New seasonal menu at the Kirby Cafe will keep you warm, full and happy this winter

Plus, many of the new dishes come with special collectible items!

Have you been to the Kirby Cafe? There are two in Japan, one in Tokyo, and one in Fukuoka, and they both offer delicious, rotating, seasonal menus, so there’s no chance of ever getting tired of going there, especially if you’re a Kirby fan.

We’re looking forward to this year’s winter menu, called Kirby Cafe Winter 2021, which will be available through the duration of the winter season, from November 18 until February 28. Featuring a delightful array of winter-themed Kirby meals, desserts, and drinks–plus free take-home goods–, a visit to this cafe is sure to warm you up in the cold, cold winter.

First up on the winter menu at the Kirby Cafe is the Winter Kirby Burger and Powder Snow Cheese Pasta meal (2,948 yen/US$25.88). Our favorite Kirby burger gets a winter makeover with a new scarf decoration and comes with a tasty pasta on the side, dusted with a coating of cheesy snow.

Next is the Winter Waddle Dee Burger and Powder Snow Cheese Pasta meal (2,948 yen). For the first time, Waddle Dee is getting dressed up for winter with a cozy-looking beanie. It comes with the same cheese-dusted pasta as the Winter Kirby Burger. Both the Winter Kirby Burger and the Winter Waddle Dee Burger come with a commemorative, large-size plate that you can take home with you, making their high price tags rather worth it, in our opinion.

If you want something that’ll really warm you up, try King Dedede’s Cube Meat Stew The Mountain ~Winter Dressing~ (1,298 yen). Crunchy starch noodles shroud snowy, grated radish-covered Dedede Mountain in a sea of clouds. This dish comes with vegetables and mashed potatoes, which are best eaten after mixing them with cheese sauce and the powdered cheese sprinkled on top. Mm…cheesy, meaty stew heaven!

Or even better, try Kirby’s Steaming-Hot Winter Pie Stew ~with Roast Beef~ (2,948 yen). This piping hot clam chowder with a flaky pie topper is Kirby’s favorite way to warm up after playing outside in the snow. It also comes with a few delicious slices of roast beef with a sweet and sour raspberry sauce on top for an extra treat.

Those who order this dish will also get to take home the special Winter Souvenir Soup Mug it comes in!

For lighter fare, you can order the Kirby’s Inhale! ~Recover! Sushi Collection~ (1,188 yen). This is a cheese plate adorably designed to look like sushi at a conveyor belt restaurant. Little balls of mozzarella are topped with baby corn, tuna, okra, tomato, salmon roe, and salmon to make for not only a tasty treat but a very cute one too. Just watch out! Kirby might inhale it all before you do.

Don’t forget to order dessert! There are two tasty-looking winter options. In Kirby’s Winter Playtime (2,398 yen), Kirby sits on top of a frozen lake of a whipped-cream topped caramel pudding cake, ice fishing for its lunch. The fruit on the plate can be dipped in a chocolate fondue, which is hidden inside the Whispy Woods-shaped baking dish. The plate also comes with an original trinket, which, of course, you get to take home.

The second dessert is the Fluffy White Tiramisu ~Snowball Fight with Waddle Dee~ (2,178 yen), which is packed full of a delicious white tiramisu cake and topped with adorable cream snowballs. It would make a lovely tea-time sweet!

It also comes with a Winter Souvenir Ceramic Spoon.

Finally, for the thirsty Kirby fans, why not order a cup of the Whispy Woods Happy Sigh Winter Apple Cinnamon drink (968 yen)? This nice and warm apple-flavored drink is the best way to warm up after playing out in the snow. Enjoy the fragrance of the cinnamon as every sip spreads warmth through your body.

All of these delightful winter-themed foods will be available at both Kirby Cafes, so make sure you check them out before the winter is over. Reservations are recommended, so don’t forget to put one in here for the Tokyo cafe or here for the Hakata cafe before you go. Don’t let the drab months of winter get you down; let Kirby, Waddle Dee, and some tasty food cheer you up!

Source, images: PR Times
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