Mum Sends Daughter to School Dressed as a Basic B#TCH

Could you do this to your child?

A US Mum sent her daughter to school dressed as ‘basic bi**h’ for culture day. Much to the surprise of teachers and other parents.

Sharlie Darling was shocked to receive a call from her child’s concerned teacher after her five-year-old daughter dressed in a pair of Uggs and leggings, with an empty Starbucks cup for culture day.

“I just figured I’d dress her up like me. And I happen to be a basic b*tch. That’s the culture she’s being raised in – coffee, leggings and Starbucks.

She continued to explain, “The reaction online has been hit or miss. A lot of people think I’m the world’s worst parent or a race hater. They thought I’d thrown away a beautiful opportunity to teach my child.

“But a larger group of people got behind the whole joke. They thought I was being respectful by not appropriating other cultures – but I was just being lazy.

World’s Worst Parent?!

Poor Sharlie soon copped some criticism online with many calling her the “world’s worst parent” while others said it was hilarious and applauded her efforts.

“I had a lot of people online criticising me. They were saying ‘I can’t believe you did that! What was she meant to tell the teacher?”, said Sharlie

“I had told her to say she was dressed like mummy for the day.

“I wasn’t going to go out and buy her a costume. What was I expected to do? Go out, buy a gown and call her the Queen of England? She’s already dramatic, I don’t need to put that on her too.

“So I got a call from the teacher, who was quite confused and didn’t get the joke.

“She had tried confiscating my daughter’s Starbuck cup from her – the cup was empty, it was just a prop – but Madeline insisted it was part of her costume.

Public reaction was certainly very mixed

The mum received an array of comments online including…

“Lazy parent who couldn’t be bothered, the outfit as no meaning nor does the phrase to most people. Chip on her shoulder by the sounds of it.”

“Disgraceful the rest of her class seen this not appropriate parenting behavior over here social services would be contacted.”

“I love it. Practical, comfortable and using what’s already available at home. You go mum.”
“I think its funny and at least she got dressed up. Some parents don’t have the time or don’t care.”
“When you look at the other kids, none of them are dressed cultural. I wouldn’t use the language but besides the cup she’s dressed the same as everyone else!”

Watch her original TikTok below.

“I dressed her up as a basic white bitch!”


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The mum goes on to explain the teacher’s reaction.



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