How to Make a Snowman Window Hanger with Gallery Glass

Ever wanted to create your own stained glass snowman? It's easy with this step-by-step guide, and Gallery Glass. This a great tutorial for beginners. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a commission.

Creating stained glass windows is on my list of things I want to learn how to do.

For the time being, I have found a super simple hack!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Gallery Glass Paints?

Gallery Glass paints are used on glass or even clear acrylic to create a faux stained glass window look.

Is Gallery Glass Permanent?

Gallery glass can be left on glass permanently but it can also be scraped off once it is dry. So you have your choice of leaving it on or removing the design when you get tired of it.

Supplies You'll Need to Create this Project:

supplies to make a faux sun catcher with Gallery Glass.

Grab the Snowman Window Hanger Pattern:

Snowman window hanger pattern printable.

Grab the pattern and print it on your home printer.

Layer the two sheets and align them so you have the complete circle pattern. Then tape the two sheets together.

Prep the Circle Base:

Peel back the protective sheet on the circle base, and remove the chain.

Peeling back the protective layer on the circle base.

Place a couple of folded pieces of tape onto the front of the pattern, and center the circle base on top.

Centering the circle base on the pattern.

Liquid Leading:

The liquid leading is the outline of the design you create so you can paint between the lines.

There are two different ways you can apply the black leading.

Option One:

Apply the liquid leading directly onto the base, tracing the pattern below.

Let this dry for at least 8 hours before adding paint to fill the design.

Option Two:

Lay a thin plastic sheet on top of lined notebook paper.

Trace the lines using the liquid leading and let dry for 8 hours.

Peel up the lines of liquid leading and place them onto the base, tracing around the design.

Once liquid leading is in place you can immediately start filling in the design with Gallery Glass paint.

What I Did:

I went with option two because I wanted to do all of the steps at once for my video.

Hands showing the liquid leading lines.

With my lead lines, there was a "thicker dot" at the beginning and ends of my lines from where I started and finished.

I cut those off with a craft knife on top of a self-healing mat, before I applied each line.

To apply, start with the outer ring and move inward.

Hands applying the liquid leading lines to trace the design.

When I finished with a length of leading, I grabbed another, again cut off the front and end dot, and pushed the start of the new line right up against the end of the last line. Continuing until everything was outlined with the leading lines.

The outlined design.

Now that the outline of the design is finished, you can peel back the stencil and discard. It is no longer needed.

the outlined design.


Now comes the fun part of painting the design.

To fill the spaces, I would squeeze some paint into the area and then even it up using the combing tool from the tool kit.

Hands painting in the design.

Here is a list of the colors I used and where I used them.

Amber - broom bristles

Cocoa Brown - broom handle

Pumpkin Orange - carrot nose

Black Onyx - top hat

Ruby Red - hat band, scarf stripes, mittens, and thin stripes in the border

Hologram Shimmer - snowman body and snow

Snow White - snowman body, snow, scarf stripes, and thicker stripes in the border

Crystal Clear - sky

Add Texture to the Sky:

To add a bit of texture to the sky, apply the Crystal Clear paint in swirls. Making sure to keep the application somewhat light.

Creating the sky textured background by painting with swirls.

Let Dry:

Here is how it looks once it has been completely painted.

The painted design before it dries.

Let the piece dry completely. I let it sit for about 24 hours.

Once dried, the paint dries transparent. Here is the back.

The back of the window hanger after it has dried.

And when you flip it over, you can see the front.

It looks so good!

The front of the window hanger after it has dried.

Clip the chain back in place and it is ready to hang.

I love how it looks on my sliding glass door. Now we just need snow!

The snowman window hanger hanging in a window.

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