If You Crack Two of These Riddles, Youre 70% Smarter Than Others

Do you see problems from a different perspective? Then try this flash-round of fun riddles! Youll only have 5 seconds to answer each one! If you get more than half of them right, then you really are an out-of-the-box thinker!

Solving riddles helps you keep your mind sharp if practiced often enough. So mind teasers are so much more than simple games. Okay, are you ready for the challenge? Try these puzzles out, and check your results!

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- How can you make odd number 7 even without subtraction, addition, multiplication, or division?
- How many bricks does it take to complete a building?
- If you drop it from the tallest building, it'll be fine. But if you drop it in the water, it won't survive. What is it?
- A horse is on a long rope. The animal wants to get to an apple tree, but the distance to the tree is longer than the ropes length. And still, the horse manages to get there. How is it possible?
- No one has ever driven or gone along this way. What way is it?
- Forward, it's heavy. Backward, its not. What is it?
- You enter a room with two beds 3 dogs are lying on each one. Under one of the beds, there are 4 cats. How many legs are there inside?
- What's made of water but disappears if you put it in the water?
- How can you write number 45 only using number 4?
- It runs forever but never moves from one place. It doesn't have lungs or a throat but can roar. What is it?
- There are two people standing near the river. A boat can carry only one of them. And still, they manage to get to the other bank. How come?
- A hat and scarf cost $110. The hat is $100 more expensive than the scarf. How much does the scarf cost?
- There are three cups of sugar on the table. You take one away. How many cups of sugar do you have?
- How can you take 2 from 5 and leave 4?
- If you multiply all the numbers on the telephone, what will you get?
- Can you crack this rebus?
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- A man is on the run from the police after he stole three massive gold bars weighing 30 pounds each. At some point, he reaches a long fragile bridge that can support only 260 pounds. The man weighs 200 pounds. How can he transport all 3 gold bars?
- What can you catch but not throw?
- It took 2 people 4 hours to build a house. How long will it take 4 people to build the same house?
-What has a neck but no head at all?
- A spider got $28, an ant - $21, and a chicken was given $7. How much money will a dog get?
- It's a house with two, often one, rarely three occupants. You break the walls, eat the occupants, then throw the house away. What is it?
- One clothing store owner invented a curious method of pricing his goods. Socks cost $25, a vest - $20, a tie - $15, and a T-shirt had a price of $30. Following this method, how much would a pair of underwear cost?
- What is neither outside the house nor inside, but no home can be without it?
- Everyone has me but no one can lose me. What am I?

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