Hey Pandas, Tell Me About An Incorrect Stereotype About Your Religion, Race, Sexuality, Etc.

Whether it's your religion, race, sexuality, gender, or even your astrology sign, there will always be an incorrect stereotype for it. Tell me about it and help correct us!


I could write volumes on the stereotypes about women, but one of the ones that I see the most online is that sleeping with a lot of men makes a woman's vagina loose. (To say nothing of the assumption that apparently, having a lot of sex with just one man doesn't.)
1) This is a myth created to control women and devalue them for having sex; it treats our bodies as consumable objects for men's pleasure with no regard for our own wants or agency. We're expected not to have sex so that we can be 'tight' for other men, because that's what THEY want.
2) Anatomically, it's also false. The human vagina can expand to accommodate a baby's head during birth, and afterwards return to it's usual size. No human penises are big enough to permanently expand a woman's vagina.
3) If a woman's vagina is tight, that doesn't mean she hasn't had a lot of sex; if a woman's vagina is less tight, that doesn't mean she's had a lot of sex. Like penises, women's vaginas are not all the same size. Additionally, a tight vagina can also be a sign that she isn't fully aroused, and needs more attention before inserting anything.


That all Muslims are terrorists. Im a Kurd from Erbil, Iraq and everyone there absolutely despise organizations such as as ISIS and the Taliban


Muslim here!

It's more myths that many still believe:

No, Islam does not condone extremism.
No, Islam does not condone murder.
No, Islam is not misogynistic.
No, Islam is NOT the same as IS(IS).

Every human being can be good, bad or a mixture. Just because someone happens to be Muslim but is a bad person, does not mean that what they do, represents Islam.

No, we are not allowed to murder someone who does something wrong. Yes, that means that the person beheading the teacher in France, would be hanged as punishment if France was under Shari'ah Law.

Shari'ah Law simply means to uphold Islamic rulings in a court of law.

Islam forbids forced marriages, if you see this happen (often in Asian countries), it's culture, NOT religion.

No, women who do not wear a headscarf ('hijab') will not burn in Hell eternally and no, no one is allowed to hurt them for it.

Islam really is a peaceful religion, but people themselves sadly ruin it for the religion.

Please ask anything if there's any questions!


I'm gay and wouldn't be caught dead watching stuff like RuPaul or Queer Eye.
I don't like fizzy drinks; beer and red wine are my go-to.
I'm not interested in fashion at all.
I don't think being bitchy is something to aspire to.
I'm not interested in every guy I meet.

Etc ...


I am Black/African American and it seems like non-Black people think we all live in the "hood", talk like gangsters or rappers (not articulate), listen only to rap, hip-hop or R&B music and grew up poor.

I have been asked all my life why I sound white. Like, how do you "sound white"?! I have pulled up beside people in my car and they are shocked to hear classic rock or heavy metal coming out of my window (I listen to almost every genre of music). People need to understand that black people are not always what you see on TV and we are not 2-D or a stereotype. There are more educated black people that look, sound, and live like me than people seem to think.


I’m an atheist so that must mean I automatically hate all religions and religious people.
I am very respectful of all religions, SO LONG as you don’t tell me I’m wrong for my beliefs and you don’t kill in the name of it.


I'm French and we don't wear beret and sailor top while eating a baguette on the streets! Wait... i do own a beret, several dozen of stripped clothes and i'm obsessed with food. Nevermind, i'm a walking cliché.


"Paganism is Satanism" and "Pagans cannot be Christians". Where do I start on this one?
First, Pagan is a blanket term that includes different types of spiritual and nature-based religions. Some old, some created fairly recent. Satanism doesn't not fall under Paganism.
Pagans don't worship a devil. Satan or Lucifer, whatever you want to call that kind of evil character, belongs in the Christian/Catholic religion. Just because another religion has a horned God, doesn't mean it holds the same meaning as a devil.
Pentagrams are 5 pointed stars, and are called pentacles when a ring is added. In Paganism, this is a powerful, positive, protective symbol.
In Satanism they use it upside down. Just like the upside down cross is used in Satanism. I could be wrong on this, it seems that Satanists flip religious to mock them.
Many Christian customs have come from Pagan and Druid customs, such as the Christmas tree, the use of green and yellow for traditional Christmas colours, Easter, New Years Day, Valentines Day, believing the soul is immortal, Halloween, weddings (where do you think the term "hand-fasting" comes from or "jump the broom"?), halos over the heads of angels and saints, etc. Pagans have a lot more in common with Christians than Christians like to think.
There are Pagans who still hold on to Christian beliefs. Some call it "Christo-paganism"

"Pagans sacrifice animals and play with black magic". Just like with any denomination, there are going to be people who use religion for ill-will and use customs incorrectly because they saw a movie and thought it was cool. Pagans not only respect and love animals, there are many who are vegetarians and vegans.
Since Pagans are quite spiritual and some do, what is referred to as "Magick", it's not the hocus pocus kind. We're not really illusionists, magicians nor are we scamming fortune tellers. Although, there are individuals who do this stuff on their own, but they are the exceptions, and we don't consider those people real Pagans. As I said, there are bad apples in every sect and denomination.
"Pagans are witches". This is where Wicca comes into play. Paganism is the spiritual worship of Earth, and Wicca practices rituals, that includes some "spells", but it's not the same as you've read in fairy tales. All it involves is mixing things to make something. A simple kitchen recipe for bread can be considered "magick", or sweeping a room can become a form of a cleansing ritual to rid a space of negative energy.

"Pagans dance in forests and fields naked". This is more optional to the brave folk than a mandatory thing. Since the world has become way more populated, there are cameras around at any time and place.

Lastly, not all Pagans are practicing rituals and ceremonies. Some are content to just go about living a life doing what they want without fussing about, and just hold their beliefs to heart.


UK here. Wearing a 'hoodie'; they're comfortable, and keeps your head warm in winter. However, wearing a hoodie automatically labels you as a troublemaker, thief etc. I've no criminal record and am hard-wired to help another human being. E.G. Someone once parked up their car, left it unlocked to quickly post a letter, then spotted me wearing a hoodie and instantly went back to lock his car. I responded with a wry smile.


I'm hindu. We don't worship cows. We respect them for all they have provided for us. We show out respect by refraining from eating beef.

I'm also West-Indian. We do not all spend the day in a floral shirt and cargo shorts, sleeping in a hammock, under a coconut tree on the beach. We have jobs like everyone else....we don't do that on the weekends. Lol


For a period of time, I identified as gay (later learned I wasn't) and I happen to be a transgender man.

Some people thought that just meant I was straight. In reality, being a gay transgender man or lesbian transgender woman just means they're transitioning to their correct gender, and happen to like people of that gender.

I'm also neurodivergent in a few ways - some of my neurological disorders include Asperger's, ADHD, and possible CPTSD. ADHD isn't just "trouble sitting still and getting easily distracted", in fact, it is very possible to focus intensely on something if you have ADHD (it just may not be the thing you want to focus on!)

Misconceptions about autism... oh boy, we could be here all day. Pretty much any stereotype about autism is false, but one thing I can say in particular is that not every autistic person is the same. What works for one person may not work for another.

And about (C)PTSD, well... not just veterans can get it. I've seen people say that they have (C)PTSD or may have it, and getting responses saying that they're seeking attention or claiming to have it because of a small, unpleasant experience. Hell, the reason I may have it is because of being bullied and harassed by essentially my entire school for nearly a whole year, and every adult around doing absolutely nothing about it.


I'm Scottish and when I tell people they always do an over exaggerated accent which is kinda rude because I am not a stereotype.

I am also Spanish (Dad is scotland Mum is Spain) and sometimes when I tell people that they do a salsa or a flamenco dance ? which they will do silly and exaggerated with them almost falling over in giggles.
Please don't do this to people.


I'm probably too late for this one, but want to add my $0.02 anyway.

I'm well over a size 8 and always will be-- lost a good amount of weight last year, but the last ~30 lbs just. Won't. BUDGE. I subsist almost entirely on protein shakes and hit the gym for an hour and a half six days a week-- I even recently brought in kickboxing. I'm more toned, but am no slimmer.

On the opposite extreme is someone I once knew who rarely moved off of her bed or the sofa except to grab another bowl of ice cream. She wasn't just thin, she was *bony*.

Guess which one of us would be told by doctors to just "eat less and exercise more"? Which one of us is STILL dismissed by society as "lazy" based solely on our dress size? It makes me f*****g homicidal.


Im lots of different things at once i think they all have stereotypes??

im a goth but i definately dont hate everyone! Im not miserable or angry & am usually a very cheerful person. Im not evil or worship devils or cast evil spells or whatever ? not a vampire but that would be cool lol, i just like spooky things, bats & dressing in a way that makes me feel happy & confident.
im actually quite a religious person too, but i dont disagree with anyone from the LGBTQ+ community (which im part of) or people from other religions (which i love learning about) or people who dont have a religion, i am nice to everyone even people who are mean to me ?

i have autism/aspergers but im not a maths genius im rubbish at it & have a terrible memory ? i also have adhd but im not hyperactive/fidgety all the time, its more like my brain has trouble concentrating? i have dyslexia but i can read, just the paper looks very white & its hard to concetrate on the words so i have tinted reading glasses.

im asexual & aromantic but i dont hate people, even though i dont really understand relationships im really happy for other people who are happy together no matter who they are ?

Dont know what the stereotypes for being non binary & vegan are but there probably are some???


I'm Catholic.
Not all Catholics are the kind who pick and choose what to believe, or the kind who think not everybody can be saved. Every time I turn around I get hate for saying what I believe to be true.
Oh yes, I'm Catholic, so I must hate everyone who isn't straight, believe all atheists automatically go to Hell, and ignore everything the Bible says about loving your neighbor and all that stuff. Sure.


All bisexuals are horny and want to hook up with everyone. Not true 100,000%

All Asians are really good at math, have buckteeth, are really short, etc ?

All Americans are blond, stuck up, fat, stupid


Old person here and evidently the only one. Everyone assumes we can't figure out computers or phones (I have used at least 25 different software programs in my work alone) and want to listen to the Eagles and Jimmy Buffet all day. I would die happy never having to hear Hotel California AGAIN. Millennial co-workers were shocked I had System of a Down song as a ringtone. Also, that we are all rich living off our social security, in our paid-for houses. I know because I used to think that too. SS might be enough to pay JUST your rent, and Medicare is the most expensive insurance I ever had. And I have not been able to get a real job, not even an interview, for over 15 years because of all the stereotypes against us, despite having 2 graduate degrees. When a job says "2-5 years experience", that 5 is a genuine MAXIMUM.


That all white people are racist


Stereotype: Women can't fix things like cars, plumbing problems, electrical problems, a leaky roof, etc, ad nausea.

I was w working automobile repair technician for 35 years, fixed everything from go carts to Cadillacs, did all the repairs on my various homes over the years, kept my family in good transportation, drew up the plans and built 4 homes all the while holding down a job in a shop. NOPE, us chickens can't do squat I reckon...


Sikhs are Muslims because they wear turbans. If you see a man walking around with a turban on his head, and sporting an unshaved beard, this does not mean they are Muslims. In fact, Muslim men are not required too wear a turban or a head covering, some choose too because it is part of their culture in the middle east. They are, however, prohibited from shaving their facial hair. Sikh men cannot shave their facial hair as well, but they are required too wear a turban. This may not seem like much, but a Sikh man's turban is a matter of pride. The Guru Granth Sahib Ji teaches that the turban is a crown, and it is a huge part of a Sikh's identity. Sikhi and Islam are very different religions; please try not too confuse one for the other.
(Of course, Sikh's can choose not too wear a turban or cut/shave their hair, but technically, it is mandatory)


German = Nazi -> nope
German = Lederhosen/ Dirndl -> nope
German = sounds harsh -> only in US movies


I’m a Christian and many people assume it makes me a homophobic goody-two-shoes.


I am Welsh. I am always asked if I can sing


im chinese, and to be honest, most of us don't eat cats or dogs, most of our eyes aren't small,
that all of us are good at math or science
that we look the exact same
that we dont speak english
thank you for reading my rant, that was all said/asked to me by my freinds:)


I'm a nihilist. It's not a religion, but it's what substitutes my need for religion. A common stereotype is that a nihilist loves pointlessness, absurdity, negativity, relativity, etc., while I think nihilism is just an observable historical phenomenon that a nihilist tries to accept in an attempt to suffer less from it.


Not all IS citizens who visit Europe are a**hole's. When we visit, my husband does not wear baseball caps. We try to dress like the locals and respect every country we visit.


From the South, Atlanta, GA. W/F, gentle Southern lilt. I’ve learned that the lilt drops my IQ in business communication. And, given my Southern roots, OBVIOUSLY I am racist, privileged, Trump tootin’ RINO.

Also mental illness, esp depression. It’s a mood disorder, but it doesn’t strip my natural human emotions. Even people with depression have bad days, get pissed at work, etc. And it doesn’t strip my reason or agency.

People interact differently if/when my heritage or health comes up. Nothing changes but information. How progressive, no?

Bless their prejudiced hearts ?


I'm an ethnic norwegian as far back as I can trace, and I'm brown eyed, have dark brown hair, and have a fairly dark complexion. So no, not every norwegian (or scandinavian for that matter) is blue eyed and blonde.


Not all Christians are jerks who use God to explain everything they do. Some of us are actually sane and respectful and we can be normal people.


I'm bi and Indian and female and short. Let me f*****g start.

Bi: I AM NOT A PERVERT!!! In fact, I'm ace!
Indian: I am very smart, true. But I can beat your f*****g ass because I have a freaking third-degree black belt.
Female: Oh, where oh where do I start. Luckily I'm pretty ugly by perverts' standards, so....yay!
Short: No, I don't have difficulty reaching into the washer. I have a faint six-pack just from doing laundry. I balance on my stomach. I relax when I go it, I tense when I come out. Duh.

Anyway, thanks for reading my rant...


Stereotype: the only way a woman can get a job in a shop is because: her daddy owns it, her husband owns it, she's sleeping with the owner, her boyfriend owns or runs it....

You keep telling yourself that cupcake, sit back and watch Jane fix it all!


Ooh, where to start? Well, first I have learning disabilities, so apparently I'm stupid, I'm a girl so apparently, I can't fight back, WTH?

And I need to add a whole paragraph about Asperger's (autism) stereotypes. No, we are not all super-geniuses who are building time machines, I barely understand maths. None of this true for all Aspies and autistics, but personally I get flustered easily, I cry when I get overwhelmed, I don't at all have good social skills, hate talking to new people and hate being touched anywhere, even on my arm, without permission. It sucks that there are really bad representations of Autism and Asperger's Syndrome in the media, and there needs to be a better understanding of neurodivergent because it really isn't easy.


So, we homeschooled for my kids' entire education, kindergarten through graduation. I figure that people think that they were brilliant, super-awkward, unsocialized, hyper-religious, cup-stacking, spelling bee champs. Oh, and that I wear denim jumpers and a head scarf! In reality, both of them were of normal intelligence and awkwardness (LOL!) and very social. We did go to church but they've never stacked a cup in their lives, nor did we enter any spelling bees. Really, they turned out pretty normal! I mean, at 18 and 21, they both have numerous tattoos - I think my daughter has 17, at last count, as well as two facial piercings - but that's normal in MY book! (And I haven't worn a denim jumper since the mid-90's when THAT was normal!)


Blondes aren’t dumb. They’re taught by society that acting ditzy is what will make them liked even in elementary school, and kids are often not able to parse all subtle messages from society, so they adapt to what people expect from them and reward them for.


I'm from a province in Canada called Newfoundland, which is constantly mispronounced by those who don't live here. New-fin-lind or New-FOUND-land. It's New-fin-land. People from outside the province wonder if we have electricity or indoor plumbing. Yes we do. AC too. Schools, stores, paved roads, hospitals. It's like we're thought of as illiterate inbred hicks who live in the middle of the woods.


ace people are incapable of love


i have ADHD and I can pay attention, but really only to things i like. but that's just me


That ADHD mean you interrupt everyone and never listen. No-one suspected that I had it because I was so quiet and shy! Even then, I almost never got the support I need from teachers because they didn’t believe me!


Hope it’s ok to add this one - I am Vegan - for nearly 5 years. In general vegans are not hippies, sandal wearing people who just eat lentils!!! I/we are just normal people who choose for various reasons not to eat any animal products. For me my eyes were opened nearly 5 years ago at the practices in the dairy and egg industry. My body and mind instantly went - I cannot be any part of this - and I haven’t wanted or had anything non vegan foods from that moment on. We do not generally preach to people, always happy to have a discussion about it. And whilst some may, we don’t generally announce it like a public announcement!!!!! People can find us a threat, probably because it can make them question their own values and choices. And the most asked question - ‘but bacon!!!!’ To us all we see is a pig that was killed just so you can have a sandwich. Thank you for reading this. Xxx


Let me see, I'm an atheist so I have no respect for religious people, I'm a biological female so I can't stand up for myself or play videogames (whoops), I am bisexual so I like cheating on everyone apparently. I'm also on the aromantic spectrum (demiromantic) so I am for some reason are dilusional. I'm also an Aquarius so I'm extremely smart for some demented reason.

-dani the apparent nonexistent human

(I apologize if this looked like a rant)


honestly all the stereotypes about my religion are awful.
i'm a jew. as much as i try to ignore the "money-grabbing jew" stereotypes, it sticks with you. i feel like if i care about the money at all, people will hate me for it. and all the conspiracy theories about us (illuminati, lizard people, space lasers...)
also the jew nose thing. 1, that's not accurate the so-called "jew nose" is more commonly found in German gentiles and 2 stop making people ashamed of their nose. my nose is a bit large and i like it.

also i'm a scorpio. i'm not a psycho i swear.


*takes deep breath

thank you for coming to my Ted talk ?


So I do ballet and Im a guy. The most annoying thing is that people automatically assume that since I do ballet I'm gay. Now I am but most professional male ballet dancers aren't. I like to think that I'm good at it but when people don't respect me because I dance it pisses me off. Another thing is when people say that dance isn't a sport, or that only competitive dance is a sport. It is vary vigorous training and i would like to say harder than a lot of sports because you have to make it look easy. I wrote a report about my favorite sport in 4th grade and I failed because the teacher didn't agree with me. So please be considerate because not only is it hard to do ballet, Its hard to do it as a guy with so many stereotypes and having to push through them.


Quakers arnt Amish, we’re not Mennonites, we arnt luddites, we don’t dress like rural Pennsylvanians from the 17th century that’s just the quaker oats dude.


1) I’ve seen quite a few times that people think asexual people are broken.
2) “Lesbians just haven’t found the right man.”
3) “Gay men just haven’t found the right woman.”
4) “Aromantic people just haven’t found the right person.”
5) “Bisexuals need to chose”
6) “Bisexual and pansexual are the same thing”
7) “nonbinary means you’re an object”
8) “cheerleading isn’t a real sport”
9) “cheer, gymnastics and dance are easy”
10) “ADHD is only in boys”
11) “you can only have tics if you have Tourettes”
12) “anxiety is just being shy, you just need to be pushed out of your comfort zone”
These are just a few I thought of on the spot.


I'm asexual, I hear a lot of ' You're just saying that because you can't get f*cked' or 'I can turn you'.
Also, I'm AFAB, which means I hear a lot of wrong pronouns or my deadname, along with "How are you doing, pretty girl?" or "Excuse me, miss." I know that's not a stereotype, but I needed to get it of my chest.


I am a queer woman, but I do NOT sleep with every person I meet. I have been fetishized by straight woman thinking that the word 'TESTER' is written across my forehead.


I am bi. No, I do not cheat more than the regular person. No, I do not want to date everyone I meet. Yes, I am dating a nonbinary person, that does not make me pan or omni.


Hi. I'm an evangelist Christian. From what I've heard, people think that Christians--specifically evangelists--have lots of bigoted and misogynistic opinions that they like to force onto other people. I know there are tons of mega churches that only exist for the money and that there are lots of stories on Bored Panda about "Christian" bigots that are racist, homophobic Trump supporters. But I'd like to say that it's all untrue. As an evagelist with an evangelist family, we do not think that men are superior or that one race of people is of less value than another. We go to a small church that's going through so many finacial problems right now, and yet they still rarely ask for donations. My mom actually works for our church and she knows that more than 90% of the money that's ever donated goes to charities. In fact, our church TELLS its donors where all of the money goes before they donate, so not all churches are mega/super churches that're only in it for the cash and ask for massive donations, as well as guilt trip the church-goers to give money because it's "for a greater cause" and "because it's the Christianly/godly thing to do". All those stories about bigots that are so-called Christians aren't truly Christian. They just use the label for clout, really. I know too many people who say they're Christian but never go to church and do absoultely none of the practices. So, to conclude the wall of text I built (sorry about that lol), please don't automatically think that all Christians, especially evangelists because I've noticed that we're getting quite a bit of hate as of recent times, are not misogynistic bigots just because of things you read online or even experiences you've had that are similar to the ones you might have read on social media. True Christians who actually have Christian beliefs aren't like that at all and would never even think about doing things like that. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.


I have good social skills: yeah, that's because I spent 30 years to LEARN it.
I look "normal": yeah, that's called MASKING.
Changes induce a lot of anxiety.
That's not because you don't see it that it doesn't exist.
No, it's not "like you". Yeah, we experience similar things, but pretty sure, if you're neurotypical, we don't feel that in the same way. A lot of things are disturbing for neurotypical, but really intrusive for autistic people.
And all the above (and all the rest) is DRAINING.


I am barely catholic anymore but I was raised in the church and tbh I don't have an issue with it. I've always wondered why people believe that Catholics worship Mary ( mother of Jesus) I went through 12 yrs of catholic education and never once was told we worshiped her.


Asexuals don’t want love and can’t be in a relationship


Religion: Christianity- the stereotype that all Christians are hateful, homophobic bigots. I call myself Christian because I believe in God, but I don’t follow catholic beliefs, so that’s where I fall and Is how I was raised. But we aren’t all awful people, I promise.
My sexuality- pansexual: there’s a mild stereotype that pans are all innocent always-happy, basically the cotton balls of the community. Not particularly bothersome, but also not particularly true
My race: I’m mixed, Puerto Rican and white and my skin tone is slightly lighter than you’d typically find of a Mexican person and my hair type is giant curly. A lot of people assume I speak Spanish and that my family is full of Hispanic traditions and heritage. All of the family I live with is white and I always feel incredibly awkward when people assume things based on my appearance.


Too often people believe that atheists believe in nothing. Atheists simply don’t believe that there is a god, or gods, or supernatural powers. Atheism means “without god,” not “without a belief system of any kind.” Most atheists that I know, and I know a great deal of them, are humanists, and they believe with great conviction in being good and kind and ethical. They do right not because of the thought a mystical consequence or reward after death or in another life, but because this life and each other are all we have.


Bikers are nasty vicious types. No, the kindest, loving people I have met are bikers, who do huge amounts for charities and their community. Look for Blood Bikers UK for one example.


Well hey!!!
I am an African from nigeria
We do go to schools
And no I don't live in a hut or
Hunt down lions
I wear clothes, I don't run around like a barbarian
We have different language 'afrikaan is not a language!
We have restaurant, cinema's,hospital,school ,electricity and yes we have clean good water
And hell yeah they are so many foreigners here living in Nigeria
And I speak 4 languages
Please don't rely on natgeo,discovery channel ....if u want to see Africa just get on a plane,come see it yourself.
Finally , Hollywood would you please stop exaggerating the African culture, am pretty sure no one wears that!


1. Hawai'i is part of the US. We're a state not a territory anymore like Guam or Puerto Rico.

2. If you are a US citizen, you don't need a passport to visit.

3. We use US currency obviously, because we are a state. Please stop asking what the exchange range is. Yes, I've been asked this.

4. And finally, we have electricity, we all don't live on the beach in grass huts wearing coconut shell bras, and yes, we are the only state in the US that has an official palace. We were overthrown by the US because well, the US wasn't happy enough with what they had.


That Muslim women don’t have rights, and Islam is misogynistic. Really, it’s a cultural thing in literally all areas of the world that men can be misogynists, but people never blame men. They blame Islam, the weather, the stars, their moms, etc.


Colombian here. Where do I start...

1. I DON'T know how to dance, and I hate it. Never liked it, never will. For some reason i'm a fairly decent bass player though.

2. I'm an atheist, and with good reason, and being an academic helped. Most people in my family are believers, but I blatantly tell them I do not share their beliefs when asked about the whole matter, no matter how judgemental they can get.

3. Colombians, as well as many latinos, come in almost all colors, shapes, sizes and backgrounds. From what people consider the stereotype fo what latinos look like, to those who are tall, blonde and blue or green-eyed, and those with African roots, and others who keep their native American (as in the continent) looks untouched. But mostly, we are a mixed "race", and in my case I look as if I were of middle east descent.

4. Colombia isn't all tropical! We have all climatic conditions, from beaches and deserts, to rainforests and snow-capped mountains, and many regions are relatively cold all year long. Also, because of its location on the globe, Colombia has no seasons, but rather a time in which rain is more frequent.

5. Sounding "latino" when speaking in English. I was born and raised in Colombia, I've lived in Mexico for almost ten years, and yet I do not sound "latino" (with a Spanish accent) when I speak in English. Amongst many things I've taught English is one of them, so I guess that's helped quite a bit.

6. No, I don't do (illegal) drugs, nor sell them. I've never even bought weed, and I don't know any dealers.

7. For some reason my famly wasn't so much into doing the typical local stuff, and to this day we are somehow atypical. This is an advantage, but also a curse, depending on how you approach being atypical.

8 I do love coffee though :)


I’m pansexual

1. It’s not the same as bisexual
2. Just because I like all genders doesn’t mean i like you


I am an almost 30 years old childfree, single heterosexual white woman of average looks, who has a career, loves to spend time time alone, read books, watch movies, play games (video and board) and crochet. Where are my at least two children and husband, whom I am constantly berating for playing video games (I am not allowed to like video games, I am a woman!) when he should be busy working so I don't have to, and taking my side in arguments with my hypothetical mother in law (his mother)? Where did I go wrong? ;)


Pices, all of the water themed things, nothing to do with the person, just water. I am a terrible swimmer and I’ve almost drowned a few times. Pices ? isn’t ?just ?water!


I'm a Christian, and a lot of people assume that all Christians hate anyone in the LGBTQ+ community. While some do, I would like to say that most of us just don't agree with their choices but still respect the person.


ah where should I start

goth is a choice not a personality, so I can be cheerful

Indians are some smart work-on-the-farm girly girls. no, im a tomboy, love tech, and my math is just-

being energetic means your a happy cheery person who does goodwill and loves pink- all that jazz. I have AD-HD and am very fidgety(not everyone has these symptoms) and and the exact opposite on the inside.my friend once said I was like invisible girl from MHA (don't worry if you don't watch)who loves cute stuff. yeah no

this is a fraction of all the stereotypes I get.


I am vegan, and no, I am not an angry protestor, person who walks around saying "save the turtles!!" or bad at sports. I am funny, kind, and yes, I try to join protests, and am on my swim team. Another one is that I am "annoying", that's just because I don't like to have my life choices questioned. For example, my friends often continuously ask me why I am vegan, and I should get "protein".

I am Indian as well, and I do not wear bindis on my head, or worship cows. Cows are to be respected in much of India, therefore we show respect by not eating products with cow in them. I do not say "Namaste" and do yoga 100% of the time, and go into forests to meditate.
Not all of us start our day with flowers, incense and prayers, we DO NOT find spouses through arranged marriages, and not all Indians are techies. Not all Indian food is butter chicken and naan. Depending on the region, there will be various cuisines available. Lastly, not all our food is spicy will onions and garlic. Indian food can also be simple.

--Katniss Everdeen


Apparently since I’m pansexual I only like pans. It’s so fcking annoying.


Atheist. It is not a religious point. It's a default position to a claim made that a god exists and it gets twisted when someone distorts or misunderstands the burden of proof. It is also NOT a claim itself that a god doesn't exist, merely that there is not sufficient reason to believe that one does.


Mormon here. Yes we dance, yes we drink caffeine (just not drinks with tannins) no we don't practice polygamy anymore (seriously it's been over 100 years). Our underwear isn't magic, but it does decrease panty lines. Yes we do rend to have a lot of kids, but we can use birth control if we want (abortions only under certain circumstances though.) We are not all Republicans (Libertarian here). The church doesn't actually run Utah. But will speak up about matters that affect freedom of religion. Otherwise they just say to study politics and participate. Yes, you may feel judged at church. Just remind people that God is your judge and what you're going through is between you and Jesus. Or at least give them a look that says the same. Our Temples are Highly sacred houses that we use to practice worship in that is so sacred and unique that we can't really explain it well to people who haven't really studied our religion. Which is why we dont talk about it. We can explain some things, and some temples have visitor centers you can go to. Fun fact though, if you find videos or scripts of our ceremonies, it's a copyright violation and they can be sued. (PS, I do not look typical Mormon, I wear modest clothes, but have daith piercings for migraines and often brightly colored hair. Yes, I get judged for this, I don't care and often use it as an excuse to challenge the judger.)


All Canadians are extremely polite, apologize constantly, end every sentence with "eh?", pronounce "out" as "oot," live near the Arctic Circle (Toronto, ON is actually farther south than Paris, France), experience winter year-round, and are fanatical about hockey.


I’m white, like if you need to define a white person I’m it. I season my food and yes avocados are delicious.


I’m Christian and I’ve had people ask if I thought the sun revolved around the earth and if I didn’t believe in science. I believe in science. I’m no scientist so I don’t know everything but I can believe in both. As a woman, I’ve had people say all women/all white women (multiple separate instances) are crazy. Which is demeaning.


Because I was a Marine, I am all knowing when it comes to every gun or war. I know the guns I shot, the war I was in, but certainly no master of all guns and all wars.

Because I am a nurse I know every human ailment and condition. Sure I know a lot, but I specialized early on in my career and focused highly on my specialty only.


Salutations, guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

I'm abrosexual. One of our stereotypes is that we cheat on our partners with someone who matches our current sexuality because our sexuality's fluid.

I personally don't have much experience with dating, mostly because I'm young and I have excess attraction to fictional characters, but there's one character that I've been in love with for a while. He's male, and over the past few months I've sometimes been aroace or just not attracted to boys, but I kept loving him.

It's different for different abros, but I've found that if the attraction I feel's really strong, then I keep on loving them even if they don't fit into my sexuality. At one point with my ex-gf I was straight (a moment of silence for those days when I was a girl and omni) but I kept loving her. {Zoe, you probably won't see this but hello there, and since we kind of just fell apart and didn't speak I assumed we weren't together anymore}

I don't know many stereotypes and such against pomogender peeps but we exist :)

And don't get me started on transmasc stereotypes. I'm cutesy and softy but not all trans dudes are, and if you get to know me you know that I'm a demon as well.

~ Noelle, he & any neopronouns


I am Canadian. It is not winter here all year round, summers can be very hot and yes Canadian's get cold in winter and many hate it. I have never in my life heard any Canadian say "aboot" instead of about. No I do not like hockey I actually despise it so do other Canadians (same applies for curling) I have been traveling the world and I can honestly say there are other countries that are way more polite. Tim Horton's coffee is not that good. (Go to Starbucks)


Buddhists do not worship the Buddha. If we bow to a Buddha statue, we are merely practicing humility and showing respect for the Buddha's teachings. Many Buddhist alters don't even have a Buddha statue, but we bow to them anyway for the same reasons.


I'm Dutch
I don't smoke weed .
I have never owned wooden shoes.
I can't ice skate.
I don't eat cheese all the time.
I don't like tulips.
I live 2 hours from Amsterdam.
And also
I'm Ginger and I don't have a temper ^#grr&&' ( OK I do have a temper a little)


Well lemme first start with MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORIST and our religion does not preach extremism just because some bunch of terrorist are using the name of Islam tarnish the image of the Muslim doesn't mean all Muslim, furthermore we do not support Isis,iswap,al shabab, al Qaeda ...they kill innocent Muslim
Secondly not all Muslims are Arab.Islam is a univervasal religion not situated to particular region of country... Also not all Arabs are Muslims ......it hurts me to see how Arabs are maltreated bcos of 'hey I am from the middle east'..... So you are a Muslim and Arab????
They are practically Christian Arab especially from Lebanon and jordan


Everyone bearing a Caucasian face is an American. And even if we aren't, our culture surely is. And we're naturally gifted English speakers. Also, your body type is an example of how everyone in your country looks like.


could some people stop calling us terrorists already


I can't believe it's not here yet but... as a feminist I don't hate men... and I don't blame men for all my problems... I actually like men very much, romantically, sexually and otherwise, my closest friends since my childhood have always been boys, I had been even bullied for that because "girls are supposed to play with girls"... and no, I don't drop my feminism "as soon as the bill arrives", I am happy to pay for myself, take care of myself and provide for myself... I have no problem to pay for my date either, actually my bf is still at university and I am ready to support him financially whenever he needs it... usually on our vacation it's me who pays for the hotels (and then I let him pay for something smaller like dinner)


I dont know if that counts but it's a stereotype about the german nationality. First of all we're not all nazis or radical right. In fact, only a tiny fraction is extremist. And the second one that is really incorrect is that we don't laugh or don't have humor. We do have humor! (most of us)


I am a descendant of the Picts of Scotland. Yes we still exist. It is what my maiden name means. Pickens. And Picts are not a Clan. We predate Clans. It was interesting tracing the family back and finding jobs listed as “rogue” on some!


I was at an all-ages music festival, looking like a typical grandfather, and I saw a girl about ten years old. She got a bad sliver in her hand, so I pulled out my carpenter's special tweezers and offered them to her. She was so suspicious that I had to point out the first aid tent, follow her over, and pass the tweezers through the guy on duty. We are now constantly under suspicion, no matter what.


Hi. Another Mormon here. Yes, we are Christians and no, we don't worship Mormon. The actual name of the church is: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some people call us LDS. Mormon was a person in one of our religious texts. The Book of Mormon is called that because Mormon is the one who kept the history of his people safe. The Book of Mormon is not "the Mormon bible." We use the King James version of the Bible, just as many other Christians do.
We don't believe in polygamy. In fact, you will be kicked out of the church if you're caught living that lifestyle. We don't hate homosexuals and they are welcome in our church. I should know, I am one. While the church does have a stance on all types of moral behaviors, everyone is welcome to worship God. Some members of the church don't practice what the preach. Don't judge, lest ye be judged. But one of the number one things taught in our church is fairly simple: Jesus said be nice. To everyone. No exceptions. Be nice.


the french law encourages full scale blasphemy because the french are frustrated post-revolutionary sarcastic dudes, who love to see people suffer.
We encourage by law full scale blasphemy (talking of law here), because it's like saying loud and clear religion can't be interpreted. It's like saying the state can't, and will never be ruled by a religious law (hear religious dictatorship)
Actually the french use blasphemy extremelly rarely in every day life. simply because talking about religion is explosive. so we almost never speak of religion outside of home. But we pay an extreme attention that the blasphemy gets protected by law (thus sometimes used in some medias) for the reason above


Being white does not mean I am "a superior race"

in fact, I am a genetic mutation with ego problems


Okay, so here's my thing:
I am/was really good at school, like I would get 1s(the best grade) in most of my subjects and stuff like that. So people(classmates) would assume I was a nerd. Or that I like school, study all my free time. I DO NOT! And I don't like school. I do read in my free time, but like not school books? Who does that?(I don't care if you do, it's just my reaction to it when people say that about me) Half a year ago, I skipped a year and here's the thing: I'm still good. Not that good, as I was before, but still considered good.
Another problem: Everybody's talking about how COVID has affected *all* students, nobody learned a thing and we need to do school slower now. And sure, that is true, but in school, when I'm bored, I want to read a book or draw something. After I finished my work. But teachers told me both these things:
(Before Covid): "No, you can't read a book, because it is distracting you from the lesson!"
(After Covid/last year): "No, you can't draw right now, safe that for after the lesson!"

Thanks for reading my rant about school!


That all american females are sl-ts. Like why do people think this?!


It's not about myself personally, but about where I was born and grew up. I've lived my entire life just west of Boston.....I can't even count how many times I've heard... 'You live in Massachusetts? You must be rich' ...I grew up extremely poor, hungry, and homeless.


I am from Bangalore, Karnataka, in South India. People have this wierd notion about us all being Madrasis, Madras (now Chennai) is a city in another state down south. We are simply clubbed together. They assume automatically that we speak with an odd accent, don't know proper English and Grammar. This goes for all the Northern states and people from other countries too. The truth being, we have better educational facilities here in the South, accent is something we have learnt at ground level education and our grammar is impeccable.


I'm a Christian and people assume I am judgemental and think I'm better then everyone else.


Being pansexual does NOT mean I like everyone. I don’t flirt with everyone (or anyone, really) and I don’t have a crush on everyone. Don’t flatter yourself.


I am Canadian:
I almost never say "eh", I've never been a hockey fan or even watched part of a game, and I do not constantly wear red and black plaid.

I am also Autistic:
I am not a super genius nor do I need tons of training and help to be "normal". Also, there is no single form of Autism, every autistic person has their own weaknesses, strengths, and needs.

Please stop making these assumptions.


So I get this one A LOT.

So there’s this stereotype with gay people (Or maybe just me I don’t know ), that you will like every single other gay person in existence. It’s really a problem because it’s really inconsiderate to the person, automatically assuming since they are gay, they are required to like every gay person on this planet.


I’m a Gemini, and some of the people I meet are really into horoscopes and that stuff, so they’ll ask me “Are you going to stab me behind my back” “You are just pretending to be happy, right? ” and blah blah blah. The point is, I’m not at all two sided like my horoscope says, so don’t assume someone is good/bad according to their horoscope.


Not all Canadians say “eh” after every sentance