Recycled No-Sew Scarf with Pockets for Barbie, Ken (or Any Doll)

We all like to feel cozy and warm, and when we can do it stylishly, with a quick craft... Well, that's just the icing on the cake:@) These Doll Pocket Scarves can be made any way you'd like, I chose a no-sew project made from a recycled sweatshirt. Other options are knit, crochet or use some thin felt or pajama material. Be sure to make it long enough to wrap around the doll's neck, and then hang down to a comfortable length at the sides to slip hands into the pockets. How wide should we make it? As wide as you'd like. And Barbie says, fashion alert: Super chunky over sized scarves are in this year!
Yep, I just had to buy a Pig In Mud t-shirt from Kosmo Kouture:@)

What I did:
Using recycled well-worn sweatshirt, cut 18" long for Barbie, 19" for Ken, by 1 1/2" wide strip of fabric.
Fold both ends up about 1 1/2". Glue both sides creating pockets. Hot glue worked well.
Option: Because I'm... me... I just had to add a team logo:@)
I glued the logo on with Liquid Stitch.

Embellish Barbie's with sewing trim, ruffle, yarn fringe, etc.
Tip: Glue the pockets so the smooth side is outside, it's easier to add embellishments.
Simply increase the size for larger dolls.

Let's gear up for the cooler weather and have a happy day:@)