My Style: Le Bon Nosh founder Forough Vakili

My Style: Le Bon Nosh founder Forough Vakili
Vakili’s pantsuit is by Theory. Shoes are Alexander McQueen. Her necklace is by Foundrae, and the bracelet and earrings are Elizabeth Locke.

Photograph by Ben Rollins

In 2011, Georgia Tech alum and chemical engineer Forough Vakili could no longer deny her passion for the food industry, so she went to France to attend culinary school. From the beginning, she cared about more than a plate of food. Her new endeavor, Le Bon Nosh in Buckhead, is meant to be an experience—from the background music to the design details to the feel of the linen. Vakili is intentional in both her work and her style.

Neighborhood Dunwoody

On creating a mood
Top three essentials for an elevated experience at home: candles, beautifully set table, music

Coffee Order
Black, but piping hot—and I mean hot.

If I were a French pastry . . .
An ispahan macaron from pastry chef Pierre Hermé, a wonderful Persian and French marriage

Closet Essentials
A scarf, a blazer, and a heel will elevate any outfit.

Hollywood Inspo
Meryl Streep

Bon Weekend
Always in my weekend bag: a French press and coffee from home

Doing it for the ’gram
Le Bon Nosh is just beginning. Stay tuned.

Color, Pattern, or Texture?

Heels or Flats Heels

Eyes or Lips

Next Moves
Cooking classes hosted at Le Bon Nosh and online

This article appears in our April 2022 issue.

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