My 6 Favorite (And Mostly Affordable) Fashion Accessories That I Wear All. The. Time.

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Due to my general laziness with fashion, accessories have always been an afterthought. But I realized that while I don’t have a big inventory, I wear the same types of accessories almost every day. They amp up my basic outfit, and are functional or they distract from say, bad hair. I’m not a big cocktail ring person and for work, I can’t be bothered with bracelets, but these six types of accessories are apparently my go-tos that I didn’t even realize I had.

Layered Necklaces

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My friend Suzanne taught me how to do this – you buy a set of three then add in one more that is either chunkier or somehow visually different (like a locket or a fishbone chain). I basically just let her tell me what to buy and how to wear it, but now I add them to almost any outfit I wear.

1. Set of 2 Pendant Necklaces | 2. Sofia Chunky Chain Layer Necklace | 3. Ball & Medallion In Worn Gold Layer Necklace | 4. Mystic Layered Necklace | 5. Bria Delicate Layered Necklace | 6. Treasure Pendant Necklace Set

Rancher Hats

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This year I posed the question to myself – are we still wearing hats? And while I’m not as into them fashion-wise as I was 3 years ago the answer is YES, mostly because of function. They make a bad hair day look OK and provide shade. Of course, they add style, but I wear them more out of necessity (and lately I’ve been wearing a ton of graphic baseball hats).

  1. WYETH™ Wool River Rancher Hat | 2. Lack of Color Grove Rancher | 3. Janessa Leone Caden Hat | 4. Tall Flat Brim Felt Panama Hat | 5. WYETH™ Dylan Rancher Hat | 6. Cusco Rancher


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I started wearing neck scarves when Birdie was a baby because I couldn’t wear necklaces, and I just haven’t stopped. I feel like they’ve gone in and out of style, and aren’t for most people but I love how they dress up – or down – an outfit.

  1. Tungsten Glow Multi Bandana | 2. Paisley Bandana | 3. 3-Pack Bandanas | 4. Cotton Block Print Bandana | 5. Edge Detail Bandana | 6. Neckerchief Leopard Print Scarf

Leather Totes

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I’m not a huge handbag person so I either carry larger indestructible ones that fit my laptop and likely about 95 hair ties mixed with loose almonds on the bottom OR belt bags when I want something smaller. I’ve been using that Parker Clay bag for almost 4 years and recently got that brown leather tote from Able and it is my current go-to. Both have easy to put on straps, some interior pockets and age so well (and are sustainable and high quality).

  1. Nimes Araoz Bag | 2. Eden Carryall| 3. Lori Tote | 4. The Day Market Tote | 5. The Zip-Top Medium Transport Tote | 6. Solome Tote

Belt Bags

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When I want a smaller tote (for weekends and nights mostly) I opt for the statement belt bag, because they do feel a bit more young and fun than a cross-body. Clare V. makes some really good ones (all three of the ones I am wearing are Clare V.) but they are on the expensive side, so we rounded up some more affordable ones. You’ve seen me wear that red one a lot because I am obsessed with it and I like that the color adds an unexpected element to my outfits.

  1. Bree Belt Bag | 2. Monogram Vegan Leather Belt Bag | 3. Leather Purse Belt Bag | 4. Leather Belt Bag With Flap Pocket | 5. Emma Convertible Belt Bag | 6. Corrinne Snake Belt Bag

Patterned Socks

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I absolutely did not understand the love of patterned socks until this year and once I added them to my repertoire I started thinking about socks as part of my outfit. Socks!!! Shocking, I know. My team also loves them and “where did you get your socks from” is a phrase often uttered in the office. Come join our sock party.

  1. Stripe-Play Ankle Socks | 2. Striped 6pk Crew Socks | 3. Hansel from Basel™ Two-Pack Geo Shimmer Socks | 4. Lignes Crew Sock Set | 5. Hansel From Basel Horizon Shimmer Crew Socks | 6. Two-Pack Grid Trouser Socks

That’s all she wrote, folks. Now I am curious – what are your go-to everyday accessories?? Are there any new styles I should know about? Let me know in the comments. xx

** all photography by Veronica Crawford

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