Keep your hair out of your face with these fashionable scrunchies

Keeping your hair up and out of your face can be easier said than done, but a good scrunchy can keep your hair in place and add a pop of color to your hairstyle. There are tons of options out there, including super bright colors, velvet and satin options, and even scrunchies that are made to look like bows. These are our picks for the best scrunchies available!
Buy in Bulk BeeVines 60 Pack Satin Scrunchies
Staff Pick

If you already know that you love scrunchies and you want the most options possible, then buying in bulk is a good idea. This pack of sixty different scrunchies doesn't just deliver tons of options for one great price. You also get a vast variety of color options. This means it's easy to match your scrunchy to anything you might be wearing. These scrunchies are also made of satin, giving them a great look and feel when you use them.

$15 at Amazon
Metallic and Reflective MOLYHUA Metallic Hair Scrunchies

Sometimes you want accessories that catch the eye of folks on the street and make a fashion statement. That's precisely what these super-reflective MOLYHIA Metallic Hair Scrunchies do. You get 24 in one pack, and they come in a variety of metallic shades that are easy to spot in a crowd and are sure you make you stand out, no matter where you're wearing them.

$10 at Amazon
Pick a Pattern Jaciya 18 Pack Scrunchies for Hair

Part of the fun of scrunchies is having a hair tie that is large enough that it adds a pop of color to any outfit. You aren't just relegated to colors either since plenty of scrunchies come in fun striped or floral patterns. The Jaciya 18 Pack Scrunchies has a variety of great designs to choose from and features a design that lets you adjust the way your scrunchy looks while you are wearing it.

$10 at Amazon
Customize your Look ZZICEN Silk Satin Hair Scrunchies

Not all scrunchies have to share the same look or style, and that's an idea that ZZICEN Silk Satin Hair Scrunchies takes to heart. These scrunchies can be worn traditionally, but they also come with a scarf option. It's fully removable but lets you customize exactly how your wear your scrunchy and gives you more control than ever over your look. This pack comes with twelve different color options, from white and silver to plum and black.

$10 at Amazon
All the Colors of the Rainbow Chloven Velvet Hair Scrunchies

If you want a scrunchy in every color out there, you have two basic options. You could go through and buy one or two at a time, but that's going to take way too long, and you're bound to lose a few along the way. Your other option is to snag this 45 piece scrunchy collection that has just about every color possible. The Chloven Velvet Hair Scrunchie collection gives you plenty of color options in soft velvet, which may be a better material for some hair types. These scrunchies are also a bit wider than some other companies offer, so they're especially handy if you have super thick hair.

$9 at Amazon
Style your hair your way
There are hundreds of different options when it comes to finding the perfect scrunchy. We searched for the best options, and every scrunchy that we've recommended delivers an excellent experience. However, if we could only tell you to buy one, it would be the BeeVines 60 Pack Silk Scrunchies. This option delivers 60 different scrunchies in soft satin, and lets you pick from dozens of colors all for one excellent price.

If you prefer patterns to solid colors, then the best option for you would be the Jaciya 18 Pack Hair Scrunchies. These hair ties are high quality and feature stripes or floral designs instead of bright colors.