Otaku geek makeovers by Tokyo fashion expert go viral in Japan

From geek to chic–improving men’s looks and their confidence in just a few short hours. 

In Japan, otaku are known for being passionately devoted to their chosen fields of interest, which can involve anything from anime and manga through to cars and trains. One thing they’re not known for, however, is their fashion sense, which usually takes a backseat to their all-consuming hobbies, but that doesn’t mean an otaku can’t fervently pursue their interests and be fashionable at the same time.

Here to show us how it’s done is Japanese barber and “Appearance Consultant” Yuuki Shibuya, who currently works at men’s salon Kurisu in Shibuya. This salon specialises in the personal improvement of men, covering everything from fashion and dating through to studying and communication skills. Recently, though, it’s their otaku makeovers that have been making news, as Shibuya has been introducing his social media followers to some of Tokyo’s self-confessed geeks who, after a quick polish, are magically transformed into the men they’ve always wanted to be.

Take this man in his 50s, for example. Yuuki says this a great example of how a few small changes can make a world of difference to one’s appearance, and you don’t have to be a young man in your 20s to look like a million bucks.

For this gentleman, Yuuki took the fringe off his forehead and gave him a new side-parted style for a fresher, more youthful look.

▼ A close shave and some well-tapered eyebrow shaping complete the facial makeover.

A new wardrobe can really help to change your overall appearance, and swapping the sneakers and festival of brown for some loafers and a black-and-white ensemble has done wonders for this gent. He now knows how to mix things up from day to day by adding a pop of colour to his outfit with some fun socks and a scarf as well.

▼ Yesterday’s otaku geek may have been overlooked by women in the past, but today he’s the city’s hottest new eligible bachelor.

Shibuya doesn’t just wave his magic wand on the over-50s, though, as he’s a pro at transforming men of all ages, even taking to the streets to find men who might appreciate a new look. Over in Akihabara, the city’s otaku mecca, Shibuya came across 35-year-old Matsuoka, taking him from game-centre nerd to handsome boyfriend-to-be in just three hours.

▼ Matsuoka says he’s never had a girlfriend once in his whole life.

Matsuoka was willing to take a chance on love by changing up his appearance, though, going from geek…

▼ To gorgeous, and even getting to keep his old jeans in the process.

▼ It just goes to show how much difference a haircut and an eyebrow trim can make to one’s appearance.

▼ This video shows what went on behind-the-scenes of Matsuoka’s before-after photo shoot.

秋葉原で35年間彼女無しのオタクさんをナンパして、大人の色気をまとった男性にイメチェンさせて頂きました。松岡さんにとってこの日は大きなチャレンジだったと思います。何かが少しでも変わるキッカケを与えることが出来たなら幸いです。ご協力いただきありがとうございました。 pic.twitter.com/7OyrSMlEs8
— しぶやゆうきイメチェンのプロ (@shibuya0911) April 5, 2021

According to Shibuya, who’s worked with over 20,000 clients during his career, a fresh appearance is the main key to looking good, and it doesn’t take a lot of work to maintain, simply requiring a visit to the barber for a hair and eyebrow trim every now and then on your days off.

For those looking to nail their own makeovers, Shibuya recommends the following:

No body odour
Beautiful teeth
Healthy body
Short-cut nails
Well-balanced hairstyle
Well-shaped, trimmed eyebrows
Moisturised skin and no five-o’clock shadow
Good-fitting clothes without stains

The above recommendations can be seen in a lot of Shibuya’s makeovers, which help to enhance individual features while introducing each man to a style that suits their personality.

The makeovers don’t just work to overhaul appearances–they give indivdiuals a newfound confidence that helps to improve other aspects of their lives as well.

To see other makeovers by Shibuya and the team at Kurisu salon, be sure to give Shibuya a follow on Twitter and Instagram. No matter how old you are, or what otaku hobby you have, it’s never too late to take charge of your life, and sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks to your look to kickstart the process.

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