for daily wear and comfort so it’s really something she can enjoy.

heart shaped necklace from foundrae

Foundrae Heart Necklace 18K Gold

For the slightly more artsy and less conventional jewelry lover, Foundrae is your one stop shop for thoughtful and exquisite jewelry with a message built right in. This heart necklace is one of my favorites because it’s simple, easy to wear, and will go with everything in her wardrobe. If you really want to up the ante (and are not worried about gifting a ring and any engagement ring confusion that might result) this AMATE enamel band is a lovely forever gift that is perfect to add to an existing stack or wear on its own.

red hermes scarf

Hermes Scarves & Twilly’s

Like the Tiffany Blue Box, the Hermes Orange Box will elicit immediate excitement for whoever receives it. I’ve gifted both Hermes scarves and their more affordable cousins – the Twilly – to many people in my life and they never disappoint. If you’re looking to spend north of the $400 range, an Hermes scarf is an heirloom gift that she will wear and love forever; and like jewelry you never have to worry about if it will fit. If your budget is a little lower but you still want to treat her to something from the iconic French design house, an Hermes Twilly can be worn around the neck, or in her hair, or even around her wrist and is a perfect way to experience the indulgence of Hermes without breaking the bank.

ophelia painting from tate museum

Her Favorite Piece of Artwork

Now this one takes a little research but having artwork framed can be both a hassle and incredibly expensive. Finding out (or if you already know, gold star) your girlfriend’s favorite painting or paintings and having them framed either through a museum gift shop or a local framing shop is a super thoughtful gift that really shows you listen and take in the things she loves. If she’s not an art lover, consider searching for a first edition or rare edition of her favorite book.

la perla lipstick in red

You are probably familiar with La Perla; the Italian lingerie brand has been making some of the most exquisite lingerie for decades. But what you might not know is that they also make some of the most beautiful luxury makeup on the market right now. La Perla Beauty is a new line from the brand and their lipstick already has a cult following in the beauty community – and for good reason. The formula is rich, long lasting, and comfortable; and the entire brand is eco-friendly and humane in their manufacturing process.

A set of La Perla lipsticks is the perfect gift to give to a beauty and makeup lover; the packaging is as luxurious as the product, and it’s a great way to gift La Perla without the worry of picking the right size bra or underwear. I would recommend picking 3-5 lipsticks from the line (my go-to’s are Nude Red, Tangelo Red, and Rosewood) and a fragrance gift set to round out the experience.

la perla sleepwear

La Perla Silk Sleepwear

If you are confident enough in your partner’s size that you do want to gift them something La Perla to wear, their silk sleepwear makes for the most comfortable sleep she will ever have in her life. For around $300 you can buy her a slip or short and tank set, but if you really want to go the extra mile, add in a matching silk bathrobe.

woman wearing honey birdette lingerie with christmas tree

Honey Birdette Lingerie

Speaking of lingerie, if you want to bring things in a spicier direction, Honey Birdette has a fantastic selection of super sensual lingerie that comes up to a G cup. Getting sexy lingerie from a partner can be such an erotic and exciting experience and Honey Birdette is a great place to find something that’s sexy but still wearable, that she can slip on under a great date night outfit as a fun little secret between the two of you. And for something a little sportier (and easy to guess her size on) their new Essentials line is the perfect combo of comfy everyday basics and sex appeal.

catbird charms with engraving

Catbird Personalized Jewelry

This is not your grandmother’s Zales personalized jewelry; Catbird in New York specializes in the sweetest, daintiest, and most romantic pieces that can be engraved with your loved one’s initials, the date you met, your pet name for her, the options are truly endless. Personalize these Catbird envelope charms or key charms with a location that’s special for the two of you; put your favorite nickname for her on this nameplate; or engrave this locket with her initial and put your favorite picture of the two of you (even a sexy one!) inside of it for her to peak at whenever she wants.

bottega veneta green handbag

Bottega Veneta Loop Bag

Bottega Veneta is very much an it girl bag company; their woven leather is as iconic as any monogram bag and it comes in a variety of styles and colors for anyone’s taste. The larger weave cassette bags are the current trend, but to buy her something that she will wear for years (even decades) to come, I would recommend going for a more classic Loop bag in the smaller weave, in a neutral color. It’s an investment piece, and something she will use constantly (and think of you every time she does!)

le wand vibrator necklace

Le Wand Necklace Vibrator

If you really want to go all the way and give her something extra spicy, this Le Wand vibrator passes for a chic piece of jewelry that she can wear wherever she wants, and then use… wherever she wants. Sexy gifts can be tricky, but if you’re confident your sweetheart will appreciate this gift, then it could be the perfect romantic gift idea.

jonathan adler vice canisters

Jonathan Adler Vice Canisters

For the girl who loves to decorate, you can’t go wrong with Jonathan Adler and these vice canisters are such an adorable and cheeky addition to any bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen counter. I have “LOVE” and “SECRETS” in my dressing room filled with cotton balls, hair ties, etc. – all the things you don’t want strewn out on your vanity. They also have a suction seal lid so they can store food and dry goods in a kitchen safely.

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If Jonathan Adler isn’t her aesthetic and she’s more of a cozy shabby chic kind of gal, these pillows are such a sweet addition to any bed or couch. This Nordic brand is one of my favorite go-to’s when I want to warm up a space with textiles or pillows and it’s such a unique brand that there’s the added novelty of giving her something that no one else will have.

Ginori 1735 Jewelry Box

Ginori 1735 Jewelry Box

Ginori makes some of the most exquisite pottery and glassware and this dish can be used on a bedroom dresser or bathroom vanity for all her most precious keepsakes, jewelry, and bobbles. It’s somehow even prettier in person and just makes for a truly unique and special gift.

Jenni Kayne Cocoon Cardigan

Jenni Kayne Cocoon Cardigan

The ultimate Coastal Grandmother aesthetic must-have, this viral cardigan carries a steep price point but the quality and cut of it are impeccable. It’s a perfect transition piece to wear on cozy nights watching a movie, or out on a winter dinner date. It’s a piece she will truly wear and love. And it’s available in cashmere and cotton.