Monday October 11, 2021 Fred Piscop

Theme: EAT IN A HURRY (61. Gobble down food, and hint to the ends of 17-, 31- and 45-Across)

17. "Born to Be Wild" rock band: STEPPENWOLF.

31. Cold-weather neckwear: WINTER SCARF.

45. Flash of lightning: THUNDERBOLT.

Boomer here. 
I do not think I gobble down food, but I guess I am known to finish a pizza in less than 10 minutes.
Bowling news.  Last Thursday I took my new bowling balls out and made 29 of 30 possible marks (Spare or Strike) and rolled 222-180-188 - 590.  It's not a big deal but it is my highest score since I started taking Xtandi. 


1. Dull paint finish: MATTE.  Yes it's dull.  I like the glossy stuff.

6. Make furious: ANGER.  I hope there is no anger here today with this nice crossword.  Wait until Friday and then you can shout a few words of ANGER.

11. Cry loudly: SOB.  So much death from Covid.  I hope the vaccine makes it go away. 

14. Handle on a rap sheet: ALIAS. Smith and Jones.

15. Short and sweet: TERSE.

16. Actress Longoria: EVA.

19. Mo. after February: MAR.  Shouldn't this clue be "Month after Feb. ?"

20. Like a poor loser: SORE.  I suppose if you went a few rounds with Cassius Clay.

21. Figure in red ink: LOSS.  The stock market has been a little red the past few weeks.  I really do not understand the debt ceiling but I understand my social security payment, and I sure don't want to delay it.

22. Submit tax returns online: E-FILE.  We have been doing this for the past two years.  It works pretty good.

24. Single-handedly: SOLO.  I had several SOLO songs in the Benilde H.S. Glee Club.

26. Clear kitchen wrap: SARAN.

28. One of the political Bushes: JEB.  He was the Governor of Florida and thought about moving into the White House after his dad and brother finished their terms.

35. Is crazy about: ADORES.

37. FDR's successor: HST.  Seems like every President in my time went by three initials until Barack Obama came along.  The press was afraid to call him BO.

38. Pants, in slang: TROU.

39. Gives the thumbs-down: NIXES.

40. Egyptian boy-king: TUT.

41. Gesture while giving directions: POINT.  Or how to blame Who Done It?

42. "__, Brute?": ET TU.  "How many eggs did you have for breakfast Ceasar ?"

43. __ out: depress: BUM.  "The great historical BUM built the rock of ages it was in the year of one, and that's about the biggest thing that man has ever done." Chad Mitchell Trio at the Bitter End.

44. Texas border city: LAREDO.

48. Part of the Trinity: SON.  "And the three men I admire the most. the Father, SON and Holy Ghost; They caught the last train for the coast, the day the music died."  American Pie.

49. Aired again: RERAN.  I think I have watched enough "Law & Order" shows by now.

50. Former: PAST.

52. Flag maker Ross: BETSY.  Heavens to her.

54. In Touch Weekly twosome, usually: ITEM.

56. Film spool: REEL.  Years ago I went fishing with a cane pole.  Then I got a little older and learned how to use a rod and REEL.

60. Every bit: ALL.

64. Fail a polygraph test: LIE. Or get into bed.

65. River of Lyon: RHONE.

66. Role player: ACTOR.

67. __ Cruces, N. Mex.: LAS.  Like LAS Vegas, however some people spell it Lost Wages.

68. Less loony: SANER.

69. V-formation fliers: GEESE.  I see flocks of GEESE daily in open fields looking for food.


1. Sunday service: MASS.  I go on Saturdays these days.  Not too crowded but I still wear a mask.

2. Voice above tenor: ALTO.  I was a BASS.  Not a fish, just a guy with a low singing voice. That's me on the most right.

3. Stadium level: TIER.  These current baseball and football teams really have huge fancy stadiums.

4. Cassettes and eight-tracks: TAPES.  A bit old fashioned, mine are on a closet shelf.  I have nothing to play them on anymore.

5. Sixth sense letters: ESP.

6. When both hands are straight up: AT NOON.  "Blocking a basketball shot" did not fit

7. Anchor's delivery: NEWS.  How many read the NEWS before turning to the crossword ?

8. Icky to the max: GROSSEST.

9. Bilingual subj.: ESL. English as a second language.

10. Mentions, with "to": REFERS.

11. Schools for ministers-to-be: SEMINARIES.

12. Mirror shape: OVAL.  Also the shape of our president's office.

13. Uncarpeted: BARE.  Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard.

18. New York Harbor's __ Island: ELLIS.  "Give me your tired, your poor.  Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

23. The "F" in SPF: FACTOR.  The MAX in creamy make up.

25. Hasn't paid yet: OWES.

27. Music or dance: ART.  Mr. Garfunkel.

28. Pop star Jackson: JANET.  The youngest of the luffly Lennon Sisters.  Wunnerful Lawrence Welk.

29. Writer Wharton: EDITH.  Archie's wife in All in the Family.

30. Hard-shelled terrarium pets: BOX TURTLES.  Chocolate and peanut candy that I cannot eat anymore.

32. "Opposable" digit: THUMB.

33. Lively sonata movement: RONDO.

34. Bed that's easily stored: FUTON.  Never had one of these.

36. Attends homecoming, say: REUNES.  I just went to my 56th H.S. reunion.  I am pretty sure I was the youngest one there.

40. Activate the TV, say: TURN IT ON.

41. New England NFL team: PATS.  Wonder why they let Tom Brady get away.

43. Arthur of "The Golden Girls": BEA.  I watch reruns frequently.  Betty White is the lone survivor.

44. Andean pack animal: LLAMA.

46. Laundromat array: DRYERS.  Thankfully, Gone are the days when I used to use a Laundromat.

47. Bottle cap remover: OPENER.  Patiently waiting for the Major League Season to start.  I hope the Twins improve.

51. Feud ender: TRUCE.

52. Matzo __ soup: BALL.  Yup who cares about the World Series. I am waiting for Base BALL, 2022. 

53. Kazan who directed "On the Waterfront": ELIA.

55. Fork prong: TINE.

57. One-named Art Deco notable: ERTE.

58. Erotic god: EROS.

59. Ancient harplike instrument: LYRE.

62. "Caught ya!": AHA.

63. Witchy woman of folklore: HAG.  "I'll get you my pretty, AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO !"