If You’re Traveling During Flu Season, Don’t Leave Home Without These 6 Products

Flu season is here, and with the introduction of the coronavirus, it's become more important than ever to practice proper hygiene and keep yourself healthy and safe. While in a perfect world, we'd all stay home and ride out this season away from other people, sometimes we have to get on the plane or train, and if you're in that boat, it's good to be prepared. While face masks are really best saved for healthcare professionals, there are certain things that you should have if you're traveling and healthy.

Hand sanitizer and wipes are an absolute must. When you get to your seat, wipe down everything, then sanitize your hands. Plus, it's always good to have a great hoodie to keep your skin from touching the seat. There's also value in taking a big scarf and wrapping it around your face, but only if that scarf is clean. Keep your hands washed and sterile, and don't touch your face. You're going to want to stock up quickly.