Monthly Astrology Forecast For All Signs July 2019

With Our Astrologer Helen

Look for your passion Get noticed Where is true security to be found?
Leap forward at the start of the month bright with a desire to shine and express your passion, Aries. Ruler Mars is on the move into your house of romance, fun and creativity.  Your desire for pleasure, to share and to express yourself and your feelings is high. And when it comes to love, you need to know this is returned.

If you’re single, Mars in this house acts a bit like Cupid on steroids. It’s not waiting for love to find you – it’s on a mission. That heat you are radiating is supernova hot right now. Mars isn’t about talking or thinking too much. It’s about action. In this house, this is about taking action to attract. Mars in here says: let’s get this party started! Dress to get yourself noticed. Red to honour Mars and reflect that passion isn’t a bad idea. Red not your colour? Red accents will do! That red scarf, tie, lipstick or piece of jewellery broadcasts that passion. Mars says you are not destined to be behind the scenes this month. Get yourself noticed if you want to attract romance, pleasure and attention.

You may be more front of house than usual but this does not mean there isn’t plenty going on behind the scenes. And you may be charging ahead in one area but feeling strangely held back in others. As always with astrology, focus on the areas of life where the energy is free-flowing and don’t push in those where it seems slower or even stuck. We are in major retrograde weather this July as Mercury will head backwards in your 5th from the 8th. During its three week moonwalking mayhem, it is going to back into your 4th where the retroshadow began on the 19th before heading forward again early next month.

Which brings me to what is happening off stage, out of sight and behind the scenes now. This could be around your home, family, people you live with or strikes at the heart of what makes you feel safe and secure so could also be impacting on your career or income. The same day as Mars kickstarts that party in your 5th, sees a new Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th and a total solar eclipse occur. Do you remember your eclipse rules? Eclipses conceal. Partial eclipses – you only see a piece of a bigger picture. Total eclipses? You are utterly in the dark.

This month offers clues and help however. There are always tools we can reach for in our cosmic toolbox to help us uncover what we need to know. First, the day the eclipse occurs also sees Saturn which rules timing, fate and karma, oppose the North Node in your 4th – which of course means it is conjunct the South. Saturn is in orb of the nodes for most of the month and the Sun will conjunct the North Node and oppose Saturn on the 10th. What this cover up is may in fact link back to past eclipse series especially the one we saw in 2017. Think back. What feelings did you have back then – especially in August of that year?

Eclipses can be about where we are quite literally ‘blindsided’ – we cannot envisage or imagine a thing happening. This can be to do with a particular person or even an organisation right up to a government. But here’s the thing – every celestial event comes with its antidote. With an eclipse it is your intuition and insight. Somewhere deep inside you a little voice is telling you something and it’s the clue to what you cannot see. That uneasy feeling, that leap of the imagination you dismiss as pure nonsense. Have you felt this way before? Your cosmic toolbox to decipher the eclipse conundrum and which allows you to look back and link to that mystery solving intuition, is full of the power of retrograde planets from the 8th. We have five planets backwards in the sky – Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Pay particular attention to the insights which may appears on the 11th when the Sun in your 4th trines retro Neptune in its ruling 12th.

The 16th may present you with a piece of the puzzle when the full Moon in your 10th delivers a partial lunar eclipse in your status sector. Stay tuned to receptivity over the next few days – one golden rule of eclipses is to pay close attention to what occurs in the 3-4 days before and after the event. Venus in your 4th opposes Saturn on the 17th conjunct the North Node. Again, this is all about what has come around before and has a direct link to your past and your path. Ah-ha moments could flood in if you truly ask for enlightenment the following day when Venus trines Neptune. Yes, you may need to follow up by gathering the facts but you are being sent in the right direction now. You should know what to do and if you are on the right track by the 21st when Venus moves to oppose Pluto. Watch for solutions at the end of the month when Venus has moved into your 5th (more on this in a moment!) and trines Ceres in your 9th.

Energy sapping questions will take a backseat however as you re-embrace fun, sensuality, pleasure and that loving feeling as the Sun arrives in your 5th from the 22nd. You’re less focussed on the serious stuff and by now you should have a good handle on that intuitive insight. This should hand you the confidence to know you can handle any further revelations. With ruler Mars still in your 5th and about to receive further boosts not just from the Sun but also from Venus which arrives in here on the 28th, it’s time to party and play.

There is also fabulous potential now to be acknowledged for what you do and who you are. Time to cultivate a certain sense of pride and star quality and to hold your head high. If you followed my advice at the start of the month and took action to attract the results should present themselves from the 23rd when an emotionally glowing Grand Fire Trine ripples through your 1st, 5th and 9th houses between the Moon in your 1st, Juno and Mars in your 5th and Jupiter in your 9th. That romantic attraction could get serious now or you receive the acknowledgement you’ve been seeking for what you do. If you have exuded star quality, acted like you are worth a million or more even if you have not had a clue where your next penny has been coming from, the results could be in as the Sun in your 5th trines Chiron in your 1st on the 29th.

The planets in your 5th are telling you there are rewards to be gained from being unafraid to be you now. And your intuition works in the background bringing you the answers to missing pieces of that puzzle even while you party and play. Know you’ll be given the information you seek if you are open to it.  Ask and follow through this July, Aries.

In a nutshell: Let your intuition provide the answers you seek. And have faith it will while you soar and shine, Aries. It’s a month to seek out love. Let’s get the party started!

Get more living space Don’t say no to the flow! Break out and break free
Moves, changes, renovations, revamps, redecorating, grand designs, changing rooms, tree changes, sea changes, your lifestyle, living arrangements, relocations, Airbnbing, leases, purchases and where you call home. Get ready for a seismic shift or a long overdue overhaul of your current living space which gives you more breathing room and simply more freedom, Taurus. There’s a break away and break out feel to July. Simply put, you don’t want to be confined and feel you need more space.

This may not only apply to that accommodation which may be feeling cramped, but you need room to love, room to grow in your relationships too! Expand a little or even a lot now, Taurus. This isn’t just your body and your heart that needs more space, but your soul and spirit also need breathing room too. June could be about creating this.

The new Moon of the 2nd comes wrapped in a mystery as it brings a total solar eclipse in your 3rd house. What is not being said or what is being withheld from you, Taurus? I have written about the tools we have to probe what’s being hidden in an eclipse. You’ll recall all eclipses conceal or cover up. Partial ones partially but total ones mean we are utterly in the dark. In your 3rd house this relates to information, communication and extends on into siblings and your neighbourhood, commerce, how you communicate, get around and also contracts and agreements.

With Mercury which rules this house about to head retrograde in your 4th, I have one thing to say about this and this is do not and I repeat, DO NOT sign any important documents or agreements under this eclipse unless you have gone through them with a fine tooth comb or even sought professional advice. Get everything in writing as people may go back on their words, renege or even leave out key information. Try to avoid buying new household appliances, a new computer or phone and certainly that car unless it cannot be avoided. In other words, your current one breaks down beyond repair. Get second opinions and quotes if so and only buy from a trusted source. There is more going on than meets the eye.

Above all, if you feel someone is deliberately withholding information or is just being downright dishonest, even if you have no proof of this, please pay attention. You need to do this especially if the situation smacks of a similar one you have faced in the past or you have had this feeling about an individual before.  This could even remind you of something similar you encountered three years ago. The other aspect of eclipses is our blindside. We can be blind to our situation, to another person’s agenda or what their actions truly convey, or even blind to our own needs and desires.

One question that may come up for you this month is have you become blinkered when it comes to you need to more space or freedom on some level? In fact, what is it you truly need when it comes to love and living? Have you stopped recently to ask yourself that? Funny as there are often two questions in our lives we should ask but don’t. Perhaps because we are afraid of the answers. The first one is to ask our partners if they are happy. Yes, we may tell them we love them but we may neglect to ask this all too important question.

The other one is to ask ourselves what we truly need. Again, we may be afraid due to the fact that the answer we get back may tell us what we have is not it.  This month says it is time to ask this especially during the period between the new Moon eclipse and the partial eclipse of the full Moon in your 9th on the 16th. The answer to the last question at least will come if you ask.

Ruler Venus is intent on giving your heart the breathing space it needs. The day after the eclipse sees it enter your 3rd and it along with the Sun in here until the 22nd, shines a ray of light into those blindspots and also shows you where you need to open up and let the love flow.  You are more willing to talk about your true feelings now – whether this is with someone close to you or even friends. On a soul level you are sending out a vibe that tells others you are ready to connect on a deeper, more open level than before. You are also saying that you welcome new connections which may introduce you to new ideas, people, places and other ways of seeing the world. June is your chance to escape, to step free of what is confining you and preventing you from moving forward.

There is also a ‘what goes around, comes around’ feeling to all of this. At some point this month, pause and look back at times in the past where a door marked EXIT has opened up in your life or the opportunity to explore a new path has presented itself. What prevented you from taking it back then? Did you come to regret your decision or simply wonder what the road not taken would have held for you?  June sees fate present you with another choice – or one that may echo with déjà vu.

What are you going to choose this time around? The Sun opposes Saturn and conjucts the North Node on the 10th– the day after Mercury heads retrograde. This means when this occurs Saturn in conjunct the South Node which is always about history repeating itself. The backdrop of heavy retrograde weather could usher in something with heavy shades of the past attached – even if it comes in under a fresh guise. Venus and the Sun are opposing both Saturn and Pluto in your 9th. Plus you have a partial lunar eclipse in your 9th on the 16th. Can you see your way ahead and the path you need to take to freedom? Or are you still blind to it?

Saying what needs to be said is possible from the 19th when retroactive Mercury re-enters its ruling 3rd. The 21st which sees ruler Venus oppose Pluto allows you to bring about transitions or a new direction but say and do what needs to be done with diplomacy and love especially when Venus and Mercury meet in here on the 24th. Please, if changes in direction need to me made, now is the time to make them so don’t hesitate any longer. New deals, new worlds can be negotiated after the Sun and then Venus enter your 4th of home and security. The 28th sees Venus make a wonderful aspect to Ceres in your 8th. Changes can sweep away the old dynamic when it comes to money, living arrangements or that sense of freedom you’ve been seeking. You can strike a deal that both benefits and frees you at the same time.

When it comes to how you are living an loving, change may be overdue. Yes, I know being a fixed sign that word can push a few buttons. Which is why I like to refer to it as merely stepping back into the evolutionary flow. The Sun in your 4th will make a snarky angle to Uranus in your 1st on the 29th, reminding you that change is now inevitable. So why not just abandon yourself to it? You have a choice this month. Your blindspot could simply be a refusal to accept that things cannot continue the way they are. Without change they cannot improve. What the universe wants to deliver this July is an improvement in how you live, work and love. It’s offered you this before. So use your wonderful openness and desire to connect and embrace this too. Don’t say no to the flow this July, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Feeling confined? Need breathing space? Your intuition knows the direction you need to take, Taurus. Freedom is both and experience and a way of life. Head there this July.

What’s that cashed-up story you’re telling yourself? Your stock is on the rise Choose the company that frees you to be you
Money money money. It’s not how much you may have – it’s your emotional relationship to it that matters this month, Gemini. This also extends to how you feel about your talents, skills and abilities, how you expect to be treated by the world at large and also what you believe you can have and attract. ‘To have and to hold, for richer, for poorer . . .’. I’m not just talking about a marriage or long term partner although your expectations around love and in  fact, any kind of relationship form the basis for all other interactions. But your feelings around what you are able to establish or earn too. And if you get it, whether you believe you can keep it.

Looking at ideas around this we may have inherited from our parents, from others, or have been influenced by society at large will play a role here. What is your on-going prosperity story? There’s a secret to this or a chapter which is untold. If your money is entangled with another’s, this may affect them too. Is it time to change the dialogue? This month offers you that.

The new Moon in your 2nd is one that usually offers a new source of income or phase with your money, assets, possessions and self-worth. But this one comes wrapped in eclipse mystery. We have a total eclipse on this day and if you remember your eclipse playbook – eclipses conceal and total eclipses conceal completely. We are blind and in the dark. In this case, the blindness could be around the messages you received growing up about money and in adulthood, extend out to what you do with your money based on your emotional needs.

What you have been led to believe about what you deserve and also messages such as you have to work extremely hard to make money could play a role here. Venus is about to enter this its ruling house from the 3rd. The secret to Soul Centered Astrology is looking at where the planets are and how when in  particular house or making a certain transit, we can use this energy to free ourselves of whatever holds us back and step into our full potential! This eclipse is no different. It just requires us to look deeper into the shadows.

Remember, money is energy. Energy is a current and from this we get ‘currency’. You exchange your time and skills and you receive money in return. This also goes back to market price and values. The value you place on your time, skills and yourself determines what you get back in return and this includes how you are treated by others. Anyone from your boss to that lover with planets in your 2nd! You may have the opportunity to come from a new place of self-worth this month when it comes to setting your price. Peer into those shadows and above all, confront those fears around money and not having enough – of anything and this includes love, Gemini!

Strangely enough, you are in a position to make those serious power moves, improve your financial standing and attract what you need now if you are unafraid to look closer. Secrets or the way you may have been operating and why you think this way, could come to light in unexpected ways. Going back over how you think and why is favoured as Mercury your ruler heads retro from the 8th in its ruling 3rd. There is heavy retroactive weather happening right now which links you back to the past, to karma and to family history regarding this. Looking at what stories you may have inherited and replacing them with your own will be part of this process.

Tap into your inner strength, drag any family myths into the light of day and ask yourself if they apply to who you are? Is this what you truly believe? Destiny defining aspects criss-cross the sky while Uranus in your 12th is intent on awakening you to the power of truth. Between the new Moon solar eclipse of the 2nd and the partial lunar eclipse in your 8th on the 16th, write down your beliefs around prosperity and abundance and also outcomes. What you believe you are able to have.

This period could see you involved in financial dealings of some kind – either pay, salary or even maintenance arrangements, contracts, loans, mortgages or it could be linked to something you share with another. Yes, I know with Mercury retro you should not be signing anything new unless you cannot help this. But there is this heavy past aspect weighing over this which says – you have been here before or you are replaying someone else’s story which is not your own.

Look to what is repeating around money and assets as the Sun meets the North Node in your 2nd and opposes Saturn on the 10th. Rewrite this in a way which works for you between the 14th when the Sun opposes Pluto in its ruling 8th and Venus does the same on the 21st. Mercury will re-enter your 2nd from the 19th favouring renegotiations. Reset your values – and your expectations accordingly.

Follow these steps and you could be trading on a new emotional currency by the time the Sun reaches your 3rd on the 22nd. Yes, there is still more to be revealed but take it from me, your soul stock is on the rise if you have done the initial work for now. This will now be reflected in the opportunities coming your way.  It’s time for new experiences and also soul revivals while Mercury is retrograde. Look to what you have already set in motion, at the potential of projects that may merely require completion or updating, at connections both business and personal that could do with a love injection. And also at activities, hobbies and pastimes you love but which may have been allowed to lapse. Reinvest in one, some or even all of these areas. The message now is that you already have whatever it is you believe you require to get what you want.  And you will find it close to hand.

Keep your focus close to home and throughout this, bear in mind that eclipses are always about your blindspot. You cannot see the wood for the trees. For the next month and especially while your ruler is retrograde, be aware of the people and opportunities that are part of your everyday environment – your neighbourhood, your commute. They are familiar so you may discount them or simply not see them for what they are.

There’s a shift of focus going on as you align to a new abundance mindset. And this allows you to see the potential in what you may simply have overlooked! Publishing, writing, presenting, business ideas and the internet and how you utilise this is all in focus. But please don’t forget your Retrograde Rules. This is time to re-work those existing ideas, not to begin or launch new ones.  And to tap into unmined potential. This includes love as your 2nd house rules those relationships which are assets to you. Again, you may redefine this as part of working towards the truth about what you’re worth and those money messages!

Venus arrives in your 3rd from the 28th and you already have Mars in here adding some heat to those interactions. You can sell those ideas you’ve been sitting on and also ignite passion with some serious flirtation from the time of the Grand Fire Trine on the 23rd to the wonderful confidence boosting angle between Mars and Jupiter in your 7th on the 25th. Both Venus and the Sun are about to work in tandem, delivering bold new moves, brave new worlds and opportunities to stride out, be yourself and be noticed as the 28th sees Venus trine Ceres in your partnership zone which could bring you a relationship dynamic like nothing you’ve experienced before.  Don’t forget – you are now the difference in your world!

The 29th sees the Sun trine Chiron in your social sector allowing you to be free to be you – and to also attract friends who embody this. Open up to information and hidden truths and don’t resist this information as we head into August. Above all, if you want to gain you need to show what you have to give. Give the real you – and generously this month, Gemini.

In a nutshell: July has you looking at where the money goes – and how your feelings about your cash influence this. It’s also time to show everyone you’re right on the money – by being yourself.

What’s the secret you’re keeping? Wrap yourself in star quality Serve up some fresh love karma
You could be the enigma wrapped in the mystery this month, Cancer. I could ask what’s that secret you’re keeping?  What are you keeping under wraps? This could be intensely personal and relate to your appearance, image, brand, title on that business card, blog, YouTube channel, social media profile or the face you present to the world. The start of July brings a total solar eclipse in your 1st on the 2nd along with the new Moon.  Remember your eclipse playbook.  Eclipses conceal and total eclipses plunge us into the dark. Are you making changes that you are not yet ready to show the world or talk about? You could be planning anything from a wardrobe update, a new ‘do’ or makeover all the way to cosmetic procedures.

Because this eclipse it so intimate and personal and has the ability to give you a relaunch, I would just caution you to take care with anything that could affect the way others see you. What we say, communicate and share on line is now tied in with the face we show the world and how we are perceived by it. Ensure that you know who has access to this kind of personal ‘branding’ material and that nothing can be used or taken out of context. In other words, be your own PR person now and spin accordingly.

Venus is about to assist you with a touch of good old fashioned glamour, sensuality and beauty as it arrives in your 1st on the 3rd. With Venus in here you’re in the mood for love, Cancer. This just adds to that feeling of newness your birthday cycle brings. You want to embrace the world now but while you’re reaching for that group hug, don’t forget yourself, will you? Time to shower yourself with self-love and yes, that includes making yourself feel sensual and special. Because if you don’t feel the desire to express yourself creativity and wrap yourself in some Hollywood style glamour with Venus in here – when will you?

But it’s not just about you this month, Cancer.  There’s shifts and twists between you and someone else. Remember, love has its own timing and astrology is the clock by which we calculate that! Is it time to begin love, commit and go deeper, or alternatively, walk away? Your destiny with someone – and please remember, this can be with a business or working relationship, a very close friend or even – dare I say it, an opponent, is about to be played out on a grand scale now.

The Sun in your 1st conjuncts the North Node on the 10th and opposes Saturn in your 7th on the 10th. Remember, Saturn rules commitment, timing and karma amongst other things. The Sun will then move on to oppose Pluto in your 7th on the 14th – ruler of transformation, endings, rebirth and yes, sex. Venus will also move to oppose Saturn on the 17th and Pluto on the 21st. And on the 16th you have a full Moon in your 7th which is partially eclipsed. In other words, when it comes to you and another, you only see part of a bigger picture going on. Is it you keeping that secret – or them?

I should not need to warn you now of getting drawn in to any kind of clandestine relationship, triangle situation or anything that could leave you exposed at a later date. What is occurring now could involve a past, present or potential partnership situation and may even have its roots in the past. This could even relate to family karma around relationships. Is history repeating itself anywhere or in some way, shape or form? What happens now could be connected to events in 2000-2001, ’81-’83 or even further back than that if this is family karma you may have inherited. So, ’62-’64 or even to the end of WW2. This could in fact be the secret – you are living out something you have lived before or is encoded in your karmic DNA.

Remember, astrology hands us the tools for transformation. You can change how the story ends at any time. Look closely this month as who appears, who exits, who you make commitments to, who is in your face and then look back as far as you can to check you are living your love story, not another’s.

The backdrop of the sky favours this as we have major retrograde weather happening. Mercury turns retrograde in your 2nd from the 8th. When it does, it will bring the number of backwards planets in the sky to five including Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. This is a good time to examine the past and place it in perspective. Of course, when it comes to Mercury the usual Retro Rules apply. But destiny, what has been written not only in your past but in the past of those connected to you can be probed and stories re-cast or chapters added now especially when Mercury returns to your 1st from the 19th and meets Venus on the 24th. If its fresh commitment or even new love, then know you have the ability to step free of the past and craft a future unfettered by that. Change your love karma this month. For good.

Changes around karma and yes, that image and brand you, not only affect how you feel and what you radiate, but have a knock-on effect to who and what you attract. I could ask if you are ready to make some new karma as a result? Step into a wealth of fresh possibilities as the Sun enters your 2nd from the 22nd and Venus follows into this its ruling house, from the 28th. Ruler the Moon is pointing the way towards work or career inroads on the 23rd when a Grand Fire Trine ignites your confidence and opens doors to success that may have been stuck recently.

There could be a new job offer or deal on the table in the final days of the month thanks to Venus and Ceres working to bring you a more equitable arrangement both in terms of what you do – and how you are rewarded.  Maintain a certain flexibility around this as the Sun’s angle to Uranus in your 11th is telling you that things cannot remain the same and need to evolve. The more flexible you are, the more you will benefit. It’s about rocking your own style or your individual approach on the professional stage now.

Meetings and that fresh karma with someone could turn into something lasting as Mars and Juno meet in your 2nd on the 30th. Mars now strives for harmony and wants you to express your love over the long term. When it comes to new loves or even new friends – avoid anyone who is self-centered, negative or narcissistic. By now at least one hidden truth of the month should have emerged – you are over any connection which is not 100% genuine.

In a nutshell: Open up to some fresh new love karma, Cancer. It could turn into something lasting. It’s a time of rebirth when it comes to how you look, feel, act – and interact with others now.

Start it up! Live and love in the light Happy birthday, Leo!
Start me up like a classic Rolling Stones track this July, Leo. And just like the lyrics say: If you start me up I’ll never stop. Mars in your sign on the 2nd basically means you’re not braking for anything or anyone. Not just for this month but also on into August too. Your new cycle just got off to an early and passionate start. The great thing about Mars in your 1st is that it allows you to see very clearly what you do and don’t need in your life. It imbues you with the confidence to go after the former and let go of the latter.

You have a surety, a certainty about your choices as a result. Above all, you’re not content to wait for things to happen – you take steps to make them happen. You are a powerhouse now, Leo when it comes to those desires but please, focus your energy. Yes, you can get a head start on all those goals you want to achieve over the next 12 months. But although this energy may seem limitless, it can be wasted if you scatter it. Only direct it into something that makes you feel even more alive than you currently do. Is that even possible? Your daring approach, awe inspiring chutzpah and sexy self-assurance adds up to a recipe for success and also for winning hearts and minds.

Above all, Mars in your 1st boosts your libido. You will seek out ways to express that passion. If you are settled, just ensure your partner can keep up! Single? A past love could reappear before the end of the month as Venus transits your 12th house from the 3rd until the 28th. Reignite the fire if you’ve kept that flame burning. This may especially apply if there is a work or professional connection between you and your ex.

You’re being asked to look at the past in a new way this month – a process which may extend into August and beyond. Use that ‘Martian’ energy to probe deeper behind the scenes and into hidden truths and secrets now. It’s not just the past that could reappear in a new guise but secrets that could come tumbling out of the closet now.  And if you feel something is being withheld or that someone if not being totally upfront with you, Mars says you are not going to rest until you get to the bottom of it. So, stand by for revelations – either via self-discovery or them coming to light in unexpected ways.

Soul contracts could fall due or be totally renegotiated and what I can promise you in the time leading up to your birthday is that people will eventually reveal their true colours no matter how hard they try to hide them from you. This month you don’t just have to abide by the retrograde rules as Mercury heads backwards in your 1st from the 8th – but the eclipse rules too. Ruler the Sun is totally eclipsed on the 2nd in your 12th at the time of the new Moon. Remember – eclipses conceal and total eclipses mean you are utterly in the dark. Especially as you are ruled by the Sun.

This is your house of secrets, of hidden truths, of espionage, illusion and of hidden enemies.  This is also your house of psychic ability and intuition. So, if someone’s name popped into your mind when you read that – hold that thought. And look closer. This could even relate to someone or something that happened previously – look back to what was happening in August 2017. Or if you were over 18 at the time – to 2000 – 2001. Does anything look, feel or sound familiar? If so, this is where the cover-up could be happening.

Your ruler the Sun will meet the North Node in your 12th on the 10th and oppose Saturn conjunct the South. This says this could be a repeat performance even if the players or circumstances have changed. Follow that insight on the 11th when the Sun makes an illuminating aspect to Neptune which rules your 12th, currently in your house of fears, transformation and soul alchemy. There’s a saying out there in investigation: Follow the money. In this case: follow both your hunches and your energy. What is draining you? That’s the direction the truth lies in as the Sun and Venus both oppose Saturn and then Pluto in your 6th and another eclipse – this time of the full Moon on the 16th, appears in your 6th of work and wellbeing. It could be your body knows on a cellular level what your mind has yet to discover.

This is of course, the yearly soul house clearing we encounter each year just before the Sun enters our 1st. But for you, this build up and the eclipse says it will be more intense than usual. You will become more aware. Of hidden dynamics and the true meaning behind what others say and do. You’re unafraid now to look in the shadows where before you would have looked away (thank Mars for this).  As you begin to see things as they are, as opposed to how you might want them to be, provided you do not get bogged in either self-pity or blame, you will emerge into the light of the truth with even more energy than before.

Just in time for your birthday season which begins when your ruler arrives in your 1st on the 22nd.  Breathtaking encounters, promises, entanglements which also bring freedom and opportunity, travel, learning and a dusting of sheer, unadulterated good luck could be yours on the 23rd when the Moon in your 9th, a Mars/Juno conjunction in your 1st and Jupiter in your romance zone combine to form a rare Grand Fire Trine. The candles light up on the cosmic sky cake just for you.

Romance or any partnership prospect could come packaged with long term promise now.  Those true colours I mentioned could of course exceed even your wildest expectations or something which definitely has your name on it returns as retro Mercury and Venus meet in your 12th on the 24th.

Venus arrives in your 1st on the 28th bringing with it something new, exciting, creative and empowering. There’s a whole new world of pleasure, romance and child-like wonder waiting to be explored as it aligns with Ceres in your 5th. New dawn – new deal on the table. You’ll now beginning to see new growth and fresh opportunities spring from anything that has ended or been completed.

A rekindled sense of optimism and the feeling that something new is definitely on the horizon just adds to this. You may not know quite what it is yet –but you know it is coming! If you are single, a new lover could open the door to this or others could encounter a larger-than-life, confident, worldly or creative individual who opens the door to this for you as your ruler trines Chiron in your 9th. With this person what you see is what you get. There’s nothing hidden. Travel to what’s hidden this month but know that after the darkness, the light just gets more brilliant. Head towards it, Leo.

In a nutshell: New cycle, new potential, new you. Probe the mysteries of love, get your answers then head into the light as passion powers your forward into a whole new world of possibilities, Leo!

Get some quantum entanglement happening Open your mind to new connection dynamics Is this a ‘Truth or dare’ moment in love?
Ruler Mercury is retrograde this month from the 8th and in your mysterious 12th house, Virgo. You also have Mars, Juno, the Sun from the 22nd and Venus in here from the 28th. Mars wants to get to the bottom of things, to uncover the truth when it transits your 12th.This brings about revelations and peak experiences.

This is also your house of the past so expect people from your past and even your past lives to feature in some way too. Past lovers and partners, of those with whom you have entangled in these roles in past lives especially. In fact, July is going to be about the people you know, on all kinds of levels and across all connections. From friends, to groups, clubs, associations, professional contacts, social networks down to your most intimate relationships, all will be in focus especially those which are destined to influence and impact on your future in some way.

Where is your future and for that matter, those friendships formed? In your 11th house. There may be questions around a goal or the future however as June begins. Are you unsure about what you want? Or unsure about the group or perhaps even one particular person you hang out with? Friendships may be up for reinvention or change. Goals may end up being redefined thanks to a total eclipse at the time of the new Moon in your 11th on the 2nd.

There’s a cover up or concealment happening now – are you feeling left out? Is this deliberate or is this a sign that what drew you into this circle no longer applies? Is it you who feels out of orbit when it comes to your social life or is it someone else? Changes in your social network are on their way as well as possible changes to your larger soul group. Yes, we all journey together in groups. However, good times,  gifts, invitations, help and assistance and the love of friends rather than romantic love is promised by Venus’s entry into your 11th on the 3rd.

Focus on the friendship connection now rather than romantic love. I am not saying that romance is not a possibility. But if it manifests it is most likely to develop from being friends first or you may meet someone but not realise the significance of the encounter until much later. That’s also down to the eclipse weather and you simply not seeing things as they are at first. Who you are fated to be with – either in friendship or in love, and ‘Truth or dare’ moments in romance and existing connections feature. Love could be found in the last place you expected to encounter a soul mate.

The Sun in your 11th meets the North Node in here on the 10th and opposes Saturn conjunct the South Node in your 5th. With your ruler retrograde in your 12th and re- entering your 11th from the 19th, this could revive a connection from the past or introduce one that while new, has a familiar feel to is. Both the Sun and Venus will oppose Pluto in your 5th on the 14th and 21st and both  trine Neptune in your partnership sector on the 11th and 18th respectively. If you are a partner or even a close friend or work connection, are on the same wavelength, expect this to be strengthened now.

The partially eclipsed full Moon in your 5th says you have a glimpse of something or you don’t see the big picture yet. This is why I said you could meet someone important but not realise the significance at the time. Remain open-minded about who crosses or re-crosses your path at this time. This can be taken two ways. For example, you might not feel an instant attraction to someone but they grow on you over time. Or you meet, click, exchange contact details but then things go quiet – only for them to pop up later and then make up for lost time. But with the eclipse/retro weather around the other possibilities are they are not what you think they are, or an existing connection or even group, is thrown into a very different light for you.

Explore the new now as when we have planets in our 11th, the future is set in motion. Our capacity to receive benefits via others is tested and also, set for the coming year. As is the temperature of our social life. See July as an opportunity to strengthen existing connections or else seek out new ones.  Yes, in some ways July is a Total Eclipse of the Heart. But as the heart beats, so the truth around all your ties will eventually come to light. However, with any new connection now – be it just friendship or that new potential love interest, take your time with this eclipsed retrograde weather. And just be aware – if someone comes across as too good to be true – they probably are.

As the Sun enters your 12th, look forward to some of the confusion clearing. You are now fully in touch with your intuition and guiding insight. Your sensitivity increases with the Sun in here. You are more than usually susceptible to people’s moods and the ‘atmosphere’ when you walk into a room. This is especially helpful when it comes to figuring out whether someone is hiding something or not. You will be able to pick up any discrepancy between what they are saying and their body language or aura for example. If you sense this, please don’t ignore it.

The 24th could see a reunion or bring an old friend back into your orbit thanks to a meeting between your retrograde ruler and Venus. In this instance, you don’t have to have your antenna on high alert or worry about whether you have anything in common still. This is a wonderful transit under which to revive any kind of connection so you can also use this to follow up with clients and professional contacts as well. People will be open and happy to hear from you – as you will be in return. News that has been delayed could finally arrive with the outcome you were hoping for.

Venus is on the move on the 28th joining Mars and the Sun in here and here’s where your openness and ability to receive which is the promise of your 11th finally comes into play. Have you been monitoring this? Venus makes a wonderful angle to Ceres in your 4th while on the 29th, the Sun makes an equally striking one to Chiron in your 8th. Owning who you are as an individual, not trying to ‘fit in’ but instead working on finding your fit and your people, socially and professionally, could now pay off for you with validation and a new deal on the table which establishes your identity for the future.

Virgo, you should end the month feeling powerful, connected to your passion both spiritually and via what you do, and knowing who you belong with and to in love, work and play. If something is unclear this July, wait for that guiding light or ask for answers. Be certain you’ll receive them but know that the answers along with the light, can always be found within, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Focus on the future this month and the people you want to head into it with you, Virgo. Your ability to receive is being tested. Open your arms and heart and say: I accept.

Who is working for – or against you? Prepare for a takeover Your strategy for success – listen and learn
Ruler Venus is in power mode this month as it arrives in your career and reputation setting 10th. I always think of Venus in here as Melanie Griffith in the classic 80’s film Working Girl – ‘I’ve a head for business and a body for sin’. If you’ve never seen it – fire up Netflix. In this film Tess (Melanie Griffith) is unaware that her conniving boss Katherine (played by the incomparable Sigourney Weaver) has stolen her idea. If the film contained astrological references, this could well have happened under a total lunar eclipse in Tess’s 10th house. Which is what you have this month.

Eclipses cover up. Total eclipses – you’re completely in the dark. As is Tess in the film until she inadvertently finds out what her boss is up to. It’s not the only betrayal Tess is faced with however. Again, if the film showed what was going on in the character’s chart, Venus too would probably have entered Tess’s 10th as she pulls off not just a takeover but a glamazon makeover too – plus Harrison Ford in the process.

Now I am not for one moment saying your boss is out to steal your ideas. But as we have not one but two eclipses this month affecting your career, status, what you have worked for and/or established and your security, take it that you are out of the loop on something that’s happening behind the scenes that impacts on one, some or even all of these themes.

S/he who listens learns a lot. Tess discovers what is going on by listening to a recording. Your best strategy now is to observe and say as little as possible when it comes to career matters. Be professional and act with integrity and authority. Venus in your 10th enhances your work image. Stick to the subject at hand and above all, avoid joining in office gossip. Whether you realise it or not, you too are being observed now by people in positions of influence and authority such as bosses and higher ups. Follow up on hunches as they are always our best guides when navigating an eclipse cycle.

History or should I say Herstory is your guide too. What is happening now has echoes of the past or links to it. If your gut is telling you that your present situation has echoes of a past one or that you have simply been here before, then look back when trying to plan your next move. This month could reveal or replay events linked back to 2017 or even further back depending on your age. If you were 18 or over at the following time periods, what’s different now but remains the same as 2000-2001, the early 80’s or even if you are old enough, the end ofWW2? Saturn which rules karma and your 10th house is conjunct the South Node and on the 10th, the Sun will conjunct the North Node in your 10th.

We also have entered major retrograde weather with Mercury heading backwards in your 11th from the 8th and set to re-enter your 10th on the 19th. It does this against a backdrop of major retrograde activity – Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are also retrograde in the sky. So expect the past to come visiting. Destiny repeats itself until we step free of the cycle. So, don’t see this as holding you back but as an opportunity instead to show what you have learned.

Continue to stop, look and listen between the 10th – 19th. We are heading for that second eclipse – this time a partial one of the full Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th on the 16th. You’ve got part of the picture so don’t over-react. This Moon can make you feel especially vulnerable emotionally and stir up any insecurities. If this occurs, again, look back as chances are you have successfully dealt with something similar in your past. Your home, landlord, mortgage, loan, salary, income, tenant, flatmate or family matters may impact but again, you don’t have the whole picture yet.

Stand firm on your emotional/professional ground yet remain flexible in your approach as the Sun and your ruler will also oppose Saturn and Pluto but trine Neptune in your sector of change. Intuition and insight as well as those past experiences provide you with answers now. Good news, real tangible results or a breath of clarity piece of information clears the way around the 24th when Venus and retro Mercury meet. Again, if you watch Working Girl this is the point where Tess is able to prove how the idea was hers originally and turn the tables on her boss.

Sound heavy? Time for a radical change from the third week onwards when the Sun shifts into your 11th on the 22nd and you step back into the flow of the future again rather than replaying the past.  Mars in here adds passion to your interactions and also sees you determined to reach those goals. This is also a good time to revisit them as if the thought of them no longer fires your soul, it’s time for a new goal! Or do you simply need to supersize it? Mars makes the perfect connection to Jupiter in your 3rd on the 25th. You could hear from a friend or contact who offers assistance or other benefits – or make a new one.

Ruler Venus also arrives in here on the 28th. Please take note that Venus in here is all about the love of friends, good times with people and gifts or help from those you know. It is not about romance and even if there is a romantic spark between you and someone else you meet, you will most likely just end up being the best of friends rather than lifelong lovers. Not that there is anything wrong with that as its all love of course! But just ensure your expectations don’t exceed what is on offer. The people that you meet and who enter your life during this cycle are destined to influence it for the better. Revive any lapsed connections especially if someone is on your mind now. This is the house that not only sets the future in motion but determines the temperature of your social life for some time to come. Make the effort.

New you, new deal as you rock your message when it comes to business, your brand, what you have to say and yes, your ability to attract. If you thought love and romance were off the table this month, as it comes to an end, we can say its back on the menu. Order up the dish of the day when it comes to you and someone else. There’s a new way of doing business or simply taking what you have to offer to more people thanks to a wonderful angle between Venus and Ceres in your 3rd. You could open up a new audience, a new marketplace or an exciting new social scene where you can regenerate and grow.

The Sun in our 11th reaches out to Chiron in your 7th. Is that a muse I see before me? Or are you acting as that to someone else? Someone who rocks out to their own soundtrack in life could rock your world – or be rocked by you in turn. Mars conjunct Juno also in your 11th says you could be in perfect harmony now. Rock on into August, Libra!

In a nutshell: Work those power moves. Craft that professional image. Own your destiny, Libra. S/he who listens and acts on information, seals the deal this July!

The truth is out there Write your entry in the Book of Changes Love goes the distance
Do you know where you’re going this month, Scorpio? If you are traveling now, please do not just have a Plan B but have Plans thru to Z ready to hand. It’s not just the Mercury retrograde in your 10th from the 8th which will back up into your 9th of long distance journeys from the 19th. Jupiter which rules your 9th is also retrograde too. But to add to the cloudy with possible confusion forecast, you also have a total solar eclipse in your 9th on the 2nd. You either don’t know where you are going or you do, but don’t know how to get there.

Remember, eclipses conceal and a total eclipse puts you totally in the dark. Proceed with all due caution if you are engaged in legal matters, exams, pitches, business dealings, anything to do with the mass media, sports and add buying a horse to the list of dealings you need to avoid under a retrograde which would also fall under this eclipse.

If you are traveling far from home now, know where your embassy is, have your essential documents backed up on cloud or email copies to yourself. Check not just the weather at the point of departure and your destination but the political weather too. Fact check news which you receive from far far away.  Fake news – that flourishes under this kind of weather as do those internet scammers. Emigration, long distance travel plans, universities and even legal matters may be subject to misrepresentation and lack of clarity. Delayed decisions and reviews could work in your favour. Don’t push.

Take the passage towards love as Venus enters your 9th from the 3rd. Both the Sun and also Venus will oppose Saturn and your ruler Pluto in your 3rd which also governs travel, your links to other places, how you get around and communicate, your ideas and how you do business. The 10th brings a date with destiny as the Sun in your 9th conjuncts the North Node. The direction you are heading in, travelling towards (either real or metaphorical) is fated now.

Even if you don’t see this clearly yet due to the residue of eclipse confusion, you need to have faith in either a higher power or your soul compass. As the Sun and North Node co-join, they oppose Saturn which rules your karma and is conjunct the South Node in your 3rd. If you consult the I-Ching, the ancient Book of Changes, or have ever thought about trying, the answers you receive from this may provide you with guidance and direction. Jung used to consult the I-Ching. Plans or themes past, present and future around emigration, long distance and long term travel plans, universities, legal matters, publishing, mass entertainment, religion or foreigners will be triggered both by the eclipse of the 2nd, the following partial one at the time of the full Moon in your 3rd on the 16th, and the Sun/North Node/Saturn/South Node axis.

Where are you drawn to? What do you want to explore? There may be no logical reason behind this but there could be a soul one. An interest in a subject that is far outside of both your own education and your family’s experience. A place far from your place of birth that nonetheless feels like home. Or something you experienced or let go of before which is connected to the above themes, now returns. Maybe reimagined but familiar somehow. Look to what doors opened for you around 2000-2001 or even1981-82 if you are old enough. Something could be saying ‘Hello, again’ from then or even back to past lives. How will you choose to live this in this one if so?

The truth is out there. Relationships will awaken you this month and your eyes will open as a result of your ancient ruler Mars entering your 10th of career and status and making an exposé to Uranus in your partnership sector on the 12th. Juno also in your 10th makes the same angle to Uranus on the 3rd.  Does your connection have long term potential? Are you equal within it, or not? Who holds the balance of power? And does what you believe about a connection measure up to its reality? Love that goes the distance – or is from far far away or which transports you out of your usual realm of experience and into another, could enter now thanks to wonderful alignments between the Sun (11th) and Venus (18th) with Neptune in your romance zone. However, be warned. If love is merely an escapist fantasy, you’re due for a rude awakening when the Sun and Uranus demand love gets real on the 29th.

Let’s do a deal as the Sun arrives in your status soaring 10th from the 22nd.  Jupiter in your 2nd wants you to experience a new level of prosperity, increase your income and also see you handling larger sums of cash that usual. Doors to abundance should swing open during its 12 month transit of this house, but lately it may have felt as if the door was stuck due to Jupiter retrograde in here.

Venus also enters your 10th from the 28th while Mars trines Jupiter on the 25th. That door may not in fact be stuck but swings both ways – back into your past and on into your future. With the Mercury retrograde weather and that Node activation, past efforts or a revival could now bring you the progress and rewards you’re seeking. Don’t forget the usual retro rules are in place however.

Venus will trine Ceres in your money zone on the 28th plus the Sun trines Chiron in your work zone on the 29th. Repackaging your skills or resurrecting old ones, repurposing ideas could bring you the rewards you seek. At times in July, your final destination or path may not seem clear. What will always be revealed to you, either in an obvious way or by your intuition, is the next step you need to take. And the one after that. And so on. So have a little faith in destiny, your abilities and the grand plan of your life this July, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Revisit. Return. Repackage. Resurrect. The ‘re’ words apply this month as past and future meet in your present. Which direction will you head in next, Scorpio? It’s yours to determine.

Worship that body Everything old is new again Show someone you need them
It’s no good having those grand plans if your body isn’t up for the journey, Sag. If you find your wings clipped this month – and Mercury retro in your sector of long distance travel plus ruler Jupiter still backwards in your 1st may be throwing up delays and obstacles in your path, then take it that this allows you to ensure you have the means to get you where you need to go. Put simply, if your body ain’t up to it, you’re going nowhere.

Your 6th house, which is ruled of course by Mercury, is a house of duality. Why? Well it rules your work and your body. If your body can’t perform you can’t do the work. The body does what the mind tells it to do. We’re all like Jake Sully in Avatar. Driving these organic soul containers around. You can have wonderful ideas about where you want to go, what you want to see, do and experience. And even have the means, money and the time to go do them. But they won’t happen if your body simply isn’t up to it.

There’s a powerful eclipse in your transformation sector happening this month on the 2nd. It’s a total eclipse which means you’re in the dark about what needs to change. Now this could relate to what you share with someone else, to your finances (please don’t sign any loan or credit agreements now), land, houses, property, assets, things that are shared between you, family or unrelated second or even third parties, or to the steps you need to take for a more personal change.

The same day sees Mars charge into your 9th of adventure, journeys and big dreams. You’re fired up and ready to go. But not if your body lets you down. Both the Sun in your 9th from the 22nd and Mars will square Uranus in your 6th. Mars on the 12th and the Sun on the 29th. Up for the journey? Time to look at how you’re fuelling yourself or taking care of the business of being in organic matter this month. Expect what you eat, drink, how you exercise, health, alternative therapies and conventional medicine to feature. Ensure your body can undertake what you have to do and still have enough energy for you to do what you want to do afterwards.

Uranus awakens us often in shocking and revolutionary ways. But it frees us at the same time. You may make a leap that connects what you do and eat with how you perform both at your work and at play and make a radical adjustment as a result. I Sing the Body Electric is both a poem by Walt Whitman and a story by Ray Bradbury. The poem was groundbreaking for its time as it made the body/soul connection. The story by Bradbury touches on themes of reincarnation and eternal love. Yes, we get a new body when we are reborn. But this is the only one you’ve got right now. Love it to live fully, Sag. You’ll be glad you did as good things await you this month.

Expansion may have been slow due to your ruler backwards. But see it as adjustment and rejuvenation time – especially where that body is concerned. Karmic ties and webs of destiny stretch across the sky this month. Change is in the air and here’s the thing – you’ve got that tingle happening that tells you a new beginning is just around the corner. Your environment plays a role here. Is this where the change needs to take place? Chances are beneficial changes may bring about a relocation or lifestyle upgrade.

You have two fabulous aspects pointing you towards your spiritual roots this month. The first takes place on the 11th when the Sun in your 8th aligns with Neptune in your 4th. There’s no place like home but where in the world is that for you, Sag? Venus will make the same angle to Neptune on the 18th. Destiny could be a place for you now or even a calling. Link back to a place or something that called you in the past once Mercury heads retro in your 9th from the 8th. I should hardly need to tell you to have extra plans in place if travelling with both Mercury and Jupiter retrograde.

The changes you most enjoy are usually changing aircraft, Sag. However, the change that is heading your way may have to do with your money and/or renewing yourself in a new job or environment if what you are doing or where you are no longer allows growth. Something you let go of could come alive again now – especially if it forms a part of your true path or where you are supposed to be. This could relate to something which began in 2017 – the importance of which you could not see and is now being determined. Or further back still. To the turn of the century – 2000-2001 or further – the start of the 80’s even if you were 18 or over then. Karma is calling, everything old is new again and what goes around, comes around as the Sun meets the North Node in your 8th on the 10th and opposes Saturn, which rules timing as well as karma, in your money zone conjunct the South Node.

Time for the books to balance, for the bill to fall due, and for rewards to be paid if they are owed. Past efforts catch up with you in the present. The partial eclipse at the time of the full Moon in your 2nd on the 16th, plus Venus opposing Saturn in here on the 17th, will be about your ability to handle your money and what financial destiny you have created for yourself. Remember, you still don’t have the full picture. But what I can tell you is that future planning is necessary. Failure to do this – and this includes failure to look after that body, could see you with some serious thinking to do.

While the eclipse in your 8th was about you and other people’s money, this one is about your money. How you earn it, spend it, save it. Your possessions, your house and the assets you have – these include your talents and skills and yes, your body too. A little self-investment could have a big payoff now. Again, this is not a good time to enter into new financial arrangements or start that new business or income stream. Not only due to the eclipse but Mercury of course. But it can deliver rewards you have been waiting on for some time.

The Sun in your 9th from the 22nd opens the doors to optimism and expansion and you’re moving forward again. The 23rd hands you the rarest of all opportunity-generating portals – a Grand Fire Trine between the Moon in your 5th, a meeting between Mars and Juno in your 9th and Jupiter in your 1st.

Being a free spirited and independent soul, it can be hard for you to allow someone into the driver’s seat when it comes to relationships. But if you’re seeking a travelling companion of the love journey kind, why not let them navigate for a while? Show your vulnerability when it comes to love if that is what you’re seeking, Sag. People need to know they can fill a vacant spot in your life. Are you coming across as too capable? You know that can be as off-putting as someone being too needy.

Venus moves into your 9th from the 28th promising larger than life loves and will trine Ceres in your 1st on the 28th. Perfect the art of compromise in relationships of all kinds now. You won’t have to give up that driver’s seat for good. Just share it. I told you to show that body some TLC as the month ends with breathtaking possibilities in both romance and a chance to shine at what you’re good at.

Someone as artlessly sexy, talented and free-spirited as you could cross your path as the Sun in your 9th illuminates Chiron in your 5th. Sure they share your love of adventure and are drawn to your independent vibe. But they also need to know you have a vacancy they can fill in your life. Let them know you know when and to who to hand over the reins to, Sag! Others could find that re-run of the past sends them back to where they feel they can shine or are given back a past career or role they were born to play. All the world’s your stage this month, Sag. If you want to be in the play, make sure that body’s ready for the role.

In a nutshell: Someone who breaks the mould when it comes to love could be the breath of fresh air you need, Sag. Make room for love – or just good company. Show someone you need them this July.

Slow down when it comes to love decisions Have faith in a higher power Create a new template for your destiny
Big partnership decisions? You need to delay them this month, Capricorn. If you are thinking of getting engaged, moving in together, getting married, entering a business partnership or even consciously uncoupling yourself – my advice is wait. Unless of course you enjoy complications or simply the path of true love not taking you where you thought it might.

You start the month feeing highly charged and passionate. That passion could be around the desire to be with someone – or equally it could relate to the desire to be without them thanks to Mars in its ruling 8th. Mars in here wants its own way and gives you drive and determination to make it happen. However, this same day brings you a total solar eclipse in your 7th house. If you recall that eclipse playbook – eclipses conceal. With a partial one, you have a piece of the puzzle. A total one plunges you into darkness. There’s something you are unaware of or simply cannot see.

This could not only relate to that big love but also to that big no-no person – that opponent or enemy. No matter what or who, or whether its love or hate now, just take it there’s something you are in the dark about or simply that the timing is off. Defer that decision for now. I’m not saying never. Just not now especially when it comes to setting a date for marriage as you have a wake-up call angle happening between Uranus in your 5th and Juno in your 8th the next day. Keep that diary open and don’t save the date just yet.

Mercury is also heading retrograde in your 8th and during its retro cycle will back up into your 7th before heading direct once more at the start of August. Again, if there are major partnership and commitment decisions to be made, you will benefit from waiting until Mercury has gone direct again and cleared its retroshadow which will happen in the 3rd week of August. Yes, the heart wants what the heart wants. I hear you. But do you believe in destiny as well as love? That fate has a plan and that agreements between souls are forged long before we get here?

Answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, and I have good news for you. Or rather Saturn your ruler does. If love is right, the timing does not have to be right now – but it will be right when the time comes. There’s a saying: Your blessings have your name on them. So, you can afford to relax. Rushing says we are coming from a place of lack and fear. If we don’t grab it – or the person, love will be gone.

But love isn’t a commodity to be put on sale that we have to queue for or we’ll miss out on a bargain! It doesn’t just make our world go round, there is enough to go round. The Sun in your 7th meets the cosmic North Node and opposes Saturn in your 1st conjunct the South. It’s a date with fate on the 10th and also an opportunity to release yourself from negative love karma once and for all.

Feeling the pressure to set any kind of date or decision around love? Venus entered your 7th – its ruling house on the 3rd – the day after the eclipse took place. As it moves through here it will oppose ruler Saturn and Pluto in your 1st as well as meet that North Node. Venus in this house is all about balance. Playing the waiting game – if there is one to be played now, gives you the opportunity to ensure that this time, love is balanced and equal.

The full Moon in your 1st on the 16th is one that usually shines on who is opposite you. Full Moons reflect back into the house opposite to that which they appear in. But this one is partially eclipsed. By now you have that eclipse playbook memorised. The Nodes are about karma and your ruler Saturn is all about lessons. So, what have you learned from your past about love and partnerships? This is why you are being asked to wait. And while this may be frustrating, the holding pattern allows you to see where mistakes have been made and how to avoid them this time around.

Once we learn the lesson, Saturn frees us from it. You’re now in possession of part of the picture. There’s more to come however. Anything feel familiar? Look back to 2017 and if you are old enough, go further back to 2000-2001. Or even back further still. Are you replaying an old love story that your parents wrote? How do you think this ends? You can re-write it now. This partially eclipsed Moon may bring up neediness, clinginess, co-dependency, enabling, and even ‘fix you’ patterns. Do you attract clingy partners? Or do you sometimes allow your insecurities to make you behave this way? Or do you go for the person you need to rescue or ‘fix’? Any of these themes need probing before you go in deeper or say ‘Yes’. Remember, you cannot ‘fix’ anyone – only yourself so start there.

Single? Mercury retro in your 7th plus all this eclipse action says this is not the best time to start something new unless again, you enjoy driving around the Circle of Confusion to eventually check-in to Heartbreak Hotel. Mercury retro will however bump into Venus in your 7th on the 24th. For some this could deliver one of those ‘second time around’ opportunities. But again, wait. If someone is saying they have changed, ensure this is the case. This month is all about changing your love story – for good. And you can only achieve that if you take your time and approach long term love in a way that is radically different from how you may have done in the past.

The Sun moves into your 8th on the 22nd and Venus will follow on the 28th joining Mars in here. The shift now not only includes what you share with others – especially when it comes to money, assets, lending and borrowing, your mortgage, house, salary, credit cards, loans or even more personal and intimate items like that bed! The shift goes from relating to others to relating to yourself and your own needs. We often get to know ourselves best via our relationships with other people.

July has been about using your history or herstory in relationships to craft yourself a new future one. Now, bring this process within. You should now know your needs, your desires, your passions and yes, even your insecurities and fears, better than ever before. This always allows us to make the very best decisions we can when it comes to long term love – or any permanent partnership situation. Simply because we have taken the time to know ourselves so well.

Your 8th along with your 12th is a house of secrets. And the final days of July see the Sun in your 8th trine Chiron in your 4th and Venus trine Ceres in your 12th. It’s not just about the promises you make to others now, but those you make to yourself. And those revolve around rocking who you truly are and staying true to that. Take your time to get to know yourself better and that new deal and reality around love and commitment will be yours, Capricorn. The truth around this may take time to be revealed. But what’s lasting is worth the wait.

In a nutshell: Put the brakes on those big love moves now, Cappy. You can’t hurry love so ask yourself what’s the rush? Revelations or a total eclipse of the heart could follow. The wait is worth it.

Get your mind and body in alignment Make the run to emotional safety Wake up to your true needs
It’s your Avatar month this month, Aquarius. I had quite a bit to say about these themes for Sagittarius due to your ruling planet, Uranus, occupying Sagi’s 6th house. If you are curious, have a read. These 6th house issues apply doubly to you due to the fact you have a total solar eclipse happening in your 6th on the 2nd. As I explained to the Sagittarians out there, your 6th is a house of duality. It rules your work and your daily responsibilities and duties, and also your health and wellbeing. Both are inextricably tied together. You can’t do what you need to get done if your body is not functioning properly.

Eclipses conceal. They represent our ‘blind spot’ – what we simply cannot see. Total eclipses mean we are utterly in the dark. Yes, this can relate to an aspect of our job. We may be unaware for example under an eclipse in here that the company we work for is in trouble, a co-worker may be undermining us or we are about to be made redundant and be ‘blindsided’ as a result. Or we may be ignoring or shoving into the shadows what our bodies are saying to us about how we treat them, what we put into them or the physical and emotional impact of the environments we place them in. Is your job draining you or having a negative impact on your health, for example?

Under an eclipse in your 6th, the effects of which are about to be exacerbated by Mercury which rules this house turning retrograde in your 7th from the 8th and arriving back in here on the 19th, the fact that routine you’re relying on is a rut may escape you. As could the impact on that Avatar of the ideas and thoughts you feed it, the food you fuel it with and the environments it is placed in.

What I can promise you is that this will become clear over time. Tune in to what your body is telling you. The body and the spirit are for us, indivisible and they talk to one another. Who remembers Sigourney Weaver (Grace) in Avatar telling Sam Worthington (Jake) how pain is transmitted through the link? That’s a perfect analogy for the mind/body/spirit connection. Also, in another scene she remonstrates with Jake for not eating. Human Jake is disgusted at the prospect of eating processed food when his Avatar self eats fresh food he has hunted himself. But Grace reminds him he must take care of this body too. July says explore that mind/body connection. It’s all very well to focus on one but you cannot neglect the other either.

Just like you cannot ignore the impact of your relationships and emotional life on your wellbeing and how you feel. You may be in the highest room in that tallest ivory tower, Aquarius, but you need to feel emotionally secure in here (dragons not withstanding!) and also be sharing it with the right person. Who has the keys to that tower and therefore your heart? Ruler Uranus in your 4th is reshaping your living arrangements, your home or apartment, your family dynamic and also your emotional needs. Uranus in the Tarot is associated with the card of The Tower which makes that ivory one so appropriate for this transit.

Uranus is also linked to storms and yes, lightning which symbolises the electric bolt of awakening that Uranus delivers. The Tower is a great card to meditate on during any Uranus transit but especially when your ruler is in your 4th. If you look closely at the card you will see two figures falling from the Tower as it is struck. They are not so much falling but waking up to the fact that what they thought was built to last, wasn’t. Or that what they thought sustained them had become a prison.

The Tower is a misunderstood card as it shows a shock but not necessarily a disaster. We are thrown out of a situation by something beyond our control but there is a reason for this. We were no longer evolving or in your case this month, it’s no longer healthy. Uranus only acts this way if we have failed to change the things we deep down know no longer work. Remember, what is built to last and serves our growth endures. Look to the changes you can make for a better lifestyle not just for yourself but for your partner, family or your future one as Uranus tells Juno it’s time for tough love on the 3rd.

Something new can be created that is on bedrock and truly sustains you and your love future. Mars in your 7th wants to express itself and passionately. It alerts you to where things have become stagnant or plain vanilla with loved ones. It too makes a highly charged angle to your ruler on the 12th. Ensure you have room to expand and grow and also, don’t allow frustrations to boil over. Tackle any issues or make the changes you know you need to without shaking that Tower loose. Deal with this now and you’ll be glad shortly you did.

Taking care of you however, or that body beautiful, should be your priority especially as we have a partial eclipse of the full Moon in your 12th on the 16th. Pay close attention to your diet, your bones and teeth. Is it time for a check-up? If you have been making the wrong lifestyle choices, you will clearly see the effects of this and be given an opportunity to course correct. You could only get away with it for so long or that lifestyle or lack of exercise would only take you so far. The Sun in your 6th meets the North Node on the 10th and opposes Saturn conjunct the South in your 12th on the 10th. You also have Venus in your 6th and both the Sun and Venus will oppose both Saturn and Pluto in your 1st as they move through this house. Time to transform how you look and also how you feel.

The results of long term lifestyle choices will become apparent now. Stay connected to your intuition as no matter which houses of our charts eclipses fall in, our intuition is what alerts us to what the eclipse is covering up. Your body is not just a temple, it’s a barometer. Take note of what it’s telling you about the wellbeing weather that’s affecting you now. If you need to adjust any aspect of your wellness regimen – from that diet to your approach to exercise to that routine which may in fact, be draining you, then the meeting between Venus and Mercury retro in this its ruling sector on the 24th allows you to do just that.

Feeling healthy, positive and energised means you get to enjoy fully all the good things life wants to hand you, Aquarius. The Sun arrives in your partnership sector from the 22nd igniting a Grand Fire Trine the following day with Juno and Mars conjunct at the heart of it all. Venus enters this its ruling house from the 28th. While you may be working intuitively with health and work matters, when it comes to relationships you are about to be handed a glimpse of the future as Venus trines Ceres in your 11th, and the Sun impacts both on Chiron in your 3rd and ruler Uranus in your 4th. Just who you’ll occupy that tower with may become clearer for some now.

All of you can expect that self-care focus to put you in the mood for some good good love. Existing unions can be placed on a new and exciting footing that supports your joint growth – all without falling out of that tower window! Singles could encounter a new and radical romantic opportunity. Someone who defies categorising and who may be unconventional in some respects – and this is all part of their attraction for you. A one of a kind lover whose existence you may have doubted or who runs contrary to your usual ‘type’. They may storm that ivory tower and if you’ve been feeling shut off from love lately, shake you out of it.

Taking care of love and what you need in the long term begins with loving that body. Maybe there is something about it you don’t like. Show me the celebrity or supermodel who is completely happy with theirs. Believe me, they don’t exist. But that avatar is the only one you’ve got. So, love it no matter what so you can enjoy what love comes your way this July.

In a nutshell: Who has the keys to your heart and emotions? And what holds the key to your ability to love? That mind/body/spirit connection as the answer this July, Aquarius!

Love is blind but the heart sees clearly Get ready for cosmic encounters Banish self-doubts
You’ve an eclipse in your 5th at the start of July, Pisces. This is your house where you shine, of your creativity and self-expression, where you have fun, how you embrace pleasure, your children and romance. Especially with someone who could make you a parent, step parent, foster parent, god parent. It’s about people younger than you, the younger generation and young family members. This is a total solar eclipse and eclipses are always about our blindspots.

Now, if we are talking about our children specifically, they often represent our greatest achievements and also, our biggest blindspot. Someone tells us something about our child we don’t want to hear. Usually this is to do with their behaviour. Little Timmy has acted out and is in trouble. We move into full Protection and Denial mode. Your Timmy would never do that. And if he had – he didn’t mean to. An eclipse in this house – and this is a total eclipse so you are totally in the dark here, is like Mercury retrograde on steroids. And yes, Mercury is turning retrograde and yes, during this cycle will re-arrive back in your 5th – on the 19th to be precise.

You’re looking through a glass darkly now and this also applies to love. This despite the fact that the Sun occupies this, its ruling house, and is joined in here by Venus from the 3rd. What’s your love blind spot? Just what is it that you are unable to see? Is it that relationship history? Do you always go for the same ‘type’ and end up with the same outcome? If so, what’s the common denominator? That’s what you can’t see. Clue: You know them, although perhaps not as well as you think. Make certain you are seeking love for what it is and not how you want it to be.

Destiny defining aspects between the Sun in your 5th conjunct the North Node and opposing Saturn conjunct your soul in your 11th could result in cosmic encounters or commitments to becoming a parent or else a creative enterprise on the 10th.  What you create, start, begin or immerse yourself in is part of your karma. There is a bigger story and a bigger picture and this could include your past – those past choices in either romantic attachments, children or even if you work in a creative profession, how you are seen or acknowledged by others.

Because the nodes are involved and rule karma and what returns, look to what was happening in any of these areas during the eclipse season of 2017 or even 2000-2001 or further back still to 1981-82 if you are old enough. Your adult children if you have them could also feature in some way. Perhaps you have not been fully aware of what they have been up to.

Mercury retrogrades from the 8th in its ruing 6th so expect an extra dose of Mercury Mayhem. This brings the number of retro planets to five including Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and of course, ruler Neptune.  The Sun and then Venus will trine Neptune in your 1st on the 11th and 18th respectively. Meetings which take place now may feel strangely familiar even if you are encountering one another for the first time.

If you are seeking and single, just bear in mind you may not have the full picture when it comes to that lover now. Encountering one from your past however, is likely especially after Mercury arrives back in your 5th and meets Venus in here on the 24th, as is meeting old friends or business contacts. Just bear in mind that this month is all about looking at history – or herstory, but not letting it repeat itself if it has not resulted in your happiness.

This month’s full Moon brings you another eclipse – this time in your 11th on the 16th. This one is a partial one so while most of the picture is in focus, some of it is blurred. This is your house of friends and of the future. Could it be that you have outgrown some connections but are as yet, unaware of this? Or do you get a feeling that something is going on and you’re no longer included? Be especially wary of new people who big note themselves and who tell you how important they are. Promises may be made that won’t be kept – possibly because the person was in no position to grant them in the first place.

Be discerning when choosing who you hang out with under this eclipse. This is a full Moon under which to seek out the company of old friends with whom you feel you can be yourself and not worry. To head for hangouts where you can talk and share your feelings without having to shout over loud music or crowds. Bear this in mind. Social circles in particular may feature – teams, clubs, groups, bands, associations and yes, even social media. Be careful what you post under this influence.

With the ruler of your work sector retrograde, its best to avoid starting any new work projects or looking for that new job unless you are unemployed or timing dictates otherwise. The Sun enters your 6th on the 22nd and Venus follows on the 28th. You also have Jupiter retrograde in your sector of long term career, rewards and renown. Time to leverage what has already been started and to think about relaunching it or even renegotiating your present position. Mars also in your 6th lends you energy to complete outstanding tasks but also the determination to beat any competition and to prove yourself.

If there are already career or work projects, pitches or interviews in progress from before the start of the Merc retro, then the 25th is a good day on which to schedule those final meetings as this is the day when Mars will trine Jupiter giving you that competitive edge and a massive injection of confidence! You’ll dare to tackle any task plus you’ll see any nerves which might have held you back, vanish. The final six days of July bring you one of those periods where you could enter a meeting, trip and fall flat on your face and all this will do is make you an even more desirable candidate or client as your ability to laugh it off and at yourself, tells everyone you are a ‘the show must go on’ kind of person they want on their team.

A new and better deal than before could be on the table. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions or even to suggest the outrageous now when it comes to those ideas. In fact, as July comes to a close, outrageous fortune smiles on those who dare to try. Venus in your 6th blesses the deal as it angles to Ceres, also in your 10th. The Sun in your 6th makes an equally attractive angle to Chiron in your money zone. That outcome you thought impossible, the job or promotion you thought you wouldn’t get but threw your hat in the ring over anyway, that client you figured wouldn’t take you seriously – what you imagined impossible could just come to pass. Remember however to leave a little room to manoeuvre for when Mercury heads direct again. S/he who dares wins this July, Pisces.

In a nutshell: What you think you can’t pull off or achieve – the universe offers you an outrageous solution. Get to the heart of the matter when it comes to romance – or those you love, Pisces.

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