How To Style Your Zodiac Sweater Based On Your Sign, According To An Astrologer

The thing about personal style is that it’s so deeply, intimately unique to each individual — a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that has been meticulously, painstakingly honed over years. Decades. But what if we were to tell you that your fashion likes and dislikes, your sartorial predilections were all…predetermined by the stars? 

It works in much the same way that all zodiac-rooted behavioral understandings are dispensed and then accepted as universal truths: Cancers are notorious homebodies, Leos thrive on attention, Capricorns tend to be fastidious in nature, Pisces are incredibly sensitive. And those widely known characteristics can very much be applied to fashion, which coincidentally enough, aligns with the launch of cheeky British knitwear label Gyles & George’s very wearable, highly covetable collection of zodiac sweaters.

That's why we tapped Corina Dross, an astrologer who grew up with astrology (her mother used to draw charts by hand with a pencil and an ephemeris — a book of star charts) and has been teaching astrology for more than a decade, to reveal not only the different ways in which each sign approaches dressing, but also how to style your Gyles & George zodiac sweater. What makes these knits even more special: Each one features special designs from the brand's popular knitting pattern books, and they're available for the first time since the '80s. (This is also the first collection the brand has put forth since the '90s.)

But first, a disclaimer: “Astrology is so much deeper than just your sun sign,” Dross says. “So, if you have a sun in Aries, but all the rest of your planets are in Pisces, you might resonate with a Pisces description. We all have multiple signs, and you might not resonate with your sun sign.” With that said, click through to get to know more about your personal style, based on your sign and shop your zodiac sweater.


Your approach to fashion: “Aries is, stylistically, a risk taker. Style choices tend to be daring and sometimes you emphasize sexuality, sometimes you emphasize an outdoor wilderness-y vibe. There could be this feeling, ‘I’m ready for action.’ Whatever it is you’re wearing, you’re not going to be wearing something that’s fussy or uncomfortable or takes a long time to put together, but makes an immediate impact. Aries is more interested in starting trends that are not yet wildly popular than in paying attention to what is mainstream.” 

How your zodiac sweater speaks to you: The siren-red shade (perfect for the most daring), the statement-making Aries sheep, the roomy silhouette (size up for an effortlessly cool, oversized look).

How to style your zodiac sweater: “Bright colors, pieces that feel sexy but comfortable, like short shorts or a bedazzled baseball cap. In other words, pieces that are a little aggressive, a little tomboyish, and sexy without it being high femme.”

Gyles & George Aries Sweater, $, available at Gyles & George


Your approach to fashion: “Taurus is much more interested in textiles. Taurus is incredibly sensuous, so the feel of a fabric is really important — you might be drawn to organic cotton or linen or raw silk. In terms of style choices, you’re a little more conservative. You want something more classic and effortlessly gorgeous, like a silk blouse.” 

How your zodiac sweater speaks to you: The lightweight 100% cotton fabrication and the bold, yet neutral black-and-green color palette.

How to style your zodiac sweater: “Anything that not only feels good to wear but also feels timeless, so a pair of tailored wool pants or a cotton skirt.” 

Gyles & George Taurus Sweater, $, available at Gyles & George


Your approach to fashion: “Gemini is a style chameleon. You want to leave all your options open all the time. Geminis are particularly  interested in accessorizing and adornment, whether that’s through tattoos, having a lot of statement jewelry, like big earrings, wearing an unusual printed shirt. You tend to gravitate toward pieces that have a lot of visual detail that strike an immediate impact.” 

How your zodiac sweater speaks to you: The vibrant, attention-grabbing cobalt blue and bright yellow hues, the pretty star detailing, the overall high-impact impression it delivers.

How to style your zodiac sweater: “Over-the-top prints, accessories, lots of jewelry — anything that achieves a maximalist look.” 

Gyles & George Gemini Sweater, $, available at Gyles & George


Your approach to fashion: “For most Cancers, clothing is incredibly personal. You have a signature look that’s really recognizable. You have your favorite outfits and you wear them all the time. In heavy rotation. You make as few changes to your style as possible. There can be this attachment to styles that were formative, more so than whatever is current in this moment, so you tend to wear the same type of sweater and pants every day.”

How your zodiac sweater speaks to you: The super-soft fabrication that you'll want to wrap yourself in and the wear-everywhere versatility of a cream knit (but its red lettering and crab will push you out of your comfort zone — in a good way).

How to style your zodiac sweater: “Cancers have a need to feel safe, so you reach for clothing that makes you feel the safest, which is very subjective. There’s also a combination of softness and hardness you’re drawn to, so pairing your sweater with big combat boots can blend coziness with toughness.”  

Gyles & George Cancer Sweater, $, available at Gyles & George


Your approach to fashion: “Leos really dress to be noticed. You’re willing to be unique, which means that whatever it is you’re buying, you want to make it your own. There’s a tendency to alter or hand-tailor your clothing, or a desire to seek out vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces.” 

How your zodiac sweater speaks to you: "Clashing" colors that you'll somehow make work and the fearless lion that represents who you are at your core.

How to style your zodiac sweater: “Leos want to stand out, so perhaps you’ll want to layer your sweater over a retro-print dress, finishing your look with a hat you thrifted.”  

Gyles & George Leo Sweater, $, available at Gyles & George


Your approach to fashion: “Virgos really live for the details in clothing. Precise fit is important as are all the details around closures and stitching and tapering. Virgo energy can go in one of two directions: 1) to be really unassuming, so wearing whatever people around me are wearing, or 2) to want to dial in to something that’s exquisitely cut and fitted, with perhaps a ton of buttons, when you’re dressing to impress.”  

How your zodiac sweater speaks to you: The beautiful knitwork and the fine details seen on the maiden (see: the thin outline of her hair).

How to style your zodiac sweater: “With a pair of incredibly chic pants or a fitted button-down shirt — you’re a bit excessive in terms of how proper things are.”

Gyles & George Virgo Sweater, $, available at Gyles & George


Your approach to fashion: “Libra is also in Venus like Taurus — both signs really love beauty and sensuality in what they're wearing, but unlike Taurus, Libra is more willing to go high femme. You’re much more willing to wear skirts and flowing scarves — pieces that feel more sweet.” 

How your zodiac sweater speaks to you: The sweet, high-femme pink-and-red palette (arguably the most romantic color combo).

How to style your zodiac sweater: “With skirts that feature sweet details, like ruffles or pleats. You want to play femininity. There’s less of a concern with classic silhouettes.” 

Gyles & George Libra Sweater, $, available at Gyles & George


Your approach to fashion: “For Scorpio, clothing is definitely armor, so you really gravitate toward, if not something that's downright punk, then at least something that references that kind of defiant or ‘keep away’ attitude.”

How your zodiac sweater speaks to you: The tough all-black aesthetic (this is quite possibly the most badass knit out of the collection) and the edgy depiction of the scorpion.

How to style your zodiac sweater: “Definitely a classic biker jacket, leather, metals, chains, and some pretty kickass boots.” 

Gyles & George Scorpio Sweater, $, available at Gyles & George


Your approach to fashion: “For Sagittariuses, clothing is drag, it’s camp, it’s fun, it’s really flamboyant. Of all the signs, Sagittariuses are the most willing to treat clothing as a playground, whether that’s cosplay or something that’s very high costume…but for going out for coffee.” 

How your zodiac sweater speaks to you:
The drama of it all, from the delightful colors (lavender and bright yellow) to the archer/centaur in mid-shot.

How to style your zodiac sweater: “You're not known for your subtlety, so you’re drawn to bright colors, styles that look either retro or cartoonish, exaggerated or avant-garde silhouettes — so perhaps topping your sweater with a super-loud coat — that will make an impact.” 

Gyles & George Sagittarius Sweater, $, available at Gyles & George


Your approach to fashion: “Capricorns love a uniform, like Cancers, but with Capricorn, there’s more of a desire to be taken seriously. You’re interested in clothing that has a good value and will last a long time. You’re not going to jump on a new trend; you’re going to buy the jacket that you’ve seen in the store for 20 years, and you know it’s going to be in fashion for another 20, so it’ll be a good investment.” 

How your zodiac sweater speaks to you: A serious sweater (a monochrome palette that anchors the whimsical, mythical spirit of the sea goat) for a serious person.

How to style your zodiac sweater: “Well-tailored pants and a blazer — pieces that make you look adult, that convey a sense of authority. Practical.” 

Gyles & George Capricorn Sweater, $, available at Gyles & George


Your approach to fashion: “Aquarians are known as the most eccentric in the zodiac, but when it comes to fashion, you learn more toward normcore, meaning you don’t see your individuality as something you need to show who you are. Unlike Leos and Sagittariuses, you're not trying to make a statement with how you look. You try to make a statement in much more subtle ways.”

How your zodiac sweater speaks to you: The eccentricity of the shades, tempered by the normcore nature of a zodiac sweater.

How to style your zodiac sweater: “Think normcore. For Aquarians, fashion is fairly understated but with an ironic twist, so perhaps wearing a zodiac sweater that doesn’t actually have ‘Aquarius’ on it — something that’s subtly subversive, a little anti-fashion. You’re trying to look as low-key and unassuming as possible because your true weirdness will shine through no matter what.” 

Gyles & George Aquarius Sweater, $, available at Gyles & George


Your approach to fashion: “Pisces, similar to Libras, can really get down with something flowy and soft and gorgeous. Pisces is the most ethereal of the signs and there is this love for things that are sheer and gauzy. Pieces are an incredibly sensitive and open sign, so wearing things in layers can help give a sense of protection.”

How your zodiac sweater speaks to you: Your love of flowy-ness shines through in the pretty aqua accents and the fish illustrations.

How to style your zodiac sweater: “You love layers, so styling your sweater with leggings and a long sheer tunic, or throwing on a scarf.” 

Gyles & George Pisces Sweater, $, available at Gyles & George

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