How To Make Your Own Face Mask Out of a Bandana

Face masks are required in seven states right now for all visits to essential businesses or while using public transportation. Here in LA, we see that even joggers are donning masks for their morning runs.

While there are some great options for purchase out there, we now know how to make a face mask from a bandana and a couple of hair ties. Happily, bandanas and scarves have been trending over the last few years and many of us happen to have a good collection on hand. If that's you, we've got simple instructions for you here below.

If DIY is not your style and you are looking to buy a face mask pre-made, we encourage you to buy a small batch from Citizens of Humanity, one of our favorite LA-based denim brands. In March, the luxury denim brand completely switched gears in order to produce washable cotton masks, supplying them to hospitals, health care workers, essential workers, farmers, food vendors, markets, children’s advocacy groups and government offices across California and DC -- impressive and commendable.

on Face Mask safety For COVID-19
According the the CDC, all cloth face masks should...

- fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
- be secured with ties or ear loops
- include multiple layers of fabric
- allow for breathing without restriction
- be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape

How To Make a Face Mask From a Bandana
Bandanas can be cotton, linen or even silk, as long as they are large enough to
provide several layer when you are done.

what You'll need: 

A bandana, square scarf or handkerchief sized 2o x 2o inches or larger.
Two hair ties
Optional: an iron

How to: 

1 - Lay your fabric out flat
2 - Take the top edge of the bandana and fold it down so it reaches the center of the bandana.
3 - Take the bottom edge and fold it up so it also reaches the center of the bandana, meeting the top edge in the middle.
4 - Fold again; take the folded top edge and fold in half one more time so it reaches the center; do the same to the folded bottom edge.
5 - Now take your hair ties and pull the bandana through both of them. Place each tie about 1/4 of the way from each side.
6 - Fold the bandana inward so that the hair ties hang out to each side of the bandana.

Your mask is ready to try on!
The side with the extra fabric is the side that should face your mouth. Loop both hair ties behind both ears and test the fit. Take off and adjust the placement of the hair ties as needed to fit comfortably. The mask should fit comfortably over your nose down to your chin. If you'd like to crease the bandana in place for a flatter fit, gently iron the mask before wearing.

Once you've worn your mask in public, toss the bandana in the laundry or hand wash and dry.

If you find yourself lost on these instructions without more visuals, try this useful YouTube tutorial for more help.

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