Oreo O’s Are Coming Back to America, But Should You Care?

Oreo O’s haven’t been on American grocery store shelves for more than a decade, but starting in June, the sugar and nostalgia-infused cereal will be making its glorious return to the U.S. The internet is, unsurprisingly, losing their goddam minds over the news, and suddenly everyone can’t wait to get their hands on a sweet box of Oreo cookies in breakfast form.

But while the casual Oreo O’s fans might think this is their first chance to scarf down their “favorite” early 2000s cereal, true cereal connoisseurs know that Oreo O’s never really went away. The cereal may have been discontinued in America, but it lived on in South Korea. And thanks to the Internet, anyone could buy boxes online … for the low, low price of approximately $200. How do I know this? Because back in college, my roommate was one of the people dumb enough to shell out a couple hundred bucks just to get a taste of the Oreo O’s goodness.

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Spending that much money on a box of cereal was an objectively poor decision, but his mistake was made even worse by the undeniable fact that Oreo O’s weren’t nearly as life-changing and magic as he remembered. This isn’t to say that they were bad. They were just fine. They were crispy and Oreo-like, sure. But the chocolate taste was so strong it was distracting and the flavor clashed with the marshmallow bits that tasted like Lucky Charm knockoffs. I tried to pretend to love each bite for the sake of my roommate’s ego, but we couldn’t avoid the truth: he had just wasted $200. And for college kids, that may as well have been a blank check.

Fortunately for you, the O’s are now returning to stores from sea to shining sea, and it feels safe to assume boxes will cost about $196 less than they did then. So head to the grocery store, grab a box, and enjoy a bowl of Oreo O’s with your kid. Will they taste as good as your inner child wants them to be? Probably not, but no matter what, you can enjoy each bite without wondering whether or not you just wasted hundreds of dollars on misguided nostalgia.

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