Hipster Style. 25 Ways To Identify A Hipster

What is hipster culture?  “Hipster style” is one of those phrases that kind of means whatever you want it to mean…

But think about it.

Your friends only say it to make fun of people. Maybe sometimes you.

Here's why.

So back to the question, what is a hipster? We found this definition:

“Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20s and 30s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.”

Hipsters can take a variety of forms.

You may be comfortable being a hipster but you may also want to know if you are becoming a hipster.

Either way, we list the hipster style definitions below.

1. You have the same haircut as your girlfriend.

hipster haircut
A hipster male and hipster female with the same haircut.

2. You Wear Those Hipster Glasses

You know. The hipster glasses. Whether you need them or not.

3. You exclusively drink out of mason jars and not normal cups.

One of the best ways to spot a hipster is by his drinking vessel. The hipster would NEVER drink from a normal cup.

4. You tell everyone you're gluten-free, and so is your cat Hugo

This is excusable if you have that thing where you could actually die if you're exposed to gluten. Everyone else, give it up – there's no benefit.

hipster cat
This is what a hipster cat looks like. His name is Hugo.

5. You won’t drink anything ‘mainstream’

The hipster doesn't do ‘mainstream'. Just homemade kombucha and weird orange craft beer brewed in an abandoned pump house off a railroad line through the mountains.

craft beer
A hipster lady pouring a hipster drink in a hipster environment. Note the exposed hipster brickwork.

6. You say bro too many times, bro

You call your mom bro.

7. You think Kale is cooler than Spinach

You won't eat any dish where you can actually taste it, you just like the idea of growing it in silly little pots around your apartment.

8. You don't watch Movies, you only watch Films

Preferably silent, foreign, or black and white. Very emotional.

9. You pay $400 to wear jeans which someone has ripped holes in

For extra hipster fashion points: you pay $400 to buy raw denim jeans and then wear them continuously until they're “distressed”, so you can waste not only money, but also time.

10. You haven't eaten breakfast or lunch in two years. Brunch is where it's at.

You eat brunch at a French Bistro with paintings of Paris on the wall. You also tweet about it. Your favorite time to eat brunch is when it's raining outside because then you can pretend you're in a cafe scene in a French art film.

You're so deep, bro.

11. Your drawer doesn't contain a single pair of plain, normal socks

12. You eat avocado because you can smear it on toast and Instagram it

You don’t like avocado. Guess what? No one does. You do like sharing it with people you don't know on Instagram.

13. You wear jeans that are 16 sizes too small for you

hipster jeans
Is this a normal female or a hipster male? Let us know in the YouTube comments.

Want to know how to dress like a hipster? It's easy. You need super skinny men's jeans: You can't even get them all the way over your butt.

You may as well save money and spray paint your legs blue.

Want to know how to dress like a hipster guy? Google ‘how to dress like a hipster girl'. You're welcome.

14. You like coffee but you only drink it from an underground alternative coffee shop

Take a moment to think about coffee. Do you think about caffeine? Or do you think about organic, ethically sourced coffee from an exotic location which costs $25 a cup.

If it's the latter, this is one of the first signs you're becoming a hipster.

15. You have an ironic long beard

You have spent many months growing your hipster beard. As soon as your beard got long enough, you stopped smiling forever. You practice your frown in the mirror and admire your beard.

You take great pleasure in buying the best beard oil.

Like the look of this… or prefer something different? Click to see 20 different types of beards.

16. You wear pre-faded fake vintage t-shirts

Faded t-shirts represent the best hipster style. They will NEVER have a brand name on them. But they may have hashtag phrases as long as they are ironic.

They often contain explicit words.

17. Your records don't contain any lyrics or any music

You once paid $30 for a track which sampled a lamb bleating repeatedly for 17 minutes.

18. You own a record player because ‘it sounds so much better on vinyl’

Said record player is a $40 portable model with worse speakers than your laptop.

19. You wear Doc Martens because Converse got too mainstream

Depending on how you wear them you either look like a student at a small women's college, or a skinhead.

20. You have a tiny little thin plaid scarf

It physically cannot keep you warm. It's so you can drape it loosely round your neck. You don't mind if you get farmers' market food-truck burrito on it.

This man is showing the early signs of transitioning into a hipster. Click here to learn how to tie a scarf in 10 masculine ways.

21. You wear suspenders with jeans.

Often over a denim shirt. If you really know how to dress like a hipster, this is your favorite look.

22. Your house has wallpaper with bricks on it

23. Something you own has Che Guevara's face on it

If you majored in Latin American History, you'd maybe get a pass. But you didn't.

24. You like unpopular things and when they become popular, you unlike them

You're not sure whether you want to be liked or hated.

25. You own a Polaroid camera.

You use it to take hazy photos of urban art (which is what you call graffiti your landlord hasn't power washed yet) or photos of cornfields in the summer.

Bonus: You get offended when people call you a hipster

offended hipster

Do we hate hipsters? No. Of course not. But we do think it's important to know if you're becoming one.  Share this article and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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