Quarantine Summertime Goodies Part 2

Hello again friends!

Back again with more of the goodies that I got last summer. Because what a better way to social distance and quarantine than to stay home and play with dollies? :) (Well, that and spending time with my family on our boat on the lake.)

So as I mentioned in the last post I brought all the rest of the Monster High dolls home with me, missing limbs or not. And all of these pictures are post-spa day. I had an entire sink FULL of Monster High dolls. They were super dirty and needed baths as noted by some of the before pictures in the last post! Let's take a look!

First, some outfits that are new in box! One for Operetta...

...and one for Clawdeen.

I haven't decided if I'm going to put these on dolls yet. I'll have to see. Right now they are still packed away in their original boxes.

Dolls! It took a lot of time to ID these dolls. And for some of them it's a best guess based on the clothes I have for them and/or accessories I could find. Let's see!

I mentioned in the last post that I had two of the budget Fearleading Draculaura dolls and they both didn't have skirts. Well, one did. So here are the twins!

I also have a budget Fearleading Frankie Stein doll!

This one is so cute! This is a Fright Mares horse (I love all the plays on words) named Skyra Bouncegait. Bounce I guess because she's a cheerleader! Her hair is so soft and she just has an adorable face!

As featured last time, Clawdia Wolf all clean and shiny with that beautiful yellow hair!

Another one featured last time, generic Frankie Stein after her spa day.

Ghoul Fair Elissabat squeaky clean.

This was the only Operetta out of the bunch and unfortunately she has part of her arm missing. This is Freaky Fusion Operetta.

I tried to wash her face but it looks like she was covered in some kind of white paste (maybe white out?) Her eyes are kind of glossed over and hazy and she had some white stuck in the indents on her face. If she would have had her arm I would not of hesitated to put that new in box outfit on her.

Dance the Fright Away-Welcome to Monster High Clawdeen all back from the spa. I stole her shoes for the Clawdeen that is sitting on my shelf. Sorry Clawdeen!

I am in love with this green hair but missing her arms! This is Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen Wolf. She also comes with some tights that match her hair and some killer shiny gold stilettos. Rats!

This Howleen Wolf turned out super good after her spa day. Her hair is soft and shiny and she is an awesome addition to the collection!

Missing arms on this Kiyomi Haunterly from the Haunted line. She is the Daughter of the Noppera-bō which is the Japanese Faceless Ghost.

An unfortunate haircut on this Draculaura doll. If I had to make a best guess on which Draculaura this is, it would be the doll from the Draculaura and Clawd Wolf two pack. Draculaura is Clawd's Girlfriend (Ghoul Friend) and they made a two pack with them.

And here is Clawd! Poor Clawd. He's missing his leg and an arm. However I DO have his missing limbs but they are broken and will have to be super glued. And then I'm not sure that they will hold. He wouldn't be able to bend the leg so he would have to stand and right now I have all my Monster High Dolls sitting. So I haven't put him back together for the time being.

Time for Abbey Bominable! From my best guess this is the original Abbey Bominable first wave doll. Too bad because she has a killer snowy fur outfit. Makes me wish I collected the first wave Monster High dolls like I did the Ever After High dolls.

Another Abbey doll. I had to really look at the facial features to figure out exactly who they were. I'm thinking this is the Scaris City of Frights Abbey.

And the third Abbey doll! This is the Coffin Bean Abbey. I have the outfit!

Another cute Howleen doll. Last time I featured Ghoul Fair Howleen. However THIS doll is actually the doll for Ghoul Fair. It will all make sense later.

Remember how I said I wished I had the Freaky Fusion Frankie Stein because she has some awesome black and white hair? I do have her! I didn't remember that I did. Going to see if I have an outfit I can put on her (and find a way to conceal that she doesn't have a right hand.)

A bad hair day for Draculaura, this is the Sweet 1600 Draculaura because she as the tinsel in her hair. I think out of all the Monster High dolls, the Sweet 1600 line is my favorite.

This cutie is Heath Burns! He's a fire elemental and in the Home Ick two pack with Abbey Bominable. How cute is that? A little fire and ice duo. He's got no hands, rats.

Another Frankie Stein! This is the Frankie that came with the Designer Booo-tique. Ghoulia is wearing her dress and shoes. She doesn't have articulated arms so that was one of the reasons for not putting her on the shelf.

Aww! Clawdeen is like Clawd. Missing a leg and an arm. Thing is, I have her arm but not her leg. This is Ghoul Spirit Clawdeen and she has a fabulous baseball outfit for when she is taking Physical Deaducation (another play on words!) She also has a bat and eye"ball" (I do have those and we'll see them in a bit.)

One of the reasons that I didn't put some of the dolls on my shelf is quite a few of them have the goopy hair. The sticky icky waxy hair. I tried a bunch of tricks that I looked up online (Elissabat was my test subject as she was the worst.) Nothing worked. This Frankie is not as bad as some others but It's really disappointing.

It took me quite a while to figure out who this one is. This is a brand of Monster High clones named Midnight Magic. This is Mila. There are four of them and they were made by Lovely Patsy. Their facebook page is still active and the last couple of posts were of them donating masks in April 2020 and cartons of toys to The Salvation Army in 2017. So I don't think we will be getting any more of these dolls anytime soon.

She does have some beautiful hair though and it washed out really well. It did get quite tangled but seems to be holding together nicely now that she is carefully tucked away.

Last time I had 4 dolls on my shelf. I have added a few more! Let's check out which ones I've added to the collection!

This Abbey doll! She is wearing the Coffin Bean outfit. This Abbey has the best hair so I chose her for the shelf. This doll is actually the one that went with Heath Burns in the Home Ick 2 pack. I have someone on her left side so it hides the fact that she doesn't have an arm.

Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona still wearing her original dress and the shoes from Frights Camera Action Lagoona.

Ghoulia Yelps all cleaned up and ready to be displayed. And again, she's wearing the dress and shoes from Frankie Stein Designer Booo-tique.

Ghoul Spirit Frankie Stein. 

Beast Bites Cafe Playset Draculaura. She has a little of the goopy hair but not that noticeable.

And Clawd! I do have a complete Clawd. This is from the Wolf Family 4 Pack. He is originally wearing shorts but I didn't have those. These are the pants from the other Clawd, the one that came in the two pack with Draculaura. His hair is in really good condition and he has flocking on the sides of his head and for his sideburns. Those were in good condition too so I was glad I had an okay looking one to put up on the shelf.

And since the two are an item, I decided to do a little photo shoot!

They are just too cute.

Wolf Family 4 Pack Clawdeen. Notice how the print on her shirt matches Clawd's? I gave her the shoes from Dance the Fright Away-Welcome to Monster High Clawdeen (since I put the boots back on Abbey.)

I said last time that after she went to the spa the curl in her hair came back and I couldn't be happier. She is the one I'm most impressed with. It's just gorgeous!

OKAY, I may have been a little overzealous with the straw curlers on this Howleen. This is actually Dance Club Howleen (as she as bangs) and the other Howleen above is the actual Ghoul Fair doll. But this Howleen had better hair and all her body parts. And her bangs got a little weird. I will fix those in time but for right now I used some pink bobby pins I had to get them to stay back.

Curls! Curls galore!

Of course I couldn't forget about her! Little Rochelle Goyle. I got her years ago and she is missing her forearms but she's still adorbs. I put her up there to the left of Howleen so you can't see that she doesn't have a hand on her right side. I bought the Draculaura dress for her new.

And this Frankie. This is the very first doll I showed in the last post. She is another Ghoul Sprirt Frankie wearing her Home Ick set dress. (In her Home Ick class she sews, makes perfect sense right?) And she is in the Freaky Fusion Recharge Chamber!

The Freaky Fusion recharge chamber is really cool. It's complete and it works! You turn it on and it has static electricity that will make her hair stand up! However it's not as light and fine as the original doll that came with this playset so all of her hair does not stand straight up, just the sides. But it's still cool to see! It can also double as a nightlight as it changes colors and the doors in the front glow.

She's wearing Freaky Fusion Frankie's Boots.

I found a dress for her!

She's missing a hand, might add one from another Frankie. I gave her the dress from the Designer Booo-tique. The only one that wasn't colored!

And surprisingly I found her a matching pair of shoes.

 Lastly, Camryn Coyle from Project MC2.

I originally had this Wild Hearts Crew outfit on a MyScene doll but thought it would look much better on Camryn. Yes, Camryn is a much better choice in my opinion! And even better, the sweatshirt is so oversized, all her clothes are underneath so I didn't have to remove and store any.

She has that sweet face and those beautiful awesome eyelashes!

And that gorgeous beautiful full red hair. Turned out perfect after a day at the spa.

Alright! Are we ready to look at some fashions? The answer is always YES!

First we have the stuff that comes with Designer Booo-tique Frankie Stein. Four dresses, two stencils, 3 pens and cards to put the dresses on so they don't bleed through when you draw on them. I think the pens are supposed to wash out of the fabric but no dice. The designs have been on there much too long so a soak in Oxy Clean did absolutely nothing. 

It also came with some stickers so you can add zippers, etc. to the outfits.

Some more stickers and a sheet of temporary tattoos (those did not come with the Booo-tique playset.)

Dress from Frights Camera Action Lagoona. I liked her other dress better.

Shorts, leggings and purse for my Project MC2 Camryn Coyle.

Tights from Home Ick Frankie Stein

This is a swimsuit from the Beach Beasties Venus McFlytrap doll. I love Venus' pink and green color scheme so too bad one of her was not included in the lot.

This is the shirt and scarf from the Clawd and Draculaura two pack. The jeans are on the other Clawd doll.

Here is the outfit for the Dance Club Howleen Doll.

The dress for Sweet 1600 Draculaura. Some of the shiny has wore off of this dress. She must have had a lot of playtime!

A couple of pieces for Heath Burns. His jacket and apron from Home Ick class.

I have absolutely NO IDEA which doll these leggings are for. Can anyone identify?

And this shirt too. No idea which doll it's for. Help!

The totally super cute baseball outfit for Ghoul Spirit Clawdeen Wolf

The dress for the Ghoulia doll from Scaris, City of Frights. You can see a faint rib cage on the front of the dress that has wore off.

And three shirts that were thrown in. Must be for a Barbie and I'm not sure about the tiny red and black one. Could be for a Kelly.

Now for some ACCESSORIES! Check out Elissabats Cake Pops tray in the back!

Here are some in closer detail. This is a McDonalds Toy and I believe it is called the Monster Clutch. I think it came with a pencil but now it holds some of the tiniest accessories like bracelets, earrings and headbands.

Shoes! The pink, black and yellow ones are from the Draculaura/Clawd Wolf two pack. One fire shoe for Heath Burns. The one in front with a pom pom is actually a leg warmer for the Fright Mares horse. Don't have another one though. There are the pink chains for Kiyomi Haunterly.

The bat bag, bat and eye"ball" from the Ghoul Spirit Clawdeen. I just love it! She also came with a mitt t
+hat holds the ball and there is a hole in her mouth where you can stick a ball that looks like bubble gum.

Well, it's just better to see the entire package all put together. Loving that bubble gum!


Some bits and pieces. Not sure where the sword is from or if it's even Monster High at all. The glasses are for Clawdia Wolf. The ears are for the Freaky Fusion Frankie. The anchor necklace is from another doll that was not included. Shriekwrecked Catrine DeMew.

This adorable backpack with a hand! No idea which doll it goes with.

And a few more bits and pieces. Some Barbie accessories, some Monster High. A pair of mismatched purple shoes in the corner. Some hangers. A crown/headband for a Wonder Woman Doll.

Lastly we have these three girls. 

These are three of the vinyl figurines. Venus McFlytrap, Lagoona Blue and Clawdeen Wolf. Love them!
Do you ever wonder who they are the children of? Like, Frankie Stein is easy. But how about the others? I made a handy chart with some of our most popular ghouls on it. 

Well friends, that is it for today! What do you think of all this goodness? I am in love! Have any of the dolls shown here? Want some for your collection? Let me know in the comments!

Yes, I DO have a part 3! That's coming up real soon. Have to take some more pictures and then I'll be back! Until then!