Love List-72; One Minute Habits and Thanksgiving Dishes

In this week’s Love List, the SweetPhi team is sharing a great find for rustic ornaments, some wish-list travels and a few fashion finds you need to see!  Check out what the team found this week.

Coffee and laptop on counter

  1. Love a good list – 17 one-minute habits that will change your life 
  2. This would make an awesome gift for anyone (guys or girls!) Classic plaid scarf – so many beautiful prints, and affordable (JCrew Factory!)

    Phi's Love List finds
    Plaid scarf | Atlas of the Heart
  3. Long-ish read in The New Yorker, but it’s beautiful – Brené Brown’s Empire of Emotion-How a Texan’s stories teach a nation to be vulnerable. Article here, her newest book Atlas of the Heart comes out Nov. 30th

Bridget’s Picks

Bridget's Love List picks
The Cotswolds | Gold bow | Green bow | Corduroys
  1. I’ve always been fascinated by color theory so this article was a fun read.  You ever wonder why McDonalds and Burger King both use red and yellow in their logo/marketing?  It’s because those colors are meant to make you feel hungry!
  2. I am full on in holiday mode.  Since we’ve been planning the holidays for months on SweetPhi, it basically feels like Christmas and it’s only the second week in November.  So, I admit it, I have already been watching Christmas movies and just watched one of my favorites; The Holiday.  It has me wanting to travel back to England – specifically The Cotswolds (yes, I know they go to Surrey in the movie:).  I’ve spent months in London, so I want to see more of the countryside!
  3. Digging the over-sized bow trend popping up.  I saw this one and this one and may just have to buy both!
  4. I love these wide leg corduroy pants for Thanksgiving.  In fact, this whole outfit is perfect for the holiday!  Plus, Loft is always having sales, so keep an eye out.

Alyssa’s Picks

Alyssa's Love List finds
Ornament | Sweatshirt | Long sleeve shirt | No-drip glass jar
  1. I love my Christmas tree to be a little rustic and I saw these ornaments and LOVE them!
  2. I always forget about the Gap but I just got an order from them and this sweatshirt is SO comfy and this long sleeve is a good staple to have!
  3. I saw this cool kitchen gadget on Instagram and thought it was so handy and super cute too! You can use it with all kinds of sauces/syrups!

The Team’s Favorite – Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving recipes
Broccoli divine | Seasoned oyster crackers | Cheesy potatoes


  • There’s this one dish that just make Thanksgiving ‘Thanksgiving’ to me: broccoli divine – my mom made it every year for the holidays an I’m happy to say I’ve carried on the tradition.


  • This may not be everyone’s traditional Thanksgiving food, but we make seasoned oyster crackers every year to snack on while the turkey is being made.  And they are a crowd pleaser!


  • My favorite dish I always look forward to are the cheesy potatoes! My family makes ones similar to Phi’s recipe for slow cooker cheesy potatoes!

Collage of Love List items

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