Life Hack: Start the New Year Like a Productive Capricorn

As you frantically search for last-minute gifts and those final few holiday decorations, we understand if youre too overwhelmed to notice the subtle shift in season. Were not talking about winters arrival, which has not-so-subtly taken over our wardrobes, but the just-as-important astrological season. From December 22 to January 20 (2020!), the sun moves into Capricorn, when everyone will feel on their A game. Ruled by wise and diligent Saturn, Capricorn is the most regimented sign of the zodiac. Capricorns are ambitious and focused, stopping at nothing until the job is done (theyre represented by the constantly climbing mountain goat, after all). To-do lists and dry wit define the earth sign, so take a page out of Capricorns book this season by setting goals and learning from your mistakes; success is yours.

To celebrate Caps and the beginning of 2020, weve gathered our favorite products to help you be your most productive self. From organizational tools to cozy scarves, here are eight ways to begin your new year with a bang.

Capricorns wouldnt be the zodiacs lovable teachers pets without an appreciation for a deadline. Bird x 10 Grand Presss 2020 calendar will satiate your hunger to plan (as well as touch on Capricorns old-soul nature with its vintage woodblock type). For those of us less inclined to look ahead, its graphic and Pop-y, making it the perfect wall decor.

The true definition of an earth sign, Capricorns spend their lives climbing (and conquering) lifes mountains, dirt under their fingernails be damned. If you want to hone that earthy energy, Lola James Harpers aptly named the Woody Office of Daddy candle, with notes of sandalwood and mahogany, will do the trick. Not to mention Caps, with their oddball sense of humor, will love the name.

This season you may realize that youre in high demand. A personalized phone case is the perfect way to mark your territory (nobody messes with you during Capricorn season) and find your device quickly after the company potluck where seemingly endless iPhones are stacked near the guacamole. Youll be back to work before the rest of the team has even finished their snacks. What could be more Capricorn than that?

Ruled by Saturn (often referred to as the taskmaster of the planets), Capricorns time to shine might leave you with more on your plate than you can reasonably handle alone. This accordion filer will provide a colorful home for every business card, itinerary, and photocopied menu to peruse ahead of your restaurant reservation (ideal if youre feeling like a surprise-averse Cap).

As the earth quartets resident cardinal sign (the trailblazers of the zodiac!), Caps possess unmatched leadership abilities and a charming go-getter attitude, making them ideal CEOs and project managers (think: Michelle Obama). But every powerhouse needs a boost from time to time. This month, when the effects of Capricorn season blur the lines between office and home, a chic French press (with a chrome-plated steel frame, no less) is the exact desk-side caffeine companion youll need to get you across the finish line.

Heres the thing: You cant force a Capricorn to stop working. You can perhaps persuade them to work less with promises of, say, a spa day (ambition comes in many formsthey will win best skin award when theyre 90), but halting altogether? Not going to happen. So comfort and style while cranking out tasks is key. Whether youre a Cap yourself or just channeling their champion energy, splurge for a chair-and-desk combo that looks as elegant as the assignments youll be producing. With this auburn velvet swivel seat paired with an olive-stained wood table, youll feel serious, look serious, and, odds are, work serious(ly).

Although hardworking, Capricorns are no strangers to luxury. Their symbol, the goat, is an animal known as much for its steady determination as it is forcashmere. So for our final recommendation, cut yourself some slack and enjoy the softer side of Capricorns nature (literally) with a 100 percent cashmere scarf that doesnt break the bank. Luxurious, functional, economicalits basically a Capricorns dream. Enjoy being the GOAT.

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