Harry Potter & Hedwig Amigurumi Dolls · Free Crochet Pattern


Any Harry Potter fans out there?

I have a treat for you.  Here's my Harry Potter and Hedwig doll set!

The Harry Potter inspired doll is a cute, pocket-sized yarn version of the beloved wizard character.  He’s an adorable boy doll, especially miniaturized as a tiny, little amigurumi, would you agree?  He's so small, in fact, that it was hard for me to make a red and gold Gryffindor scarf for his size.  This was the smallest I could manage, and it still looks pretty darn big next to Harry!  

With this pattern, you even get Harry's pet snowy owl, immortalized as this cute, pint-sized version!  I think this yarny Hedwig is probably my smallest amigurumi animal to date.  His height is just a wee 1.5 inches (under 4 centimeters).  

This pattern is...

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Quick to work up
  • Pocket-sized and easy to carry around
  • Great for using up scrap yarns (in other words, an awesome "stashbuster"!)

Make this project for...

Anyone who'd love this fun, little doll set!  It is perfect for both kids and adults alike.  Little hands will find these small toys to be fun to play with.  The Harry Potter and Hedwig dolls can also be great to gift as a collectible to older children or adults who are Harry Potter fans.  With their petite sizes, they can conveniently be displayed as art dolls without taking up much space! 

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Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

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The Harry Potter inspired doll is a cute, pocket-sized yarn version of this beloved wizard character!  He’s an adorable boy doll, especially as a tiny, little amigurumi!  With this pattern, you even get a cute, pint-sized Hedwig as well!  Both projects in this set are quick and easy to crochet and make a great toy gift for kids and children alike, as well as adults who are fans of the Harry Potter series.  This versatile pattern can also serve as a male human body base to crochet into other custom characters. The Harry Potter PDF pattern file includes complete written instructions for the doll-making process with helpful step-by-step photo references.


Harry Potter Height: approximately 4.5 inches (11 cm). 
Hedwig Height: 1.5 inches (4 cm)

Level of Difficulty:

★★☆☆☆  Easy / Familiar Beginner
Requires familiarity with stitches used (below), attaching plastic safety eyes, changing yarn colors, and sewing parts together.

Stitches/Terms Used:

  • FO: fasten off 
  • MR: magic ring 
  • Ch: chain 
  • Sl st: slip stitch 
  • Sc: single crochet 
  • Hdc: half double crochet 
  • Dc: double crochet
  • Tr: triple crochet
  • Inc: increase 
  • Dec: decrease 
  • Surface sl st: surface slip stitch


  • Medium weight 4 yarn in the colors: dark brown, peach, black, dark grey, light grey, red, yellow, white 
  • 2.75mm hook
  • 7mm plastic safety eyes for Harry
  • 6mm plastic safety eyes for Hedwig
  • Fiberfill stuffing 
  • Yarn needle 
  • Scissors

The pattern instructions will be posted to this page on or before 6/16.