Let’s Check Out the New Apple Montessori Floor Bed + More at Sapiens Child (US & Canada)

Sapien Child Apple Montessori Toddler Wooden Floor Bed

Have you seen the new Apple Floor Bed by Sapiens Child? It's so well designed, it has low sides for the young child to independently get in and out, and a seat or a storage bench at the end. 

Sapiens Child is located in Vancouver, Canada, where Jorge makes all of the furniture in his studio. Jorge started Sapiens Child after the birth of his first child Santiago. His wife was passionate about Montessori but they couldn't find the right child-size furniture for their apartment.

Sapiens Child furniture is perfect for a Montessori home, they have a toddler table and chair, shelves, a bookshelf and a kitchen helper. Let's take a closer look! 

Apple Montessori Wooden Floor Bed

The floor bed has a unique height-adjustable storage bench on the end. 

Montessori Floor Bed with Seat and Storage Sapiens Child

The child could use the storage bench to sit and put their shoes and socks on, it's also a good place to store books, toys or the next day's clothes.

Sapiens Child Wooden Montessori Furniture Bundle (1)

The all-natural timber helps to create an environment of calm. The Sapiens Child range is cohesive and I want it all!

Montessori Coat Stand with Chair and Storage at Sapiens Child

We need to talk about the Montessori Coat Shoe Rack, this design is functional and fantastic for small spaces. The child can hang their coats, gloves, scarf, bags and hats, store their shoes underneath and use the lower step as a seat! What more could you want?

I could see this working in schools or preschools where each child has their own little cubby. The timber looks divine, reviews are confirming the timber is super smooth with nice rounded corners. 

The Montessori Coat Shoe Rack helps to promote independence and practical life skills. 

A place for everything and everything in its place. I would put a cute plant on the top too, it's perfect! ❤️🪴

An organised entryway means the child can easily find and put on their own clothing, it means mornings and transitions become smoother and calmer. There is no rush to find things and the child becomes more confident in preparing themselves for outings. 

Sapiens Child Bundle 1 (1)

If you are new to Montessori and don't know where to start, the bundles are a good idea. This is Bundle 1 with a low, forward-facing bookshelf, low table and chair and the coat rack. The edges on the table help to prevent items from rolling off. 


Sapiens Child Montessori Furniture Bundle 2 (2)

This is the larger Bundle 2, add the bed and this is almost a complete home's worth of child-size furniture. 

Congratulations to Jorge and the team at Sapiens Child on the new furniture range! You can follow Sapiens Child on Facebook and Instagram.

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