It comes as a surprise to a lot of people just how many types of curtains are available

Some people even have this haunted look in their eyes when they remember the first time they went out to buy curtains for their first apartment. Fresh-faced and optimistic, they googled the closest place they could get curtains at a price they could afford. With thoughts of simply replacing the curtains they “borrowed” from their mom’s seemingly endless collection and getting done as fast as possible, they enter the store and are a bit surprised at how much fabric is hanging inside the shop.

Having experienced such a thing, I had to go and learn what I could about curtains, the varieties, their opacity, how they are attached, their styles and so many other things to look at while buying them. Today it is all about the types of curtains. There are a few different types of curtains and several factors to consider before buying them. Where will you be placing them? Should you go for window curtains, or something more decorative, like a bed skirt or a valance for your windows?

First, you need to know what you are looking at then you can narrow them down from there.

1.Panel Pair

They come in two separate curtain panels. The two panels are placed on either side of the window where they can be tied back, creating an asymmetrical look. This style is popular in classic and contemporary styles. The curtains are closed by pulling the two panels together.

2.Single Panel

It has a single panel covering the whole window. It can be opened to one side and tied back to an asymmetrical look. They can fit into most decorative styles.


This is a short curtain that hangs at the top of your window. They are mostly used to complete a look even though they are available separately. They can be used to add a decorative flair where full curtains are not desired.

4.Window Scarf

Similar to the valance, it is a long thin piece of curtain fabric hung from the window’s top. They are also sometimes called scarf valances. With their delicate look, many people consider scarf curtains for the bedroom and other private intimate areas.

5.Window treatment set

A window treatment set almost always includes curtains, one or two panels, and a valance. Some include accessories like curtain rods and tiebacks.


These are optional add-ons used to provide some versatility to your curtain. Liners bring in additional features like adding opacity to your curtains, noise-blocking, and insulation.

Hopefully, your choices have narrowed down and you can now confidently walk into that shop. Now all that’s left is to choose your fabric, colors, patterns, opacity, attachment style, curtain style, and curtain accessories.

Good luck.

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