I’ve definitely found my blogging voice again now that I’ve got all this time on my hands.  It’s been a while, but I thought a good ol’ fashioned Currently post might be needed.


I got sick early in this process (unknown whether it was coronavirus) but definitely sick enough to keep me home.  Moments later, the quarantine mandates rolled into play… and here I am.
Literally every single day, I eat this cauliflower.  I’m at about 1/4 a head a day, doused in hot sauce.  So, think buffalo cauliflower.  This recipe has quickly become a go-to, and it’s a crockpot recipe, folks.

I’m not really watching much right now.  I’m thankful for several of the shows I watch still being on (even if they’re wrapping current seasons):  Grey’s Anatomy and A Million Little Things.

I will say, I’m LIVING for Summer House right now, with Vanderpump coming in as a close second.  If you’re not watching Summer House, you SHOULD.  Loving the Hannah-Luke storyline…

In the end, TV isn’t my thing… I’m much more likely to listen to Podcasts or do random things around the house.
I’m deep into The Taylor Strecker Show (of course), Taste of Taylor, Straight Up with Stassi, and I’ve been listening to a lot of the Rise podcast this week. I’ve needed a more frequent dose of Rachel Hollis lately, and someone to push me back on track and to remind me of the strength I have within.

It’s not uncommon for me to fast-forward or stop listening to a podcast.  Right now, keeping my energy up and positive is important.  If someone goes down a bunny trail (complaining or talking about conspiracy theories), I’m quick to power down.  I’d recommend the same for you.

I also find it interesting that there are things I was listening to that I just can’t tolerate right now.  I know that it’s more me than them, but being really cognizant of what brings me joy and what brings me anxiety and respecting that.
You guys, I just finished listening to Dave Hollis’ new book – – Get Out of Your Own Way.  It’s so so so so good.  And, Dave, in some beautiful way, is speaking to me and speaking to exactly what I need professionally.  Remember, I moved to a new job on April 1.  Dave’s first few chapters inspired me not to be afraid of making a big change during a pandemic and reminded me that I will succeed no matter what.  Thanks, Dave.

Did you know my dad is a writer?  He spent his career working in the newspaper business.  He’s since retired and started writing books, and a LOT of them.  If I’m honest, I’m way behind on his books (and he’s been writing so many lately!)

Right now, I’m reading the Tree of Wonders, and it’s so good!  It’s a magical story about trees and how there might be a little more to their strength and presence than we imagine.  I am hoping to finish later today!
I made a freaking sweater, y’all.  I started this before quarantine, but hunkered down and finished it up in the first weekend home.  It’s called the Carina Sweater – – Pattern linked here.

It’s super cute and knit up fairly quickly.  I will say, it’s far from perfection.  I am over here making my own clothes though, so there’s also that… #winning

Next, I’m working on a scarf for a friend of mine.  I’ll share that as it comes together…
I quickly realized that my favorite part of the day was walking to the mailbox.  There’s a chance that I might encounter another human (that I can talk to from 6 feet away) and it’s my connection to the outside world.

Loving getting mail each day, I also realized that my friends might be loving mail too right now.  So, I’ve started popping a few things in the mail to them as well.
Are you following Half Baked Harvest?  I’ve been following her for sometime, but she’s REALLY hitting it out of the park right now with quarantine-focused meals.  To me, that means…. COMFORT FOOD.

I made her Indian Coconut Butter Cauliflower this week and beyond loved it.  Give her a follow, y’all.

Like everyone else, I’m really trying to stay away from the stores.  I’m doing Target drive-up and have found a place to mail all things via drop boxes (no human interaction), and I’ve gone through less gas this month than I ever have.

Early on in this process, I looked into local CSA options and found the Growhaus.  A Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) organization tends to find ways to get local produce out to the masses, supporting local farmers and community health at the same time.  Growhaus specifically also gives back a TON to Denver, and it’s been fun to follow along as they help so many families in need.
There’s a little game I play called… how can I not waste any produce?

Most weeks I win, but there’s been a few things that I’ve had to throw away recently.  I missed out on some spinach this week and I’m still regretting it.  It’s also a bit eye opening that I’ve wasted so much food in the past.  I like this less-waste version of me, and eating all those veggies!
The first 20 days of isolation, I stopped drinking coffee.  I didn’t want to go out to get coffee, and I didn’t have an espresso machine.  I plowed through, but I made the investment and bought myself an espresso machine last week.

I was always intimidated by espresso machines, but this one I bought from Bella is compact and couldn’t be easier to use!  It’s also available for around $40 right now!

I may have to open a drive through window in my condo in the days ahead as a side hustle.  It has a steamer option too that I haven’t even tried yet!

Also – – I was spending $2.86 per day at Starbucks for espresso, which means this thing pays for itself in just over 2 weeks!
A few years back, I went to my friend Beverly’s house and we worked on a jigsaw puzzle on their table.  So fun!  Since then, I’ve accumulated a few puzzles with good intention that I’d put them together.  Apparently, it takes a quarantine to pull them out of the cupboard.  I’ve got one complete so far, and another one on deck!

To bake or not to bake.  That is the question.  I want to bake bread or maybe some pretty little pastries, but I know if I bake it… I’ll be eating it.  You know, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  A little like Oprah, I LOVE BREAD!

I have yeast though, and I have flour… I have the things.  I may still do it and share with neighbors or something.
When I was at Rise in January, one of the guest speakers was the CEO of Summer Fridays.  Since then, I’ve been dabbling with their products… ordering masks, and just recently, they launched a new Lip Butter Balm.

You guys, it’s delightful and one of the only products I’m using on a daily basis right now.  Try it out!
I’ve started rearranging furniture, y’all. We knew it would happen eventually, and now my office has a fresh new look and feel.   I love it.

I also love that my “Do More of What Makes You Happy” is my backdrop for Zoom calls. It’s the little things right now, and a new perspective is glorious!

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