My Robo-Valentine

Continuing with Valentine’s celebrations just a bit...

He was contemplating going...somewhere.

He had gotten out of bed.

And pulled on his easily-donned trousers and shirt.

Then things got...complicated.

He needed his special socks. The tight ones requiring much grunting to acquire.

Then orthotics. Particular shoes.

Good so far.

He fussed with his hearing aids.

Then paused before the dresser deciding between three pairs of glasses.

Finally, his hat, coat and gloves.

And that special scarf that covers his neck just right so he won’t get a chill.

I thought the entire operation was adorable.

Especially when, at the last he stood proudly before me. “I’m ready,” he announced. He turned away and added in a mumble, “Mind you, it was a bit like assembling Iron Man. Without the benefit of robots.”

45 years we’ve been together. He just keeps getting cuter!

And I love him!